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  1. HinDragoz

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper set (EST) F

    Hello, I've owned the set since it was available from the combat token trader. I'm not using it nearly as much as I'd like to, so it's time to say goodbye to it. TT is 207,71. SB 2000% / ~4154 BO 2250% / ~4673 After SB is met, auction will run for 24 hours after the latest bid. Indivitual...
  2. HinDragoz

    Selling: 4178 FFA points

    4178 FFA points 3.5pec each. PM me and I'll receive a notification for it.
  3. HinDragoz

    Selling: Support Weapon Systems Skill

    PM here or contact me in game if you need Support Weapon Systems skill. Will chip out any amount on request. Amount: ~400ped TT Price: 2500%
  4. HinDragoz

    Selling: 2x Mining Strongbox 1

    Selling 2x mining strongbox 1. Drop me some offers and let’s see where the price goes at :) Edit: SOLD!
  5. HinDragoz

    Selling: Atrox Sapphire Pup L1

    Drop me some offers for Atrox Sapphire Pup :) Current level: 9 Passive Unlocks Level 15: Auto Loot 5 meters Level 25: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 20% BO: 1k Current offer: 600ped SOLD!
  6. HinDragoz

    Selling: Dante or trading for imp A105 + peds

  7. HinDragoz

    Selling: 159.75TT Empty Skill Implant

    Heya, Need ESI? PM me here or contact me in game and we'll have a chat :) Edit: SOLD!
  8. HinDragoz

    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad F

    Selling Shopkeeper Pad Female SOLD!
  9. HinDragoz

    Buying: Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted

    Bought! ....
  10. HinDragoz

    Buying: Explosive Projectiles

    Buying explosive ammo 100.5%. Send me a PM here or in game :) Currently looking for: 0
  11. HinDragoz

    Selling: Gold

    Selling gold. PM me here or contact me in game if you're looking to buy some :)
  12. HinDragoz

    Buying: Ares Ring Improved

    No longer needed.
  13. HinDragoz

    Selling: Explosive Projectile Weaponry

    Contact me here or in game and I'll chip out explosive skill for you. Amount for sale: Out of stock!
  14. HinDragoz

    Selling: Perseus (M, L) parts

    All pieces are full TT! 2x Harness 240tt - 165% 2x Arms 140tt - 185% 2x Shin 130tt - 170% 2x Helmet 130tt - 190% 1x Gloves 100tt - 190% 1x Foot 120tt - 180%
  15. HinDragoz

    Selling: Arkadian Golden Key

  16. HinDragoz

    Selling: GUNNAR Vayper Certificate (RL gaming glasses)

    The auction will run for 2 days after SB is met SB 550ped BO 700ped Sold!
  17. HinDragoz

    Selling: Magurg & Yarrijak DNA parts

    Selling magurg male foot and yarrijak thorax for 2.5k each or 4.5k for both.
  18. HinDragoz

    Selling: Perseus set M, L

    Selling a full set of Perseus M, L for 145%. Set is at full TT
  19. HinDragoz

    Selling: Ranked Psy-Sword

    Selling Ranked Psy-Sword SB +750 BO +1k Sold!
  20. HinDragoz

    Selling: Ranked Psy-Sword

    Taking offer on Ranked Psy-Sword. TT will be around 100ped Rec lvl 42 swordsman Max TT 1250 DPS 38.22 Dmg/pec 2.854
  21. HinDragoz

    Selling: Perseus set M, L

    Perseus (L) Selling a full set of perseus M, L at full TT 1000ped. SB 150% BO 175% Auction runs for 2 days after SB is met SOLD!
  22. HinDragoz

    Selling: Shagadi Disintegration Sword

    Shagadi Disintegration Sword SB +1k BO +1.5k Auction runs for 3 days after SB is met. SOLD!
  23. HinDragoz

    Selling: ASG-2 Swine Deluxe T4

  24. HinDragoz

    Selling: Omegaton Bur Ning L bp L

    15 click bp for sale for 750ped (500k%)
  25. HinDragoz

    Selling: SGA driller

    Selling t1.7 sga driller for +1.6k - SOLD!