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  1. miathan

    Not possible to update mission specifications

    I always "Oops... something went wrong" when I try to update mission specifications. Not being able to do this is quite a serious issue.
  2. miathan

    Question: High multis

    Been a lot of discussions lately about bad returns. One explanation for this is that high multis account for a fair bit of your returns. If you hunt a bit higher HP mobs it means you need insane PED cycle and bankroll before you hit your expected TT%. For the big players it doesn't matter as...
  3. miathan

    Buying: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    Paying 64 PED each for [Small Chadriak Mushroom]
  4. miathan

    Suggestion: Make (L) items stackable

    This is mainly a quality of life feature but could have slight impact on the economy as well since it will make L slightly more usable. If you grind with L items it's a bit annoying to switch weapons, enhancers, amps, attachments and key bindings when stuff breaks. The suggestion is to be able...
  5. miathan

    Buying: Queen Stiletto Boots (Tiarak)

    Need boots to match my other outfit. Queen Stiletto Boots (Tiarak)
  6. miathan

    Buying: WTB: Mann MPH DlxE

    Mann MPH DlxE, this one:
  7. miathan

    Buying: BP-20 FEN

    Want to buy one of these bad boys.
  8. miathan

    Suggestion: Pre-tier Limited items

    Would be nice to be able to get your L items to tiered faster buy paying a bit extra. So for example putting in a few Tier 1/2 comp + a little bit of blazar to get your ArMatrix directly to tier 2. Alternatively, boost the TIR by adding blazar. What do you think?
  9. miathan

    Selling: (SOLD) Dominax Original Boiga, Adjusted

    T 3.02, Tier 111 B/O: TT+750 PED (Sold for TT+690)
  10. miathan

    Selling: (SOLD) EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted

    Tier 4.88, TIR 145 B/O: TT+4700 (Sold for TT+4500) Soon ready for T5, I have the 167 Tier 5 comps needed. On offer for 500% to the buyer.
  11. miathan

    Question: Igni L1100E tiering data

    Can anyone share some data on tiering cost for L1100E. The wiki contains nothing :(
  12. miathan

    Suggestion: Utilize Codex to give information about the game

    Would be pretty cool if advancing in the Codex would give you more information about the mob in question. Could include things like: Waypoints to spawns (low/medium/high maturity). Damage, damage types and distribution. Loot (common/uncommon/rare). HP and other info you find on the wiki today...
  13. miathan

    Introduce ArMatrix Extender P30

    For those of us who use (L) weapons we love our extenders. One way to make (L) weapons even more useful is to introduce stronger extenders. Is it time to take the next step and add ArMatrix Extender P30?
  14. miathan

    Drop L items as a "tokens"

    The suggestion is that when you loot L items you instead get a broken item. With the broken item you can do a couple of things: Just convert the broken item to the (L) equivalent (this would be just like today). While converting the broken item you can fill it with additional TT. Maybe with...
  15. miathan

    Summer box orders with "negative" markup

    You might have seen strange orders on summer boxes in the AH: As you probably know already it's not possible to create orders with more markup then 2^31 / 100 %. This equates to ~2.1 PED on a box. Discussed here...
  16. miathan

    1692 PED Pugugi

    Lost too many PEDs on LT and other mobs so decided to retreat to the cave and got this:
  17. miathan

    Think twice before buying E.L.M weapons

    Just want to highlight the (according to me) unreasonably high markup on the E.L.M weapons. I made some calculations of markup per 100 PED cycled. A spreadsheet with calculations can be found here...
  18. miathan

    TT value of attributes

    We have good tools to calculate TT value of skills. I assume this was reverse engineered back in the days using ESI. However, I don't think the same tools can be used to calculate TT value of attributes? I would like to know how much TT value 75 agility is compared to 150 or 100 and so on. One...
  19. miathan

    TT value in team loot

    Would be nice to also show TT value of the loot in the team chat, not just the number of items. Would also be really nice to be able to get the loot chat when solo hunting!
  20. miathan

    Buying: Maddox 4, Adjusted

    WTB: Maddox 4, Adjusted
  21. miathan

    Python tools

    I started to work on some command line tools written in Python. Thought I'd share the work: I will try to work on more stuff. If anyone want to get involved or have any suggestions on something that could be done feel free to contact me or make contributions :)
  22. miathan

    Selling: 500 Foul Bone Buttons | BO: 830%

    Have been killing some fouls... As title says, I have 500 foul buttons for sale (45 ped tt) SB: 700% BO: 830% Current bid: 700% By: Naomi Auction ends on Sunday 20:00 MA. Happy bidding :) SOLD
  23. miathan

    Selling: Hermes Gloves (M,L) 85.80 PED tt

    | Hermes Gloves (M,L) | 85.80 PED tt | 870% BO | Selling: Hermes Gloves (M,L) 85.80 PED tt PM bids or bid in thread Current bid: 600 ped (700%) by: Mack BO: 746 ped (870%) Auction ends 31 of October 20:00 MA Or when BO is paid. SOLD
  24. miathan

    Selling: Hermes Gloves (M,L) 63.41 PED tt

    Selling: Hermes Gloves (M,L) 63.41 PED PM bids or bid in thread Current bid: 500 ped (788%) BO: 533 ped (840 %) Auction ends 26 of September 20:00 MA Or when BO is paid. SOLD FOR BO
  25. miathan

    Buying: Kesmek Slo (L)

    Kesmek Slo (L) //Alli