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    Buying: WTB A&P Series Mayhem LB-40, Improved

    As title says, im looking for this nice little weapon. Pm me on forums or ingame. -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk
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    Selling: WTS My Hunting Looted Items (L)

    Hello Out of the pure volume of Limited item I have been getting from hunting I've decided to start a forums Sale post for them More To Come! Message me ingame or on forums -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk Weapons: [Embra Spectral EnBlade (L)] tt=272ped (101%) [EWE LC-100 Frontier (L)] = TT73ped (114%)...
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    Selling: WTS Freshly Looted [Easter Ring 2022] (sold)

    Selling [Easter Ring 2022] I just looted great ring for getting higher dpp at a cheap price (stats of ring) I would keep it, but it doesn't fit my ring combo. TT+5.5k Pm me on forums or ingame -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk
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    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    I could get behind this idea
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    Buying: WTB [Halloween Ring 2019] (Bought)

    As title says I'm looking this nice ring. PM me on forums or in game - zach onlygodplays lusk
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    Question: If the game aint gamble

    this is from a week of mining 3-5 hours a day. you can scale it to 8-12 hours a day, and don't need a hit bankroll for it. just know the game and what you can actually do with using your brain for something other then a target for mindark to take from and play the mu game...
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    Question: If the game aint gamble

    im not talking about logs on forums im talking about logs i see from friends. and they all say the same thing. and haven't depoed in years or only do when its for seasonal boxes to get a good ring like summer 2020 or xmas 2020 at a high enough level and eff% and dpp you can legit start breaking...
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    Question: If the game aint gamble

    I actually currently dont know any actual ubers who are smart and play the game as intended crying about TT returns or playing at making 0 peds a month. i think you dont know ubers or you know people who wanna be ubers but dont have the money or skills. i know more people with level 75+looter...
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    Help: where to start as a newbie try hard

    if i was new and starting with what i know now. id start as a female mostly (cheaper armors) start leveling at caly using mindforce weapon: mf chip (3-6k ped) 6-8 t3-t7 (with beta amp and ring combo you can get into the 3.1dpp range with 60% eff) and for mayhems you can get 100+ dps rings: 3k...
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    Help: where to start as a newbie try hard

    i think it all depends what his budget is. if he has $20,000 and ready to invest it into entropia, he should start on caly and just codex grind hard to get levels really fast into the 55-60 range and while hes leveling he needs to study the shit out of the game and learn why profitable players...
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    I became a little less noobie today

    I know it's nothing amazing in today's standards but for me it's been 10 months of work with a few breaks here and there. 100k skill points 6/30/21 200k skill points 5/13/22
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    Question: If the game aint gamble

    the funny thing is for that entropia video the guy who was interviewed as a "one very high level player" and he did an interview with "Vastly One" idk if you guys even looked into him.. (im not saying hes wrong or bad but hes the same level as someone who has played the game for maybe a week) so...
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    FYI: Rocket's Log - BP-110 Improved

    What's your looter professions? and will you update them every month? @Rocket192
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    FYI: Hego's hunting tracker with noob skills and 2.0 gun

    very nice log! thanks for scaring the hard numbers. looks great so far. returns seem to be pretty consistent and on track with what they should be with the levels and eff% used
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    Selling: WTS [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition] T2.99 (SOLD)

    Hello, Im not looking to sell it asap, but everything has a price. but as title says, I'm selling one of the best low level weapons in the game. if you want to level for cheap or even profit this little tool is for you...
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    Suggestion: Fix Mining

    I haven't played much the last month or so. but my mining and crafting returns were all perfectly fine. still getting the 93-96% tt returnes with mining as normal and i didn't do much of crafting but i cant complain about the numbers I've gotten so far. if you follow the sheep you will be...
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    This is how hunting looks like currently in entropiauniverse for avg player.

    idk how you guys are all crying and losing... im using Limited weapons and still profiting, most people see the game in days or weeks of returns. entropia is a long term investment. of time and money. you wont get a payout every day or every week. but long term itll happen. just keep shooting...
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    Easter Mayhem 2022

    as the words of messi I smell markup