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    Buying: WTB A&P Series Mayhem LB-40, Improved

    As title says, im looking for this nice little weapon. Pm me on forums or ingame. -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk
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    Selling: WTS My Hunting Looted Items (L)

    Hello Out of the pure volume of Limited item I have been getting from hunting I've decided to start a forums Sale post for them More To Come! Message me ingame or on forums -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk Weapons: [Embra Spectral EnBlade (L)] tt=272ped (101%) [EWE LC-100 Frontier (L)] = TT73ped (114%)...
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    Selling: WTS Freshly Looted [Easter Ring 2022] (sold)

    Selling [Easter Ring 2022] I just looted great ring for getting higher dpp at a cheap price (stats of ring) I would keep it, but it doesn't fit my ring combo. TT+5.5k Pm me on forums or ingame -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk
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    Buying: WTB [Halloween Ring 2019] (Bought)

    As title says I'm looking this nice ring. PM me on forums or in game - zach onlygodplays lusk
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    I became a little less noobie today

    I know it's nothing amazing in today's standards but for me it's been 10 months of work with a few breaks here and there. 100k skill points 6/30/21 200k skill points 5/13/22
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    Selling: WTS [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition] T2.99 (SOLD)

    Hello, Im not looking to sell it asap, but everything has a price. but as title says, I'm selling one of the best low level weapons in the game. if you want to level for cheap or even profit this little tool is for you...
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    Selling: WTS [Genesis Star Excavator, Adjusted] T2.99 (SOLD)

    Hello im selling my adj excavator T2.99 im switching professions, and im stepping out of mining, the profits are great but i need a change and need to skill up my avatar and learn a new profession to be profitable in. as many miners know, this adj excavator is the 2nd best excavator in the...
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    Buying: WTB Omegaton M83 Predator / Emik Enigma L4

    Hello Im looking for one of these nice tools. low to mid tier preferred. Pm me Price on forums/in game thank you -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk
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    WTR mid level high tier laser rifle

    Hello. im looking to rent a mid level 45-55 Laser Rifle high tier 7+ for mayhems 100+ dps range preferred pm me on forums or in game for your collateral and rental fee. Zach onlygodplays lusk
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    Buying: WTB Mining Tools

    Hello As title says I'm looking for one of these UL mining amps and these other tools level 2 level 3 terra amp1 gold rush...
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    Buying: WTB LOW TIER [EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted] or Omegaton Igni L1100E and Restoration Chip, Adjusted

    As Title says. Looking for a Omegaton Igni L1100E Low/Mid Tier or [EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted] LOW/Mid Tier also Restoration Chip, Adjusted Pm me on forums or ingame -zach onlygodplays luck
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    Selling: wrong forum

    plz delete
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    Info: 1k ped card to 500ped profit in 2 months (maybe)

    Hello Everyone I'm going to try something that never done before. I'm going to take 1k ped and see what I can make of it, using all the mining knowledge I've acquired over the last 6-7 months of my mining career. I honestly have no idea how this is going to do with this small of a bankroll, I...
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    How I Turned Entropia into my fulltime job in a year and $5000 invested

    Here is a little story of my Entropia life, Starting out this is something I've really never told anyone other than a couple close friends- I gave myself a year and $5000 to make a profit. I found Entropia as I'd guess a lot of other new players found it, "10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever...
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    Selling: WTS [Genesis Star Excavator, Adjusted] T1.99 (SOLD)

    Hello everyone I'm sad to sell this beautiful tool. but I have a lot of life changes going on and won't be able to play much anymore. I'm sure I'll be sad when i get some free time and don't have this excavator to play with. please...
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    WTS [Archon's Sword] t3.99 130/200

    Hello Im looking to sell this nice little weapon. its a steady way to level hp and get into those bigger mobs. its got a great dps/dpp/eff% for the price point. Im looking to get tt+3.2k Message me ingame or on forums. thank you -Zach Onlygodplays Lusk
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    Price Check Price Check for [Chikara Refiner, Adjusted]

    Hello ive been looking for one of these the last couple weeks. id like to know if anyone ones the price on these nowadays. last one sold on action was like 7 months ago for tt+4300 please help
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    Best (L) amps to use

    Hello. so I've gotten deep into the mining grind for the last couple months and I wanted some more miners inputs. currently I'm using level 5 amps. (15-20) a day. I'm using them before its the lowest mu amp I can get. but I've had some other miners tell me level 7 and d class are also very...
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    Buying: WTB [Chikara Refiner, Adjusted]

    Hello as title said, im looking for this nice tool PM me your price thank you IGN - zach onlygodplays lusk or on forums
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    Buying: WTB [Chikara Refiner, Adjusted]

    Hello as title says im looking to get my hands on a [Chikara Refiner, Adjusted] PM me your price IGM - zach onlygodplays lusk OR on forums
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    Selling: Selling [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition] t3.99 145/200 (SOLD)

    Hello As title says im looking to sell my little baby [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition] its one of the best low level weapons in the entire game. you sick of getting 80-90% tt runs with your guns and spending all your peds on mark up. this gun is one of the best for you then. also if you buy at...
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    [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition] T3.99 / [Restoration Chip, Adjusted] for rent

    Hello everyone. I've started mining more again and I have no need for this beautiful little gun to sit in my inventory collecting dust. Ill be taking 10% over price to make sure items are returned. [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition]...
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    Price Check Mining ul amp prices.

    does anyone know the prices for ul mining amps from 2-4?
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    Next armor set

    Hello. Im thinking of upgrading my armor animal set I'm currently using ghost. what are some good sets to switch to. with around a 3-5k budget
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    OnlyGods Hunting Log

    Hello Everyone. I want to make this post because I didn't see any sheets for weapons like this on forums. I just recently got my hands on a loot 2.0 weapon. [ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition] I decided it would be nice for people with similar stats/bankrolls to see the returns you can get at a low...