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    Selling: Selling A&P Series Mayhem LR-20, Adjusted SOLD

    Gun is tier 6.99 Asking price one kidney eff with A105adj : 74,2% DPS with enhancers and amp: 40.6 dmg/sec Gun is available on mayhem vendor for 1 rare mayhem token and 12.000 mayhem tokens. Price method 1. M token 0,8ped and rare M token 3000ped: LR-20, Adjusted: 12,600 Ped BC-30, Modified...
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    Selling: Selling bioreg and shortblade skill

    Bioregenesis -- 6532 skill points -- 452,25 ped TT value -- 700% MU Shortblades -- 5812 skill points -- 268,11 ped TT value -- 600% MU MU is aprox and is here incase you provide your own esi
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    Buying: Buying Omegaton A105

    Hi buying this laser amp also interested to buy A105 adj if you happen to have one.
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    Selling: MF combo Corrosive attack nanochi 5 TEN edition + Neopsion amp 4

    As title say perfect combo to train your MF skills and gain that precios HP Corrosive Attack Nanochip 5 TEN edition + NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 4 Its a perfect match together it provides 65.3 Efficiency and 34,34 dps CB 3.5k is made by Killahbee Killer Bee Killahbee happy bidding
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    Selling: *SOLD*Taking offers on (Improved Mele Trauma Amplifier 6)

    Hi. Since i do not play anymore i decided to sell this awesome mele amp. Please post your offers here or try to catch me ingame Lepi Lokomotive Dasa Happy hunting
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    Selling: Arson III TEN edition

    Hi as title says im sellin Arson III TEN tier 6.9 SB:7k Willing to do trades for mod2350+ped or imp2600+peds or trade for AUD/CLD. Pure peds works just fine:) Pm me ingame Lepi LokoMotive Dasa or leave a bid here
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    Selling: Selling skills

    Hey evryone im selling following skills: Heavy Mele Weapons - 6403points (406ped tt) -- 1100MU Ranged Damage Assesment - 5061points (159ped tt) -- 1100MU Whip - 2179points (14ped tt) -- 1800MU Bioregenesis - 5576points...
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    Selling: Selling skill Heavy Melee Weapons

    Hi I wish to chip out some skill to be able to enter lower cats Total ammount of it is 6285 skill points or aprox 378ped Incase you are intrested contact me here or ingame and we will figure it out how to do the trade...
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    Selling: Limited weapon in bulk

    Hi i am selling those 2 weapons Piron PBR-27--1400ped reamining 105MU-- Scott Barlow LR-20--ALL SOLD OUT-- Bulk discounts possible... so...
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    Selling: small Weapons (L)-- animal Skins -- components IN BULK

    Weapons Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 8.39 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 6.31 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 8.27 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 6.98 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 7.12 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 10.99 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 10.79 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 13.10 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 8.10 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1 11.05 PED Isis LLP 3 (L) 1...
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    Selling: Cryogenic attack nanochip III (L) - big stack

    Hey guys, im selling 46 chips with 745,63ped tt value You can Take as many as you wish SB: 101% BO:104% If you are only intrested in buying some plz post here and try to contact me ingame my avatar name is Lepi Lokomotive Dasa
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    Buying: Corrosive and Combustive attack nanochop V TEN Edition

    Corrosive and Combustive attack nanochip V TEN Edition Hi i am buying both those 2 chips... plz pm me here or ingame if you have one for sale. My ingame name is Lepi Lokomotive Dasa
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    Selling: UNL Nemesis set

    Hi i am selling full UNL M Nemesis set all pices are tier 0.9 i am looking for price around TT+800. tt is around 250ped. Msg me ingame on leave your comments here. Also im selling bulk of Skildek P40s rocketlaunchers: MU=104 if you buy in bulk:)...
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    Selling: Selling Skildek P40 (L)

    Hi i have a stockpile of looted skildekP40 in my storage on ark. So if u feel like doing a punny mission fast:) or just train explo for pvp than contact me ingame or leave a comment bellow:) im sure we can make a deal)
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    Selling: Selling textures

    I am Selling BULK of Arkace texture (300ped++) 10k textures reccomended level - 4.0 And Oro Texture (200ped++) 3k textures reccomended level - 5.0 I am willing to sell for any resonable price. GL&HF!