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  1. Sirhc

    Uber: Xerog's 15212 PED Feffox

    This is my second highest hunting loot to date and first 5 digit since my return to active play. All shrapnel but I'm not complaining. It all happened so quickly and I had another Feffox on me so I wasn't able to get the swirls in time. Woot! I happy for sure. This definitely helps with my...
  2. Sirhc

    HoF: Nice Eomon old coughed up an item

    A really nice rare item loot. The day started out slow but then things kicked in during the evening for me. I haven't looted very many Adj, Imp, or Mod items in my time in EU so it was a very nice surprise and well worth the grind. I hope the new owner of these puts them to good use :)
  3. Sirhc

    Achievement: Xerogs - 100 Ranged BLP Damage & 100 BLP Sniper Hit

    After selling a lot of skills when I took and extended break I knew it would be a long road to achieving 100 ranged BLP damage and 100 BLP sniper hit. Hit was lagging behind Damage by about a month but yesterday I finally rolled into 100 Hit BLP. I am still lagging behind in some mining skills...
  4. Sirhc

    Buying: Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05, SGA Edition

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05, SGA Edition I am not looking for any specific tier level. I do have a tier 3 ME/04 excavator if you want to work that into a trade. Shoot me a PM if you are looking to sell this excavator. My ingame name is Sirhc Xerogs...
  5. Sirhc

    Uber: Hogglo Provider

    I had turned away from the screen to answer a question my wife asked and just as I looked at the screen my third largest (PED sized) hunting loot popped up. :woohoo: Usually chasing the Codex can be hard on PED card management but Friday it worked out for me. The next day I regained Drilling...
  6. Sirhc

    Uber: Awesome loot day - Drone Elite & Ring

    Yesterday was one of those epic loot days. I was shocked and really happy, so out of the blue. It's one of the few times I've looted something that I can actually use from the get go. The Drone Elite came later and it was all shrapnel but its my first uber loot since my return. There was a...
  7. Sirhc

    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis for Sale - sold

    Hello everyone, I am putting up my Adjusted Nemesis Set for sale. Please contact me via PM here or in game (avatar name: Sirhc Xerogs Drakcah). I am mostly active in game Friday-Sunday but check the forum daily. Looking for PEDS at the moment but would consider a CLD in some type of trade as...
  8. Sirhc

    Question: Space and Planet Partners

    I know that Planet Partners were expected to market and build their player based for each planet and space always seemed like it was implemented to silo each planet in some way so that could happen. Is Mindark rethinking that siloed approach to space and the planet partners so Entropia Universe...
  9. Sirhc


    It seems as if the years just flew by since I've taken an interest in Entropia Universe. My time away was one part disillusionment with MA and one part working full time while going to school part time. There were only so many hours in the day to keep things afloat (marriage, school, work...
  10. Sirhc

    Discovery: Adjusted Samurai Harness F

    :yay: I am fairly certain this is my first discovery outside of a team. Here are the stats and description: I will be selling this shortly after it sits in my storage for a while. Any idea what kind of price this would carry?
  11. Sirhc

    Uber: Hell froze over....

    I am still shocked :eyecrazy: It has been so long since I looted something I could use. For some reason I thought I would try my Lion against the Chomps tonight and I am glad I did. I am so looking forward to trying my Assassin out. :yay: So very happy :banana:
  12. Sirhc

    Buying: LION ARMOR M Harness, Arms, and Thighs

    Looking for Male Lion Armor Harness, Arms, and Thighs. PM me with offers or post here and I will try to respond ASAP. I have Paradox Harness, Arms, and Thighs I can work into a trade deal as well. Thanks and have a great day :)
  13. Sirhc

    Buying: Adjusted Ravenger V1

    Hello everyone. I guess I am a glutton for punishment even though my old Adjusted V1 decided to PK my ass many years ago(see signature) :laugh: I want get another one. If you have one for sale please drop me a PM with a price and tier level. :computer: Thanks I will try to respond ASAP...
  14. Sirhc

    Uber: Rich Dianthus

    I don't post here often but I figured this was worth it since its my biggest mining find to date. weeeee I finally hit a Rich find :tower: Arkadia has been good to me :yup: Unfortunately my screen capture software did not work on the initial hit so I had to sign back on and take a screenie...
  15. Sirhc

    Buying: Paradox Footguards M

    Looking to buy a pair of Paradox Footguards M. Give me a PM with a price you have in mind thanks :)
  16. Sirhc

    Buying: Salamander SGA shin guards M

    Looking for a pair of Sala shin guards SGA. PM me if you have an extra pair for sale. I can work regular sala shin guards M into the deal as well. Thanks Chris.
  17. Sirhc

    Have Land Deeds renewed your interesting in EU?

    Needless to say I've been thinking a lot about Entropia Universe these past few days and the Land Deeds have a lot to do with it. While I can see the pros and cons of this venture I can't help but think that this is what I have been wanting for EU for a long time. I can only speak for myself...
  18. Sirhc

    PC- full Viking(M), full eMine(M), Sala SGA + regular shins(M), 5BME, and ADJ Hedok SK-50 SGA

    I am thinking about starting a sales thread for these items on the forum instead of selling them piecemeal on the auction. Looking for some feedback on the current prices these might go for sold as individual sets or maybe one entire grouped set. Current tier levels and Entropedia links...
  19. Sirhc

    Buying: Salamander shins and gloves sga (m)

    If anyone has these items and is willing to part with them for a reasonable price please send me a PM. Include an asking price in the PM please. Only looking for these SGA parts at this time. Thanks :cool: I can also inlcude in the trade the non SGA Salamander shins and gloves that I have.
  20. Sirhc

    After many years of rock hounding!

    :yay: :tower: Totally happy I finally hit one :woot: Thanks for un-jinxing me Hoos! Probably 10 mins or so before I hit this Hoos said " It will come soon" and right in our LA :) Glad I went there to check on our Chomper spawn tonight minings been good to me there.
  21. Sirhc

    Selling: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted (Adj FAP) & Firefly Un(L)

    Taking offers on Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted & Genesis Firefly Not looking for any item trades at this time so ped only offers please. If you don't have the peds to do a deal within a week don't bother making an offer. I've had a number of offers on both these items that just seem to fade...
  22. Sirhc

    Selling: Adjusted Hedok SK-50 SGA Edition

    Currently taking offers on an Adjusted Hedok SK-50 SGA Edition. Here are the stats PM offers or post here in the thread. Look for PED offers only at this time. Thanks, Chris
  23. Sirhc

    Selling: Taking Offers - ML35ME, un(L)Firely, 2X Ancient A104

    Hi I am taking offers on the following items. This is not an auction I am just seeing what offers might be available out there for one or all of the items. Only serious offers will be considered. PEDs are preferred but the right items +peds will work as well. Either PM or post here. Thanks...
  24. Sirhc

    Info: Hope this is a feature and not a bug

    Well maybe this has been stated before if so then disregard this post. Ok if you get far away from a claim and want to TP back to it you need to open the claim deed so if shows the location on the map (yellow asterik) then start the TP chip and when the TP map opens it should show the location...
  25. Sirhc

    Selling: Protector of the Empire Armor (M) Full set

    Auction closed got a deal I could not refuse.