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    Arcticus Harness (F)

    A pleasant suprise on the third Snow Drake from Next Island that I ever killed. :D Also, does anyone have an idea what it could be worth? It doesn't fit me. ;)
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    Ardorjies Hunting Blog

    Hello all hunters on Calypso, Arkadia, Next Island, Rocktropia, Toulan, Cyrene or wherever you might hunt in the Entropia Universe, Introduction First a small intro to who I am and what I hunt (I tried, quess this shows who I am too). I'm an old player, started end of 2004 and I got my first...
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    Suggestion: [Storage Box Name Tag]

    How many of you have gone through a scenario like this? Let's hunt Drones. What do I need for that? 6A plates, right. They should be in this box. *Opens box* : pills No, the other one? *Opens box* : clothing I'm sure it's in those common Storage Boxes. *Opens another box* : more pills Or was it...
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    Hello there

    Hi I've played PE since december 2004 and finally post something here. I'm a member of Slaves to the Machine and love all the members! :D :laugh: :D