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    I became a little less noobie today

    Good jobb :)
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    Got an Easter Strongbox From vixen today

    Damm that smuggler, paid 1000% mu for that Space Thruster. Tried to call him for refund, but i think he used a one time use phone. That was the last time i touched a drink in Rock XD
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    Got an Easter Strongbox From vixen today

    I think so, i drank alot in the bar before. wasted alot ped on drinks. I got a massage's about some vixen getting pregnant, jumped into Quad, and went to caly. But i think so
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    Got an Easter Strongbox From vixen today

    Hi, has the Easter event not ended in EU? Got an Easter strongbox from a vixen in the vixen spawn at the parking lot.
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    Selling: Mayhem Thigh Guards (M)

    Gratz man :)
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    Achievement: Storm Coat Gold!

    Holy cow, good job man :) those storm coat's, are they avatar bound?
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    How I Turned Entropia into my fulltime job in a year and $5000 invested

    Dude! That youtube video got me into this game too! when i started, i thought i could earn money hunting. Reality of the game got me, there is no easy money in the game "i was a newborn, so naive >.< " Nearly 4.5 years later, still here, and still loosing "much smaller now tho", But i have yet...
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    A Most Complete Guide to Armors (2020 Edition)

    Great guide, thanks :)
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    ATH: 61130 PED Iron stone

    Gratz :)
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    Selling: CLOSED!!! Taking offers on Mayhem Token Trader items (2 rares + 15k M tokens)

    Sollomate Mayhem Azuro, Adjusted? 2k ped? think you can get more for your rare token and mayhem tokens, but a dude got to try :)
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    Shopkeeper Pad Atrax Young

    Gratz :)
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    Price Check Possible price for Sollomate Mayhem Azuro?

    Never got this many replies before, ty all, seems like i have to wait intill more guns are gone from the mayhem token vendor before i ordering one of those guns :)
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    Price Check Possible price for Sollomate Mayhem Azuro?

    that was a nice 2c, thanks Igori :)
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    Price Check Possible price for Sollomate Mayhem Azuro?

    i live in sweden, so i cant buy keys to open those strongboxes, would have if i could. :'(
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    Price Check Possible price for Sollomate Mayhem Azuro?

    Hi all, recently i notice that the mayhem token trader had both a adjusted and a Augmented version of Sollomate Mayhem Azuro. Been thinking of it, pretty cool noob mob hunter weapons, but i am not sure what the price for either of them would be? They require rare mayhem tokens to get, the...
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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Initiated Withdrawal on Oct 19 Commited: Dec 26, 2021, i think? In Bank Account: Dec 27, 2021
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    Entropia Universe 17.11.0 Release Notes

    Thank you Mindark :)
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    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    okay, little much for my wallet, its an awesome pet! Thanks for taking time to respond jak :) Hope you have a furtune with your pet! :)
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    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    Jak, what do you think the pet is worth on lvl 1? i dont use pets, but this one made my eye brows go up, must be alot of peds to get it ^^ nice you got it btw :)
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    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    was an intresting thread to read in :)
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    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    While i was reading this thread, about alts, which i think is a really big problem, this came up to the head. The update to Unreal Engine 5, what i understand is that the minimum specs of your computer requirement to run entropia will be higher "have not read much about minimum requirement for...
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    News: Release is Taking Longer than Expected

    "this is what happend" - Mindark team traying to get the new release done in time - Mindark ppl runing around in the office traying to get the release done in time - Mindark ppl have uppdated all things to the servers, only 5 min left intill the 2 hours deadline - Mindark ppl have gathered in...
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    Vampire Nest -Pill Shop

    Well, i have enjoyed vampire free caly, well, time to dig up the old anti-vampire weapon chest i had put away. Out to hunt vampire and demons, need to get my lovely caly back as normal :D Gratz on the shop raven! :)