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  1. Pete Longmorn

    Suggestion: Include special characters in search string

    Lots of common weapons are named BC-30, LP-40, LR-60 etc. I can't search them on PCF, "The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common." I can search for other five character words though, please fix. /Pete
  2. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified T5

    Sold. Cheers /Pete
  3. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Boiga Adj, Hunter set, 5A plates

    For sale: Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted, T1.37, TIR = 73, asking TT + 550 --- Armor Plating Mk. 5A, set of 7 plates, asking TT + 35 --- Hunter (M), full armor set, it's NOT the mentor edition, offer me something and I'll throw in a matching green christmas hat :) --- Vigilante Harness (F)...
  4. Pete Longmorn

    Question: What is the main reason for the inflated prices of high end weapons and gear

    What will happen to the prices of high end stuff in the coming 6-12 month?
  5. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Neconu DNA SOLD

    One sample. PM your offer. SOLD. /Pete
  6. Pete Longmorn

    Suggestion: Cut of the blodflow to the leeches

    Good afternoon How about creating a function that makes it impossible to sell an item unless you have used it a specified amount of times, equivalent to a month or two of daily use. Apply the function to unlimited gears like weapons, armors, amps, rings, faps, finders etc. Items that holds a...
  7. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Zorra's HK Tier 3

    Zorra's HK for sale. Tier 3.26 at the moment of writing TIR = 144 Price = tt +7k Im open for offers, especially higher offers. Cheers /Pete
  8. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: ArMatrix LR-40, FEN Edition T2.99

    Sold. Cheers /Pete
  9. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Mindforce L-chips

    Selling following chips. Some are full tt, some are not. First come, first served. Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 1, 2 Lacerating Attack Nanochip 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1, 4, 5, 12, 13 Kinetic Attack Nanochip 1 Electric Attack Nanochip 6 Regeneration Inhibition Chip Also have a...
  10. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Armors, sets and parts.

    Unlimited armor sets Hunter (M) six parts are tier 1, tt value = 122.37 peds Price = tt +150 peds CDF Scout (M) six parts are tier 1, tt value = 14.5 peds Price = tt + 10 peds Sets above will not be splitted ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Limited...
  11. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Aakas Fire Dagger

    Knife for sale. Tier 6.0. PM your offer. Provenance :laugh: Sold!
  12. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Mod 2350

    EMT Kit Ek-2350 Modified for sale. Tier 0.4 at the moment. Tier 1 - 62 Tier 2 - 63 Tier 3 - 69 Tier 4 - 143 Tier 5 - 115 Tier 6 - 139 Tier 7 - 113 Tier 8 - 108 Tier 9 - 111 Tier 10 - 95 SOLD /Pete
  13. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Collection of Argo skulls

    Current bid = TT +2 Argonaut Fractured Skull 1.41 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 1.34 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 0.89 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 0.89 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 0.77 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 0.58 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 1.74 PED Argonaut Fractured Skull 0.94 PED...
  14. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Low level armor sets, armor parts and platings

    Full sets CDF Scout (M) 6 parts T1 tt+20 Hunter (M) most parts T1 tt+100 Warrior (M) some parts T1 tt+15 Plating sets Armor Plating Mark.5A tt+50 SOLD Imperium Armor Plating I tt+10 Armor parts Dragon Face Guard (M) tt+2 Dragon Gloves (M) tt+2 Dragon Shin Guards (M) tt+8 Hunter Face Guard...
  15. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Storage cleaning

    Pm your offers, here or ingame. Name Quantity Value A.R.C. Pilot Boots (M) 1 4.50 PED Aakas Fire Dagger 1 3.85 PED Acid Root 1 0.32 PED Adjusted Harrier Assault Arm Guards (M) 1 4.70 PED Adjusted Harrier Assault Foot Guards (M) 1 2.40 PED Adjusted Harrier Assault Gloves (M) 1 2.40 PED Adjusted...
  16. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Kallous-7

    1, 2, 3, Sold.
  17. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Low-mid level weapons, armors, mindforce, faps.

    Corrosive Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition tier 1,4. Remaining TIR: 84, 98, 169, 108, 170, 155, 157, 151, 127 Price: tt+ 950 peds. Aakas Fire Dagger tier 2,7. Remaining TIR: 108, 121, 121, 63, 110, 83, 106, 57 Price: tt+ 700 peds. Warrior (M) tier 0-0,9. Price TT+ 10 peds. CDF Scout (M) 6 parts...
  18. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: nothing. However I wanna trade my Aakas Fire Dagger and Melee Amp IV for an armor set.

    Knife is tier 2,7. Amp is low tt. Trading these two items for the best possible full set of male armor. Pm here or /whisper Pete Van Longmorn
  19. Pete Longmorn

    Buying: UL SIB Laser

    Thread can be closed.
  20. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Aakas Fire Dagger T2 + Meele Trauma Amp IV

    Dagger is tier 2,4. Remaining TIR's are 108, 121, 121, 63, 110, 83, 106, 57. Package include: Dagger Trauma Amp IV Portable repair unit Damage enhancers Package price: tt +3500 /whisper Pete Van Longmorn or pm here.
  21. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Short Stinktree Board

    Cheaper than auction. /whisper Pete Van Longmorn
  22. Pete Longmorn

    CLD's for rent!

    Hi I'm renting out cld's. As collateral I want your unlimited SIB-gun. Minimum renting time is 168 hours, in order for you to get the payout from the cld's. So I'm getting to use your gun/amp, you are getting a stack of cld's and the weekly payout from it, and perhaps some tier-ticks on the...
  23. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Aakas Fire Dagger

    Tier 2.1 remaining TIR 3. 108 4. 121 5. 121 6. 63 7. 110 8. 83 9. 106 10. 57 Current TT = 27 peds BO = TT +600 peds
  24. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Herman SIR-40 Smuggler

    Sold. Thread can be closed.
  25. Pete Longmorn

    Selling: Shadow Helmet (M,L)

    Full TT = 51 ped BO = 130 ped TIR is nothing special. /Pete