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  1. Penny Dreadful

    Hell to help Olivia.

    I am a multiple sclerosis sufferer, and a friend of Liv (Erica). My symptoms aren't as bad as hers, but due to the degenerative nature of MS they may someday be. As friends we share our stories and listen to each others problems. Thats what friends do. Liv has shared many links and articles with...
  2. Penny Dreadful

    Wireless is HELL! lol

    I hate M$ and the demonic beings who came up with wireless networking in the first place. First wireless ISP fuckups, then win7 wireless fuckups. This all equals No Internet for 2 days, and a complete win7 re-install! GAH! So... that also means a complete re-install of EU. Oh how I wish there...
  3. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    Bump & Grind... Does a "soc of freelancers" appeal to you? No real requirements, just be a good representative of the Ouroboros name. We help each other out, and get together when we can. We don't mind if you're an older player returning to a strange new world, or a brand-spankin'-new colonist...
  4. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    It's time... time to BUMP it up a notch! :yay:
  5. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    Thanks Wed :)
  6. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    Thanks Nukem, nice to know the problem is not all in my head :laugh: And btw folks, the Penny Dreadful sightings have been at all time low at Nea's during this Amethera PVP bug so if you would like to meet up send me a PM :)
  7. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    *Bump* Two weeks and 3 patches later, Penny is once again able to reliably log in! :yay:
  8. Penny Dreadful

    Midwest servers down ?

    Just out of curiousity, did this ever noticeably improve for you? Get back to normal? I had the same problem come up, and it hasn't gotten any better.
  9. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    Possible bug in the soc terminal... It has come to my attention that the society terminal has a bug (yes another one :P ). We have been in the habit of hitting the View Applicant List button to see if there are any applications... and there rarely are. *sigh* But... When viewing the Society...
  10. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    OooOooooOOoOOooOOoOOOooOoOoooO!!! :laugh: ("bump")
  11. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    *** Bump *** Penny is often spotted at Nea's Place, main group or fert group... say hi when you see her! :D
  12. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    *Bump* Looking for a laid back society that's not all about rules and following orders? Ouroboros is the place! :yay:
  13. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    **bump** :wtg:
  14. Penny Dreadful

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    New player looking for a friendly place to learn the game? Experienced player looking for a home and willing to share your experience? Ouroboros society is recruiting! We are a small group looking for active players to add to our family. No experience required, just a desire to learn and grow...
  15. Penny Dreadful

    Entropia Universe Release 11.3.7 Available

    I can't initiate a trade session. My bro saw the trade window on his screen, but I got nothing. As a matter of fact i kept trying, and got one of two different messages, "The avatar did not respond to your request" or "That avatar is busy." When he initiated the trade, it seemed to work fine...
  16. Penny Dreadful

    Should personal signs/markers/tombstones be alowed?

    I voted yes, the company should decide with player input. As long as its in a specific area, and only for people who are recognized as deserving by the community. Hello, it's called MEMORIAL Island right? I'm not saying everyone should be able to buy a tombstone for their dead budgie or hamster...
  17. Penny Dreadful


    Human names often have emotion attached to them, beyond being simple tags. As such I applaud your search for individuality, for uniqueness. My own name, Penny Dreadful, comes from historical sources. With the introduction of the Industrial Revolution, and the printing press, lurid serial stories...
  18. Penny Dreadful

    Achievement: Unlocked Ranged Damage Assessment

    I finally did it, I unlocked Ranged Damage Assessment :yay:
  19. Penny Dreadful

    The Never Found City of Atlantis?

    Thanks for posting this Simon, I'm a fan of Lovecraft's work and these are just hilarious. My personal fave in this fellow's posts has to be "I saw mommy kissing Yog-Sothoth" :silly2: I think an FPC tribute to H.P. Lovecraft is long past due :) Um, staying in-topic, where did this rumour come...
  20. Penny Dreadful

    Help: where can find Hydra

    Wow, so many negative and spiteful responses... I say if they want to try, let them. Some people only learn by doing. If nothing else, it will teach them to heed the warnings of their Elders :P Besides, how often can you say you got killed by a unique Event mob? :laugh:
  21. Penny Dreadful

    do you wish 3x skill bonus event could come back?

    I said yes because I want my Ranged Damage Assessment... so close yet so far lol. I have no intention to ever sell my skills, and don't keep count of every nickle and dime my ava is worth. I play to have fun and occasionally see some improvement in my ava's overall abilities. A short event...
  22. Penny Dreadful

    Ethnography #13 of Entropia

    I've never quit, but have taken a couple of short breaks due to sickness, etc. And the times when my internet was out. Damn wireless lol. It's only been recently they gave us an upgrade in service. Methinks the technology was at fault... they only had to replace it every 2 or 3 months for almost...
  23. Penny Dreadful

    Ethnography #11 of Entropia

    I'm a hunter, but I have also put a lot of time into stone walking. I also dabble with mining, and started some crafting. But mostly hunting :)
  24. Penny Dreadful

    Ethnography #10 of Entropia

    I login everyday, even if its just to chat with friends or see how others in the soc are doing.