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  1. Chazaquiel

    HoF: Angelic Tidings

    Getting back into my routine with the end of 3x skilling, I re-visited one of my regular mining run locations and lo, unto me came angelic tidings of great joy :D My first mining HOF and just in time to replenish my PED card for the holiday weekend. Thank you Santa :xsmile:
  2. Chazaquiel

    My three global day

    Nothing big or earthshaking, but I get excited when I get a rare global. Today I decided to hunt some bigger Snarksnot around Echidna Crater and on the first one I shot I got a global! I kept going and a few minutes later a second global! Since most of it was animal oil I did what I...
  3. Chazaquiel

    Achievement: Unlocked RDA!!!

    Marksmanship came fairly quickly... but then I crept along sooo slowly. But I jumped out of my chair and cheered when RDA came today, with just under 8 months in-game. Thanks Kosmosz for keeping my short attention span focused on skilling all this time! Now on to the next unlock :D
  4. Chazaquiel

    Uber: Riker UL2

    A very nice surprise on my way to go hunting.... a stray caud wandered into my path and I decided to shoot... and then the swirlies :yay:
  5. Chazaquiel

    Question: Group heal?

    I was watching the mass healing going on at the swamp and thought, wouldn't it be cool if a heal chip could heal a group of people within a certain radius at the same time? It could have applications in team hunt situations where team members are being hit by multiple mobs. What do others think?