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  1. Harmony.

    Selling: 1k AUD for 65k peds

    All or nothing at this price. If you want a smaller stack of 100 the price is 70 each, for a stack of 250 the price is 68 peds each.
  2. Harmony.

    Selling: Arkadia Undeground Deeds

    Selling a lot of AUD's for a fixed price: 80 peds per deed When buying more then 100: 79 peds per deed When buying more then 500: 78,50 per deed pm me if you are interested
  3. Harmony.

    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved

    looking for an A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved, please pm me asking price and current tier.
  4. Harmony.

    Selling: Tier 8 CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition

    Finally have the skills that justify upgrading to imk2, so letting go of this beauty: It's already maxed out at level 40, enables you to kill proteron without getting hit. Gives an uber eco with EST...
  5. Harmony.

    Selling: 15 CLD(x)

    I need to free some peds for migration, so i'm selling 15 cld (x). Asking price is 10 peds below the lowest cld(x) in auction, if you buy them all it's 20 peds below the lowest cld(x) in auction.
  6. Harmony.

    pvp feedback

    hi, all in all i like the compets there are a few things i'd like to mention though. -i seem to never be able to find another town to raid -finding a player to battle in pvp is hard too Both are ofc related to amount of players, but it's a big risk. Also fighting against an opponent that is...
  7. Harmony.

    Looking for some advice on equipment upgrade

    Hello everybody, Lately i've been using some easter eggs and i really liked the increase in damage and eco from them. I like it so much that I decided it's time to upgrade my gear a bit, because i feel so noob when i go back to my old setup. I'm looking for some advice on the best way to...
  8. Harmony.

    Selling: several cld(x) for sale

    Looking for 1710 per deed, willing to sell up to 15 at this time.
  9. Harmony.

    Selling: Wolpertinger pet

    Buyout price is at 300 peds, will accept compet deeds or AUD as (part) payment. It's level 1, can level it up to 7 if you want, if you pay for the nutrios.
  10. Harmony.

    Selling: Ozpyn RLB S1X2 with nice tier rates

    Selling this nice long blade with excellent tier rates. Very nice damage and eco! I will accept AUD and compet deeds as part payment SB= tt+500, BO=tt+800 Auction will end 3 days after SB has been met.
  11. Harmony.

    Selling: FFA Mayhem star points

    Might as well get a feel for the market: selling points at 40 pec per point. Currently around 1k points available.
  12. Harmony.

    Buying: Arkadia Underground and Calypso Land Deeds

    I Emptied out my storage so i have a few peds to waste. Looking to buy some Arkadia Underground and Calypso Land Deeds for personal use. CLD: 1970 peds each Update: acquired all the compet and AUD i need this year, still in the market for a few CLD though :) PM me here or ingame for a trade :)
  13. Harmony.

    Selling: Around 100 peds tt of Welding Wire Blueprint (L)

    Selling a lot of Welding Wire Blueprint (L) around 100 ped total. Instant buyout: 120%
  14. Harmony.

    Buying: Hermetic Ring Modified

    Seeing as the droprate is up a lot, and the prices have come to a more reasonable level i want to acquire a Hermetic Ring Modified. Please pm me if you have one for sale. I'm only interested in prices under 1k.
  15. Harmony.

    Selling: marksmanship skill implant for esi + 1 ped

    Hi, selling up to 7057 skills of marksmanship (~635 ped tt of esi's required). for only 1 ped per esi regardless of the size. So you bring me your esi, i extract my skills and you give me 1 ped for the filled implant. just to clarify: 1. no i am not drunk 2. no i am not leaving the game 3...
  16. Harmony.

    Selling: Some Arkadian Arctic weapon blueprints

    I just don't seem to have the time to visit all planets anymore so i'm letting go of some nice weapon blueprints. They weapons sell slowly, but for a decent profit. Give me a fair offer and they're yours. Selling them individually or in bulk :) 1. Herman CAP-33 Arctic blueprint. Quality Rating...
  17. Harmony.

    Selling: Welding wire blueprints

    107,81 ped tt of welding wire blueprints. SB: 110% BO: 130% Auction will end 38 hours after SB has been offered.
  18. Harmony.

    Selling: various hunting skills @tt

    Hi all, i'm selling some hunting skills at the value of the implant. How does it work? Quite simply, you give me an esi and the skill you want, i will return to you a filled chip and you pay the tt value of that chip. Collateral will be provided for esi's with a tt over 50 peds, if you have...
  19. Harmony.

    Buying: Looking for 45+ dps SIB gun

    I'm looking for a 45+ dps SIB gun, without using any attachments or enhancers. Since i'm still a noob SIB period should start at level 70 max. What i find important in a gun: -range -eco -attacks/min -and ofc a low pricetag ;) I've been thinking about: Herman LAW-50 Smuggler Emik Enigma L4...
  20. Harmony.

    value of the CLD purchasing power

    I have no intention of getting rid of my CLD, but i don't have the time to manage an estate on calypso. So if i would lend my CLD to someone else, they buy some housing for it and then return the cld (x) to me. What do you people think i should charge per converted CLD?
  21. Harmony.

    Selling: level 20 arret pet

    slowly dropping in price with every bump :) Looking for around 400 peds, will accept AUD as part-payment.
  22. Harmony.

    PriceCHeck: level 20 Arret Pet

    I am considering selling my level 20 Arret pet, and train another pet instead. But i have no idea how much they go for? At level 20 you can get all available stable buffs there are. It is fully fed and has 9.3k XP. Does anyone have any idea?
  23. Harmony.

    Buying: Aud @48,50

    Looking to get around 100 AUD, willing to pay 48,50 each. Please PM me ingame or here if you have some for sale :cool:
  24. Harmony.

    Yet another 90% ming tt returns thread

    Yes indeed, a thread inspired on Ace's thread. Mainly because i think Ace has been too lucky in his thread, or that he got blessed by MA for starting the thread :eyecrazy:. (and i wouldn't mind some of that, so if creating a log helps.... :yay:) The big difference is that i am a casual miner...
  25. Harmony.

    Inventory calculator?

    There used to be this website where you could load your inventory and it would calculate the value including markup of your stuff. I can't seem to find it anymore, does it still exist?