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    Buying: bought

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    Selling: SOLD Archon's sword + Trauma 4

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    GoldenVault rental bussiness

    GoldenVault rental service Hello! Here i offer items I have for a rent which I belive can be very handy for players who want to skill certain professions. My goal is to make those items available for everyone who want to use them, thats why my rentals fees are low despite higher price of most...
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    Selling: Explosive Projectiles Recycle I Blueprint (L)

    as stated in title selling 301 clicks of [Explosive Projectiles Recycle I Blueprint (L)] pm me here or ingame. cheers! :beerchug:
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    Selling: Welding Wire Blueprints

    howdy! As stated in title, I'm selling Welding wire blueprints 230 ped tt for only 130% PM me here or ingame.
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    Selling: Adjusted Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog + some more stuff

    Prices corrected!! I'm selling; Adjusted Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog tier 5.7 **SOLD** Imperial HAZEN Arm Guards (F) Imperial HAZEN Helm (F) Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted tier 5.5 **SOLD** Contact me here or ingame :) Carl Karlek Bohannon
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    Buying: Small Chiadrak Mushrooms & EMT Kit Ek-2350

    need small chiadrak mushrooms to make adj 2350 fap. also would like to buy [EMT Kit Ek-2350] - 2x please pm me here or ingame for offers.
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    Buying: Adjusted EMT kit Ek-2350

    buying fap from thread title. please pm me
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    Buying: Adjusted EMT kit Ek-2350

    Hi, As title says, I'm buying Adjusted EMT kit Ek-2350. offers @ PM or ingame. thanks for reading
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    Buying: buying Adjusted EMT kit Ek-2350

    howdy, as stated in title, I'm buying Adjusted EMT kit Ek-2350. offers @ pm here or ingame. cheers :)
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    Selling: Charlie's Items

    Charlie's Items for sale :ahh: Here are some items i have for sale. List will be updated over time. :cool: Taking offers on all items, item exchanges accepted on all trades if I accept the value. 1.) Weapons Baringer SR37 2.) Armor CDF Scout Harness (M) CDF Scout Thigh-Guards (M) 3.)...