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  1. xantok

    Buying: WTB archon's sword and amp 4

    Im looking at buying a archon sword and a trauma 4 amp for it. Shoot me private message with offers.
  2. xantok

    Selling: Jarhead (M)(C) x2

    selling 2 sets of jarhead (M)(C) +1k each
  3. xantok

    Price Check 20k recommendation

    What gun is around or under the 20k ped mark that you would recommend. looking at XTLC-600 (might be higher) BC-30 mod (seems kinda small) Argo weak claw Any other ideas i might be able to look into to make a more informed decision? 59 laser sniper 57 laser damage 58 blp pistol 56 blp...
  4. xantok

    Price Check Zorra HK

    Wondering price on a high tier one... 8+
  5. xantok

    Price Check LR-60 aug, LP-70 FEN

    Anyone know price on one or both of these weapons?
  6. xantok

    Price Check mod please close

    Got ingo thaanks
  7. xantok

    Buying: Buying mod 2600

    You see the title, thats what i want. lol
  8. xantok

    Selling: Spirit MK.I (update)

    looking at selling my precious baby after many levels and swirls. It have unfortunately out grown it Tier 8.96, but its still being shot at Longtooth and Eomon, so could get higher but likely wont be tiered. This gun has won 3 top 10 finishes in cat 4 (not by me, best i got was 12th, and...
  9. xantok

    Buying: looking for 0x0

    im looking for an 0x0, tier doesnt matter all that much, but higher would be better.
  10. xantok

    47 pistoleer, 1st HoF as well as first loot over 500 ped

    as title says, lvl 47 laser pistoleer, and finally hit my 1st hunting HoF 519 ped Popdragon Old
  11. xantok

    Xantok loses all his ped!

    Xantok's Birthday Bankruptcy stream starting roughly at 17:00 ma time, 10x lvl 13 amps streamed at come join and watch me cry as i nrf and die inside
  12. xantok

    can i get a price check for a shop

    pricecheck on twinpeaks mall, 3rd floor, one of the small ones
  13. xantok

    Being looted loading into space (MA's newest screw-up)

    i am jsut posting this to inform everyone that MA has screwed up something again (surprise surprise) now when leaving calypso there is a chance you will load into lootable pvp. this means you will be at half HP by time you load enough to move. and will be shot down shortly after. just though...
  14. xantok

    Adj embra laser sword

    was wondering what the price of one of these would be
  15. xantok

    1st loot over 500 ped

    i was crafting some low tt level 2 light amps for a friends who wanted to see what amping did.. and this poped up never had a loot over 500 ped in 5 years of playing (i stay at lower level stuff)
  16. xantok

    price check on cb19 and lr32 (ul)

    jsut as title says what they worth now a days. looking at getting one of the two just dunno what one yet... any ideas?
  17. xantok

    My first crafting HoF

    after 5 years of on and off playing and clicking filters and basic sheet metal i finally got a HoF :yay: :wtg: i was watching TV semi afk while clicking theses and turn around to look and see who HoFed. it wasnt till about 30 seconds after i read teh message i realized it was me
  18. xantok

    Xanatos's mining log

    as promised i am finally starting a mining log. heres some background info. my avas name is now Xanatos Xan Xerxes, i was forced to change it from "lets try this" since my name change i have no mining globals to my name, i hope to change that soon. now the real stuff my mining skills are as...
  19. xantok

    wanting to do mingin log but need advice...

    first off i wanna clarify i am a noob miner (lvl 9 ore, lvl 7 enmat) and am wanting to start a mingin log, however i am at a loss on how exactly to do it heres a link to what i tried as one... but it was to hard to continue on Rocktropia with limited places to sell my resources. (please note my...