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    Selling: Sold Kinetic Attack Nanochip 7

    Asking TT+900 PED BO sold
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    Buying: Lion armor parts (F)

    Let me know if you have a part and how much you want for it. Tier 0 is preferred :)
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    Buying: Armor Plating Mk. 5B, Adjusted

    offering tt+650ped each
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    Price Check Weak Argonaut Claws, FEN Edition + Melee Trauma Amplifier 2, FEN Edition

    To ask this in the right place and not a sales thread. Anyone got a price tag in mind for this combo? I was offered one for 26k recently (tier3 I think it was) and the one below was listed for a long time for +35k wihtout selling that the seller now claims sold for +40k...
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    Selling: Pills & boosters

    Unloading some pills. Still got a few leftovers stock Nutristim 5mg 8 10mg 18 15mg 7 Hyperstim 5mg 0 10mg 1 15mg 1 Medistim 5mg 17 10mg 20 15mg 11 Accustim 5mg 9 10mg 0...
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    Buying: BOUGHT - Christmas Ring 2021 for Aug ares+peds

    BOUGHT for aug ares + 6500. Buying this ring with AUG ares + peds. perfected ares could be of interest. Offering Aug ares + 2500 ped for Perfected ares and Aug ares+6000 for Christmas 2021 Send me a PM here or ingame if it's of any interest.
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    Selling: Sold Ranked Psy-Blade Tier 1.76

    SOLD Bought this to skill for the Argo FEN claws but then a EP38 aug suddenly appeared for sale so I went that route. UP for grabs at my cost price. Skill gains has been great as I just grabbed almost 9 levels in two short days of hunting with it. I did have low brawler skills at start so it...
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    Help: Weapon suggestions for oldtimers

    I started playing again late this summer after a long break. With this 2.0 loot system I’ve been doing some tests with various 1.0 gear (slug,mkvme,enigma++) with similar efficiency and parameters and now I kinda want to test either a low decaying gun like i2870/modmerc or high efficiency one...
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    Selling: Genesis ArcSpark (SOLD)

    Looking to sell a Genesis ArcSpark tier 3.99 Tiers is 172/200 so it will be quick to take it further if you want to. SB: +4000 ped BO: +4500 ped - SOLD at BO TT can be delivered at low tt if I get some headsup to grind it down. Edit: sale pending
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    Selling: Doa Slugstorm T3.99 -SOLD

    Complete your redulite mayhem mission! Looking to sell my Slugstorm to test out other gear. Nice DPS for event grinding and can easy be taken to top dps with some tiering love. It also takes advantage of the Mayhem B-amplifiers. During mayhem I've been running it with rings+pills giving it...
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    Buying: Ranked Psy-blade or Argo Weak claw FEN

    Looking for this item or possibly a Argo Weak claw. Hit me up with your price and info if you got one for sale.
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    Selling: SOLD Omegaton A105, Improved

    Looking to sell this efficient amp. Adds 18dmg and the efficiency is 83.6%. Hit me up here or ingame if you are looking for one. Looking for TT+2350
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    Selling: [off market] EMT kit Ek-2600, Improved

    Item is upgraded to mod and might be re listed in the near future Selling this nice healing toy as I'm looking into an upgrade. Can be upgraded to Modified later on if you'd like not not go all the way from the start. Maxes at 20.85 Levels according to Entropiawiki last few bumps before I take...
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    Price Check Pills

    Since I can't find a proper way to check MU ingame. What's the going rate for these pills? Medistim 5/10/15mg Devastim 5/10/15mg Hyperstim 5/10/15mg Nutristrim 5/10/15mg Neurostim-A Neurostim-B Neurostim-C
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    Selling: [SOLD]A-3 Justifier MK. 5, Mentor Edition Trade for Higher dps

    SOLD I'm looking to trade my T4.99 MKVME for a i2870 or something else with higher dps. Shoot me a PM if you are interested. can also buy it with peds/cld ^^
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    Selling: Gravis GBR-34 Tier 2.9

    Looking to sell this toy. Tiers 170/200 and it will prolly be tier ready in only a few runs since it's at 2.94 now. With Dante amp, mod ares + thorio helmet + tier2 dmg the effective dmg/sec is 74.36 and dmg/pec is 2.93. Good range of 71,5m. Takes down caperon before they reach you when...
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    Buying: Large Chadriak Mushroom

    Need a few more of these. Pm me your price :)
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    Buying: WTB ML-35, Adjusted or i2870 (Omegaton M2870 Improved)

    Looking to buy a ML-35 Adjusted or i2870. PM me the details if you got one that's up for grabs :)
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    Selling: Swapping Enigma L2 tier 5.15 + peds for ML-35 adj

    Looking to upgrade to an ML-35 adjusted. The dps for this level of gun is quite decent at 87dps with Mod ares + thorio helmet (L). I tried to input the stats in the weapon compare tool but play along with the compare tool for your own setup to be sure. When the gun reaches tier6 it will be 91.4...
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    Selling: Ozpyn Beetle (F,L)

    Seeling these 3x parts of Ozpyn with good protection. Asking 110%
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    Selling: Gremlin (F) set Tier 2++

    Looking to sell this set as I've upgraded. Asking TT+250ped Tiers and monthly/year/decade MU listed here Thigh tier2.39 - MU +76 Harness tier 3.29 - MU+ 36 Arms tier 3.09 - MU+48 Shins tier 3.29 - MU+60 Foot tier 2.39 - MU+17 Gloves tier 2.29 - MU+37 Face tier 2.19 - MU +19
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    Buying: Oldschool gun

    Looking to buy a decent gun that amped does around 60 dps minimum. Price as low as possible. Recommendations are also welcome. ML-35 could also work due to higher range but it's in the lower end of the dps scale. Price is preferred way under 15k :p
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    Suggestion: Non SIB weapon for casual player

    I haven't played in a while and sold all of my gear. I want to play some casual on weekends just for fund but don't want any fancy gear for that so is there any old-school gear that will do the job? Karma Killer? Any DOA? Maddox? Was hoping to get it for less than 1-2k ^^ New items will do the...
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    Selling: Arkadia DNA parts (almost complete yuka)

    Taking offers on these DNA parts. Yuka is missing the Skull plate to be complete for a Mutated Yuka :cool: I might add other parts when I get through my storage 1x Riptor eye 1x Yuka Flesh 1x Yuka Mandible 2x Yuka Long bone 1x Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 5 10x Mutation Agents I can add a...
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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (F) aka EST armor