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  1. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Selling broken pet

    Hallo my pet Florencio that is Asclarious level 20 is stuck at 50,3% auto loot criteria and dont want to moove . If you know how to make it to end you can have it for 150 ped . If you dont , you can still have it for 150 ped but have in mind that criteria dont moove via eating pills Level 20...
  2. Mac Farmer

    Asclarias Stuck

    Hi my pet Florencio wich is Asclarias is stuck at 50,3% on auto loot criteria and it dont move anymore . Last 10 pills i eated didnt move even 0.1% ! Any suggest on how to moove it ? Mac
  3. Mac Farmer

    Sand King ATH

    I just saw that there was such a thing . Nobody post here ? Cmn guys tell some story or show some pictures :)
  4. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Asclarias Pet

    Hey selling one of those . Its level 9 full fed can be spawn in all planets Auto loot at level 19 . Price 235 ped pm , ty
  5. Mac Farmer

    Technician Blueprints Bug

    Hey the day that bug came i browse auction and saw a basic sheet metal blueprint 100qr for only 30 ped . I bought it :ahh: and same person listed another one at 100 qr again and i bought it again :D The third time i knew something fishi and i check technician and found about the bug and i did...
  6. Mac Farmer

    How to find someone link ?

    Last week a friend of mine was looking for someone link pretty emergency . He have sold some auds to order by mistake . Here is easy way to find anyone link in EU . 1.Open message center 2.Go in Create new message > Mail 3.Press + and type the name then you will have the link I am sure...
  7. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Bulk Habu whips

    Looking for those normal or adj+ . Prefer bulk buy not one or two Thank you :)
  8. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Simple 2,3 Prints

    Looking for max Simple 2 spring bp and 50+qr Simple 3 spring one . Pm
  9. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Basic Vehicle Suspension or Standard Springs

    Hi pm if you have any :) I am at Calypso
  10. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Resonation 8 Amplifiers

    I have 180 of those and looking for a crafter to get em for good price Leave a pm here or in EU MAC
  11. Mac Farmer

    Entropialife issue

    Can we please get the site fix asap .... I really miss browsing it when i am not able to play the game for days :) Promise to donate at soon it got fixed Thanks !
  12. Mac Farmer

    Happy Holydays

    Wish you all the best and spend more time whit family :):yay: What a year 2018 was ! epic one !!! :)
  13. Mac Farmer

    Emerald Mall Shops

    Can someone please give me going price on emerald mall shops . Are the third floor shops are not going to be sold by MA in near future ? Thanks :) Mac
  14. Mac Farmer

    Question: HW Boxes 2017

    So event finish and people start opening boxes . Refresh rate on amps in boxes is way to high and not much box openers . And now we see same people open same amount boxes as before but loot enormous ammount of amps . And this is because maybe not so much people open them . MindArk take a note...
  15. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Formal Tuxedo outfit

    Pimp clothes for sell Including a tuxedo and pants Ark Formal Tuxedo - Blue (M) Ark Formal Pants - Blue (M) Omegaton Pops TT+210 for the full otfit Or I can add a Rex Top Hat . All 4 parts for TT + 310 ped Total tt is arround 210ped Thanks&Good luck
  16. Mac Farmer

    R.I.P Chester Bennington

    Sad day
  17. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Adjusted EWE EP-41 Millitary

    Selling this fine weapon Adjusted EWE EP-41 Millitary at tier 5,3 . Remaining tiers : 121 82 90 103 111 Non enchancers - Economy Decay: 1.292 PEC Ammo: 1200 Cost: 13.292 PEC Maximal TT: 90.00 PED Minimal...
  18. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Eudorian Wasp Devil

    Have a camo and auto loot buff(not opened) . Great buddy :) Level 4 at this moment ... Offers welcome maybe item too . PM :) Buff 1 - Pet focus Buff 2 - Auto loot Take care , Mac
  19. Mac Farmer

    Change Avatar Name

    Hello dear forum ! When i start playing Entropia i just joined to check it because friend told me about it . Now it past like 2 years or more and i really want to stay BUT . My first name is Spermer and i really want to change it because i don't like it and i am sure other people don't as well...
  20. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Rubey Chirin Dragon

    Hi its good friend to human and very strong :D Price is good as well just hit me in Entropia - or in ComPet if you brave enought ;):D
  21. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Dante Blp Amp

    Blp Dante amp sold Mac
  22. Mac Farmer

    Selling: FFA Points and ESI

    Hi:) I am selling FFA Points: sold ESI: 12.94tt 10.48tt 10.11tt Pm me or find me in ing
  23. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Disco set M,L

    Hello selling this almost full set of Disco armors for male . Helm missing Nice for MM :) Stab: 17 HP Cut: 20 HP Impact: 22 HP Penetration: 11 HP Burn: 16 HP Cold: 13 HP Acid: 6 HP Electric: 5 HP Close: 59 HP Firearms: 27 HP Total: 110 HP Total tt arround 360 peds and most are tier 1-3 arm is...
  24. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Disco parts

    Looking for a Thigh and helm Male . Please PM me if you know a friend sell them or a shop :) regards, Mac
  25. Mac Farmer

    Graphic crash

    Hi PCF :) I get instant crash when change graphic settings from safe mode to low:scratch2: Can someone try this and tell me if getting same problem ? Never before i had this issue and think its from yesterday's update :beerchug: Thanks , Mac