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    Got an Easter Strongbox From vixen today

    Hi, has the Easter event not ended in EU? Got an Easter strongbox from a vixen in the vixen spawn at the parking lot.
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    Price Check Possible price for Sollomate Mayhem Azuro?

    Hi all, recently i notice that the mayhem token trader had both a adjusted and a Augmented version of Sollomate Mayhem Azuro. Been thinking of it, pretty cool noob mob hunter weapons, but i am not sure what the price for either of them would be? They require rare mayhem tokens to get, the...
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    Italian Switchblade 1, what mob drops it?

    Hi all, I dont know much about the Italian Switchblade 1, more then what the wiki says and heard some rumours. entropiawiki: Weapon: Italian Switchblade 1 Pretty cool melee weapon, 79 attacks/min, 1.5-3 dmg. Seems like a fun thing to have, just grind when ped is low and lower the cost to kill...
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    Buying: Looking for Chikara Refiner Adjusted

    Looking to buy Chikara Refiner Adjusted For TT+1600 PED Or pm me a price, will not strive to far from the tt+1600 PED
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    Selling: Selling [Explosive Projectiles Recycle 2 Blueprint (L)]

    Selling [Explosive Projectiles Recycle 2 Blueprint (L)] - 0.44 pec - 44 click PM me and we can talk about a deal :)
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    Selling: Selling [Herman LAW-0 (L)]

    Have crafted some [Herman LAW-0 (L)] Sell one for 4.4 PED. If you buy more, the price for buying will be better :)
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    Selling: Selling Generic leather

    Selling Generic Leather - 102% Have about 430 Ped of it. all sold, thread can be closed
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    Buying: Anyone selling foma shop for a decent price?

    I am intressted in maybe buying a foma shop, if price or location is right. Pm me, and we can talk about it. :) // Tataio
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    Looks like MA put some work in for the new camera system and all that came with VU 16.

    Hi, I couldent post this in the Dev's forum part, so i post it here. I have tested the new gameplay after the 16 vu. And i most say, i like it! I get the Felling i am playing a Sci-fi game more now after the VU 16 then before. The new target system is nice, i Went to Cyrene to hunt Arrat...
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    Question: How much skill do i have to get, to break even on crafting runs?

    Hi, i know its a question everyone ask. But i have dropped all hunting in entropia to focus all on my crafting skills. i repair on a mothership 2-6 hours a day with rk-5 and sometime rk-20. And i take a break from repairing to fly to monria for the Daily crafting mission where i get 0.75 ped in...
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    Selling: Selling [ArMatrix SB-10 FEN Edition]

    Hi i am Selling [ArMatrix SB-10 FEN Edition] Tier 2.6. good knife. Click on a Picture to see the whole picture. Want tt+3700 PED For the knife "TT value is 25 PED"
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    Buying: Herman Ark-6 Jungle Blueprint

    Hi, i am looking for Herman ark-6 Jungle Blueprint UL
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    Selling: Selling Basic Leather Extractor

    Hi, i have been hunting tabtab for some time. So i have Basic Leather Extractor for sale. 100 ped tt of it. I want 185% for it. Want to sell all in one bunk In game name : Tataio Spitfire misho
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    Selling: Selling an Arkadian appartment

    Hi there! I am Selling my appartment in arkadia. Celesta North 12, Lvl 3. The appartment is next to a teleport, so perfekt for an appartment shop :) I want 1800 Ped for the apartment "only peds, no trades". In game name : Tataio Spitfire misho