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  1. Fanan

    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    1- Good to see the promises made about CP events finally happening! (3+ years later) 2- At 6x hunters per dome and 2x per brood type I foresight a max. of 36 hunters, this just show how much they play their own game... (happy mayhem to the 36 hunters that arrive first :D)
  2. Fanan

    Harrier Assault

    Make the modified version have some mining buffs, adj. harrier is my favorite mining armor.
  3. Fanan

    News: Regarding the Issue in Easter Mayhem 2022

    What a joke, not even a word about survival early shutdown. Way to go MA!
  4. Fanan

    Help: Wanted to try Defense Event Doesn't Work For People

    Yeah the fault is always from players! Those cheaters putting money into the game and bending rules so they can profit even more! Where stays MA in all of this??? All I know it that there was an event going that I could only enjoy 50% because, as always, pure incompetence from Mindark. See...
  5. Fanan

    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    Got into gold mayhem this time, finished it using unL comb 6 and delta L amps (not even counting the mu or tt on these), result was 3k+ ped tt lost even selling the boxes it wasn't enough MU to cover the tt losses. From this and previous mayhem I have 8k+ tokens on storage, not sure what to do...
  6. Fanan

    redulite can be take again

    Free ammo given out??? I'm down more than 3k PED doing Gold (45/50k points atm) even after those rewards and after sell all my looted boxes, please explain to me how that is considerer free! I'm sure MA would extremely happy if everyone get these "free ammo" one more time...
  7. Fanan

    This is how hunting looks like currently in entropiauniverse for avg player.

    This mayhem loots are broken. System never compensate for anything. Doesn't matter if you lost 50 or 750 ped last night... the behave is always the same. Probably the most depressing mayhem i ever did. Definitely slowing the pace after this is finished. Markup of boxes and tokens is just a...
  8. Fanan

    Mindark's bad game design leads to physical injuries - Loot Boxes

    Best way is to open them through the Mindark website. Less clicks and faster animation. Yeah I did open 3k of them few weeks back and it can take you many hours but my mouse did hold on!
  9. Fanan

    Space is boring?

    Time is money, just buy a quad! ;) PS: Schedule daily warps are only 10ped.
  10. Fanan

    Wrong armor reward?

    Leave the given disciple armor on storage and send support ticket, they will change it.
  11. Fanan

    Uber: Been blessed~

    But not like yours! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: @Wasr Congratz
  12. Fanan

    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    Chat window size is now memorized when log off.
  13. Fanan

    Entropia Universe 17.13.0 Release Notes

    That's it? Where the Calypso release notes?
  14. Fanan

    Question: Why is AFK hunting bad? Assuming it does not interfere with another player's play.

    Maybe MA already implemented a way where players that are really paying attention and playing the game have an advantage return wise compared with those completely hunting AFK... It's called using a finisher and consequently increasing your DPP, simple as that. No?
  15. Fanan

    Achievement: I became a Force Merger

    Nice one! Congratz. :)
  16. Fanan

    Best MoFo Profession in 2022?

    Slow chips like Kinetic 9 is good because it can takes any of those new MF Mayhem amps and at tier 2 I was doing CP mobs very comfy. Yes they are slow and mob end up regening a little but that also means less decay per ammo spent on chip and amp compared with other faster chips, they end up...
  17. Pre VU 10 - around year 2008/09 (sitting position)

    Pre VU 10 - around year 2008/09 (sitting position)

  18. Fanan

    Selling: Selling HighTierRates Toy Snowballgun

    For sure it's was not trying to sell BUGGED weapons on the forum! Just hope MA see this thread and fix that useless gun on the next VU. Best of luck with the sale.
  19. Fanan

    Selling: Selling HighTierRates Toy Snowballgun

    I saw one yesterday in a shop for 500ped, wouldn't even pay 50 for one but GL with the sale!
  20. Fanan

    How expensive is this Mayhem for you?

    So everyone wins this Mayhem after valuate the tokens and boxes at unrealistic prices... I just ask who is losing then? no one right? :D