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  1. Mordrell

    Selling: Raw-505, Nemisis M, Golden key etc etc

    Raw-505 tt+4.5k - SOLD Nemisis Male tt+950 - Removed Gyro 2 Smuggler tt+300 - SOLD 3 x A104 tt+120 each - SOLD A102 tt+50 Fi/Ra/Co Beast tt+80 - SOLD 6b (set) tt+35 - SOLD 5b (set) tt+252 - SOLD 6a (set) tt+49 - SOLD Golden key components: Make me an offer for the lot - SOLD 1 Inner ring...
  2. Mordrell

    Buying: Golden Key Components

    We are currently buying all golden key components, looking especially for Gears, Bearings, Outer rings, Inner rings, Interface & housing. All other parts accepted too, price negotiable ingame regarding quantity and rarity. Contact any of us via the ingame registry for a fast easy trade...
  3. Mordrell

    Design a Banner competition

    Opening this competition to PCF as well: Show your create side and win great prizes
  4. Mordrell

    A clean legionare spawn ???

    I've been trying to find a good place to hunt legionare both for "walking the path" and legionare iron mission. Most places are too polluted with trooper or droka... does anyone know a good spot where I can find some legionare? I don't mind a few other type of bots but shooting through 10...
  5. Mordrell

    Uber: First solo Uber-hof ... finally :D

    Got this beauty from big Riptor, all items ... all L lol :( Should push me close to 100% tt returns moohaaahaaaa
  6. Mordrell

    Selling: Raw-505 tier 3,5 & adj 5b plates

    Adj 5b plates (3 available) tt+1,1k each Raw-505 tier 3.5 tt+6.5k I use this gun with devastating effect on scip, plongu , neconu, kingfisher & evicerator. Slow mobs like gen 1-10 miner bots and traesk stalkers are easily killed before they can reach you and at tier III the weapon crits...
  7. Mordrell

    Achievement: I'm mid level now :D

    Most of these unlocks were gained before the end of 2012, it was just combat sense that took a bit longer ;) And some of my good loots of last year ;) ... had some fun hitting these milestones Hopefully I can hit my target of lvl 60 hit/dmg and 170 hp by the end of 2013...
  8. Mordrell

    Buying: Hedok Mayhem

    Im looking to buy a hedok mayhem, if any winners want to sell send me a pm... if the price is right :D
  9. Mordrell

    Selling: Aquila M L (no harness)

    I'm selling this semi worn ;) aquila armor set... it carried me throughout my mayhem attempt. The harness didn't survive the journey however (started at les then 50% tt). Current tiers are all in the screenshot, and these armor parts can still provide great protection for a long time...
  10. Mordrell

    Selling: M & F Shopkeeper

    Selling 2 x shopkeeper pad (1 male & 1 female) Looking for tt+1,8k each Pm if interested plz Cheers Mord
  11. Mordrell

    My Avatar is Unique....

    My Avatar is unique... when I kill a mob its to scared to respawn :wise: -true story-
  12. Mordrell

    Are big molisk extinct?

    Tried everywhere to find some Raider-Leader size moli :scratch2: All the places are deserted... scavenger was biggest I could find:mad:
  13. Mordrell

    Selling: Tier II Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1

    I would like to sell this gun, I got it as part of a trade and I dont want to use ul old school weapons before I unlock comando at least. Remaining tiers: 125, 91, 102, 84, 76, 107, 98, 113 SB tt+2,5k BO tt+3k Auction will run for 1 week after SB is met, any last minute bidding extends...
  14. Mordrell

    Selling: SIR 20 & RAW-202 Ul sib sniper rifles

    Both of these guns looted on Arkadia earlier tonight and both for sale ;) SIR 20 SOLD Tier: 125, 97, 88, 98, 141, 147, 69, 71, 147, 145 (tt=77.3/140) RAW-202...
  15. Mordrell

    Discovery: Raw-404

    Looted this gun from an Otorugi Dominant last night... no discovery??? ... some kind of bug with them not showing up. If someone wants to update entropedia with he discovery feel free:D
  16. Mordrell

    Aldimon Bed Blueprint (L) 5 clicks

    Looted Aldimon bed blueprint (L) with 5 attempts ... there is no mu history on this bp... anyone have idea what its worth?
  17. Mordrell

    Buying: Male Limited Thunderbird parts

    Buying L M thunderbird parts Preferably not a high tt set as I will only be using it once, will pay above daily mu. I need to get a set before Saturdays WOF match so thread only viable untill then. Contact me by pm or ingame if intersted. Cheers Mord
  18. Mordrell

    Kirakiba Spawn

    I found a group of naturally spawning kirakiba quite a while ago but knew I needed a fapper to take them on, so today after my soc m8 Wes fapped me on a big Ituma run I took 100ped ammo and we hit the natural Kirakiba spawn to see what they can give. Almost everyone dropped loot of between...
  19. Mordrell

    Mining log ... meh

    Starting this log to keep track of my mining runs... using tier 1 finder 105 and I am gonna try to stay way from taxed LA's. TT spent: 21788.44 ped TT return: 20337.54 ped % tt-return: 93.34% Return total: +1056.76 ped Bombs dropped: - enmat : 994 - ore : 10136 - treasure : 494 Link to...
  20. Mordrell

    Question: Creature spawning system?

    I ran into a bery old in the swamp yesterday and noticed something strange after killing it. Imediately after looting it another bery old popped up in the same location as the first... after about 4 kills I started taking screenies: I then logged out because I had to pick my...
  21. Mordrell

    Achievement: Extraction Unlocked

    I was sweating puny mobs at swamp camp and dropping some bombs when I unexpectedly hit lvl 15 miner and unlocked extraction. I had no idea that this unlock was coming but its always nice to unlock a new skill;) Kinda makes all the peds I have lost on FOMA lately worth it.
  22. Mordrell

    F@#K Calypso

    I am done with this useless planet... left for Arkadia a while ago after seeing losses at every turn and no excitement only string of no loots. On Arkadia I get many globals and much better average return so much more excitement and bang for my buck. I have lost loads there as well but was fun...
  23. Mordrell

    Buying: Shop F.O.M.A

    I am looking to buy a shop on FOMA send me a pm if you are interested in selling.
  24. Mordrell

    Achievement: Mordrell is cool now :)

    Ive been stuck on lvl39 hit for a long time now and finally grinded my way to lvl 40 and unlocked coolness. Now I can stopping chasing levels for a while and concentrate on getting some nice loot;) PS... I need 400efd to buy the icon... :ahh: Thanx for donation Ron got my icon :)
  25. Mordrell

    Buying: M Thunderbird L parts, a104 amps

    any M thunderbird L parts, does not have to be full tt bought 2x a104 amps. bought PS. willing to pay relevant weekly MU I can only come online during the weekend so any trades will have to take place then.