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  1. fnalig

    Selling: 35 ESIs in a bulk

    Selling 35 ESIs in a bulk, total TT value 753.84. Asking 4600 PEDs. Send me a PM if intrested. 348 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.40 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 349 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 10.97 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 350 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.82 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 351 Empty Skill...
  2. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Give me TT + 650 Peds, and its yours. PM me if you are intrested.
  3. fnalig

    Uber: Kicked from my old soc a blessing ? :P

    Seems as MA likes me a hell of a lot more now after i got kicked from my old soc :silly2: So far it has been a blessing. Ive had very nice mining runs last week to, only one of 10 that didnt give profit :wtg: Prolly cause all thoose blue sentences with all the soapopera like dramas havent...
  4. fnalig

    Wasnt Neverdies planet "Planets" supposed to go Beta Oct. 22 ?

    Wasnt Neverdies planet "Planets" supposed to go Beta Oct. 22 ?:confused: Delayed as everything else ? Or just another rumour ? :rolleyes:
  5. fnalig

    Info: IF skills DID matter

    Ive been in this game for almost 4 years now, and ive heard both from MA and more experienced players that skills DO matters. But for a couple of reason i strongly daubt that. Im nowhere near to call my self an experienced crafter, but im at least lvl 15 attachament engineer and lvl 15 average...
  6. fnalig

    Question: Anyone tried this ?

    Im just curious if anyone with more money then brain ever tried to drop a bomb on the same spot every 5 minutes or so for with 1 K bombs or so, just to try to figure out the respawn time :silly2: ? I THINK i read such a post a few years back. Would be intresting to know the result of such test...
  7. fnalig

    Help: Nvidia g210

    Hiya all. Wanted to have any kind of input about this graphic card NVIDIA G210. Any of you use it ? Or at least anyone able to tell me if this will be at least good enough to play EU Cry ? Here is the specs of the whole puter. Sadly its in Swedish:( Processor Typ av processor AMD Athlon X2...
  8. fnalig

    Selling: Hermes shins male FULL TT

    Up for sale is my Hermes shins. I put them in to the auction just to show MU%. SB 750 = 681.82 % BO 900 = 818.18 % Only Full TT ones i ever seen being sold at auction went for over 1100 % Last September or October.
  9. fnalig

    All it would take

    As the title says. All it would take to at least make the playerbase in EU feel more comfortable with the game, and feel we are a PART of the game and not a milking cow. Would be to for MA to put one guy or girl in the seat to have a real communication with their customers, bring us updates and...
  10. fnalig

    Is EU down again ??

    Crashed like 20 mins agoo and couldnt logg back. Now i get the mess. all systems are online but when i try to logg in it says EU is down for maintainance ?? And when i try to go to their site i just get a blank white page :(
  11. fnalig

    Selling: Duchev logg No 6

    Found another Duchev logg in a storage container lol. No 6, if anyone needs that one PM an offer.
  12. fnalig

    Selling: Duchev loggs

    I have Duchev loggs 1,2,3,4 and 6 for sale. All sold. But Found another Logg Number 6 in my storage if anyone needs that one.
  13. fnalig

    Bee aware. Real Life Thorifoid on the loose.

    Be very careful next time you visit Sweden, you might run in to a Real life thorifoid and his clan of the new dancing mob "Tuppjuckers" :silly2:
  14. fnalig

    Another Nice "event" to devalue the value of our skills

    :( Apparantly MA thinks the value of our skills still is Overvalued :( Seems as it wasnt enough for them to devalue our skills with that 3 X skillgain Bot event. Where will it end ?
  15. fnalig

    Question: Hermes parts

    Im just curious if anyone looted ANY kind of Hermes parts last months. I looted some back in august or september and tried to put a whole set together for a while. But as ive been asking around since october among my friends it doesnt seem as ANYONE looted any Hermes parts at all latly. Did YOU ?
  16. fnalig

    Help: Entropia tools

    Ive been trying to calculate my avas total value with the help of Entropia tools for a while. The thing is it doesnt seem to be updated at all since october, so i feel i cant thrust the value i gotten that way. An example is that my Phantom parts and Omegaton 105 is STILL valued to twice the...
  17. fnalig

    Wtf is this ?

    Wonder if i just discovered the Bots teleporter down to Itacha fields :eek:
  18. fnalig

    Question: Should this even be POSSIBLE

    During this event i have wasted 2 Apises Full TT one Prosecutor M35 Full TT around 20 K ammo 4 my Bravo and at least 20 K ammo for my Karmakiller. Result ? ONE Global in one of the 2 teamhunts ive been in :( Should such INSANLY bad outcome even bee possible ?? :eek: Ok ive HAD bad loot periods...
  19. fnalig

    Question: Any miner found a POE event thingy yet ?

    Im just curious about this. Is quite obvious that both hunters and crafters found new items that most likely is the Trade for POE items. What about miners ? Any miner who found anything special yet ?
  20. fnalig

    Selling: Hermes shins Male (L) full TT

    Selling Hermes shins male (L) full TT SB 1000 Peds BO 1100
  21. fnalig

    Lost the bet

    Grattz 2 Mys son Kryddan who won our bet :) I didnt belive he would be able 2 Graduate in less then a week. But he proved me wrong :wtg: Gratts again Kryddan:tower:
  22. fnalig

    Uber: Whats up with me and argos ?

    After loosing every single pec from my last UBERS back in July mainly on hunting. Around 18 K :S Seems as MA wanted 2 give me a small consolation UBER. Went 2 my main Ironsuppliers at Nymph. Realized fast i 4 gotten 2 repair my 105, so was running back 2 Nymph when i ran in to this generous argo...
  23. fnalig

    Ma started 2 employ RETARDS ??

    Why do i put up such question ?` The thing is i was near the rigg mining like 30 mins agoo and what happens ? A fucken RX UNIT shows up DRAGGING a TON of fucken troxes as the worst dam noob :eek: And if THAT wasnt enough he starts 2 shoot me and KILLS me while im trying 2 defend myself against...
  24. fnalig

    Uber: 2 UBER Phasms in one hunt

    INSANE Good hunt 7 globals in total and first the REAL UBER, 5 mins later the nice ESI.:yay: Thx 2 my Mate Thor CBR who gave me the idea 2 pay them a visit 2 nite:D
  25. fnalig

    Weird thing in the desert

    Ran in 2 this weird smoking thing hanging in the air last nite while mining near spiders far east of twin. WTF is it ??? :eek: