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  1. patman

    Selling: Skills (BYOESI)

    Hi, as the title states, i'm selling the following skills: In order to get those, you will need to provide your own esi. Feel free to contact me with your offer. Cheers Patrick
  2. patman

    Uber: 4750ped Longtooth

    Yeah, first HoF in ages... And my best in Solo-Hunting so far =)
  3. patman

    Buying: Angel (M, UL) - Full Set

    Hi, looking for this beautiful Set :-) Please PM me with serious offers only! Cheers
  4. patman

    Selling: All of my Storage (TT=1220.65ped) Startbid TT+1

    Hey there, i'm selling my whole Storage and want you to start with a bid of tt+1. BO = 1500ped Auction will run until Saturday 00:00 Board-Time. Name Quantity Value Adaptive Fire Rate Component 25 7,5 Advanced Cloth Extractor 43 0,43 Advanced Electronic Fluid Memory 11 2,86 Advanced Gem...
  5. patman

    Selling: Outfit (Mastercoat, Shades, ...)

    Hi there, i'm selling my beloved and well over a year worn outfit. As it is Time for changes, i'm selling it as a bunch. The Outfit includes the following: - 1x Master Coat (M) Cornsilk/Fine Silk Texture (big part) and the two small ones are Dark Blue/Sopur Stone Texture (perfect fit with...
  6. patman

    Uber: Aurli Chaser

    Thought i could try out some bigger aurli now that they are more common in dome 4 :) Click to enlarge cheers
  7. patman

    Uber: Rutuba Trox

    Considering the full Female Rutuba Shoulders, which are a bit in the Background this one can be considered a small 1.2kish uber :) Click to enlarge cheers
  8. patman

    Uber: yet another Lifescanner HoF

    this one happened while doing some x-mas cleaning :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge cheers
  9. patman

    Achievement: Medicine!

    and here comes another unlock :) look, it's medicine: Click to enlarge
  10. patman

    Achievement: Finally Medium HP :)

    yay, my goal to reach medium hp before end of the year got reached today on cp... too bad this freakin' fraps won't make screenies when i rebooted the computer so i needed to log back on to take another one :( Click to enlarge cheers
  11. patman

    Selling: Full Jaguar (M) UL tt+1 Startbid!

    This is the last chance to get this wonderful pieces of armor. As i'm absent soon after christmas and i don't know when i come back it would be a cool present for x-mas to somebody else than me... The dollar is weak against the euro, so for u fellow europeans its a freakin bargain. I will have...
  12. patman

    Achievement: Avoidance

    yay, now let them unlocks come again :) Click to enlarge
  13. patman

    Loot window showing total tt in it

    What would be cooler than this feature to always see how much u looted without adding every stack/item to your calculator?
  14. patman

    Selling: Storage Cleanup

    hey there, if u find something u like, feel free to make an offer ;) 1 Advanced Cloth Extractor Materials : Texture 43 0.43 311.55% 1.34 STORAGE (Calypso) Yes 2 Advanced Electronic Fluid Memory Components 125 32.50 103.26% 33.56 STORAGE (Calypso) Yes 3 Advanced Gem Extractor Materials ...
  15. patman

    Selling: or Trading Full Jaguar (M) UL

    Hey There, this is not an auction with a fixed ending date, but i will sell when the price is right or i get an offer i can't refuse. BO: +18k Maybe i think of selling it for +17k too if the buyer is a fast one... Here are all Parts and the last Sales of them: Helmet: +4.1k Harness: +1.4k...
  16. patman

    Uber: just some urban pattern panties

    this one just paid for the next 2 hl14 :) Click to enlarge
  17. patman

    Achievement: Finally 70 Agility

    after long atrox hunts (and they don't give much agility as i belive) i finally got 70 Agility... and yay, only 3 more HP for medium :) :wtg: Click to enlarge
  18. patman

    Buying: 3x High tt to full tt hl15

    Hi there, i want to buy 3 high (>400ped) or full tt hl15 guns at mu of 190%. Please pm me! Cheers
  19. patman

    Help: Contacting danny lammeD van venrooy

    Hey there fellow Entropians... I just made a big mistake in Entropia Auction. I bet all my money on the PED-Card because i was a bit tired and didn't see that there isn't any BO on it. btw. i'm awake now... Can anyone please help me to contact danny... i even pay 1000% more than actual Market...
  20. patman

    Selling: Full Jaguar (M) UL

    This is not an auction with a fixed ending date, but i will sell when the price is right. Sb: +18k bo: +19k just shoot me a pm or post here in this thread. And keep it clean! -patrick
  21. patman

    Selling: 468.31ped of ESI

    Hey there, have a bunch of ESIs to sell. 157 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 64.13 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 158 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.97 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 159 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 17.59 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 160 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 14.53 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 161...
  22. patman

    Achievement: Wounding

    well, after hitting combat sense before wounding (at least one day :p) here it comes. Wounding Click to enlarge only 5 hp left to medium hp :wtg: greets
  23. patman

    Achievement: Combat Sense :)

    reached to the end of the double skill bonus one of my primary goals this year. Combat sense Click to enlarge next to come is Wounding and then Medium HP :wtg: cheers
  24. patman

    Selling: 191.xx ped ESI for 1337 ped

    Dear fellow entropians! I would like to sell a 191.xxPED Empty Skill Implant i found yesterday. I have more of them, but would really like to split with that one. The Price i'm asking for is 700% which would result in a price of 1337 PED. I'm sure the current price will rise after VU 10.1 is...
  25. patman

    Buying: Jaguar Helmet (M)

    as title tells, i'm looking for this beauty... if u have, please let me know how much u asking for it via pm... thx