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    Selling: Christmas ring 2017 (interested in summer 2016/2019)

    Selling Chritmas ring 2017 : SB 25.5K SB MET, auction end tonight 21 MA time BO 27K interested in trade including summer 2016 or 2019 pm
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    Selling: ur 100k+ mtoken + 2 rare tokens for my 100k+ mtoken + 4 rare tokens

    This selling thread is aiming for someone that is short in rare tokens to pick up an augmented or perfected weapons on token vendor Im aiming for a weapon that cost 2 rare tokens (but short in normal token so far) If you are aiming for a weapon that cost 3 or 4 rare tokens but u have only 2...
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    Selling: Unique Augmented Gorgon Harness F, vampiric green and blue cloak, mutated aurli bone piecex3, etc..

    HARNESS SOLD Also selling the 2 halloween vampiriks cloaks (15 of each in game) The cloaks are clothes and dont provide any buff Blue one : 1.8K Green: 4,5K 3x mutated aurli bone piece: 700 each Crazy amounts of gorgon armors (+50 for a full set) full set of serpent plates (+70)
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    Selling: Perfected Hedoc from Mayhem token vendor

    SB - 56K BO - 63K 1k bid increase / auction over 24h after SB met a 10K ped deposit will be asked before picking the item from mayhem token vendor
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    Selling: lp 100 mod, bp-130,lp 120 or any other item from mayhem token vendor

    Hi, WTS any item of the mayhem token vendor, LP 100 and above will be available AFTER Halloween mayhem Items under 104k token are available now The minimum bid considered is 0.8 ped per token needed for the item you need (means for an item needing 50000 tokens, minimum offer is 40000 ped). BO...
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    Selling: Mod 5B set, Mod Evil, VREX 2k SGA t 6.8, imp resto

    Hello, Selling a few junk :) - Mod 5b 7x = +20k SOLD - Mod Evil = +3.5K SOLD - VREX SGA t6.8 = +10K - Imp resto = +18K SOLD send me a pm if u wanna buy something!
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    Selling: Mayhem Tokens to purchase for futur item addition.

    As i have already been asked a few times, it is possible to purchase tokens from me at the rate of 0.9 ped per token, if you wanna bet on the addition of new items in the futur. The tokens purchased this way will remain in my storage (since they are not tradable) until you decide to pick up an...
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    Selling: Perfected Hedoc Mayhem, or other mayhem token vendor items

    Hi, WTS any item of the mayhem token vendor, up to 104 k tokens You can also make request for bigger item, that will be available after summer mayhem. The minimum bid considered is 0.8 ped per token needed for the item you need (means for an item needing 50000 tokens, minimum offer is 40000...
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    Selling: MOD 5b plates full set / Eon F

    full set of mod 5b 02/29 > price reduced 03/01>price reduced SB +19K /BO +21K Full Eon F (5 parts t1, 2 parts t0.9)SOLD
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    Selling: EON full set F

    7 parts! 5 parts t1,2 parts t0.9 SB tt+ 13K BO tt+14K auction end 24h after SB is met
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    Selling: rifle and laser weaponry technology skills (high amounts)

    skills already on chip, all amounts available (from 10 to 1000 tt chips) good prices pm me
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    Selling: DOA Foeripper Tier 10 !

    Class: Carbine Type: BLP Range: 19.8 meter Weight: 3 kg Stats Damage: 101 HP Attacks: 59 /min Reload: 1.0 seconds Damage/second: 99.3 HP Power: 1966.5 Economy Decay: 0.820 PEC Ammo: 2400 Cost: 24.820 PEC Total Uses: 24251 Cost/second: 24.41 PEC/sec Damage/PEC: 2.823 HP Efficiency: 53.3 % Damage...
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    Freedom of speech on pcf

    Yoo forum!! I m sad coz one of my friends have been a victim of a scammer on game and came here on pcf to report it We have always been free to report scam on pcf as long as we dont name the scammer. My friend indeed posted the name of the scammer, which leaded to his thread being erased...
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    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem BC-80 Augmented

    Just picked the last available A&P Series Mayhem BC-80 Augmented from token vendor Its now available and can be delivered instantly Item is now tier 2.9 SB: 83K BO: 95K >>now 90K Items of interest: supremacy F full set / laser sight mk 1 or 2 Now also accepting 95+ base dps guns at tier...
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    Selling: DOA Foeripper T10

    Selling this awesome BEAST ! 100 damage, 59shot minutes, 98.5 base dps feet perfect on BLP BETA amp (50 dmg) fully enhanced shoots 250 damage, 59shot !! SOLD[/COLOR] won a prize on almost all cat 9 mayhems since 1.5 years (was t9 for most of them) Also feets cat 8!
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    Selling: Augmented BC-80, aug LR-60,perf hedoc or other mayhem token trader items

    Hi, once again i'm selling an item from the Mayhem Token Trader Augmented LR-60 (only 1 left at token vendor): SB 62K - BO 68K Perfected Hedoc Mayhem: SB 62K BO 68K Augmented BC-80 : SB 80K BO 95K (last BC-80 left at token vendor, last chance to get one) Adjusted SB-90: SB 75K BO 85K Perfected...
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    Buying: Laser sight mk1 or 2, Supremacy F set (or similar)

    Pm me if u have any mentionned in thread armor of interest: Supremacy F DKOA F Shadow F
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    Selling: Perfected Hedoc or Lr-60 Augmented

    I collected enough tokens to buy one of these two price reduced/ my inbox was full last 8-10 days sorry i didnt got any message sent, you will have to send again SB: 62K BO: 65K Once a deal is concluded, you will have to pay 25% of the item value, then i will pick up the item from Mayhem Token...
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    Question: Mid/long term developement of Entropia Universe ?

    Dear Mindark Staff, Last years i saw a real lack of real content added into the Entropia universe Game is still living with very few active players, and i feel like nothing is done to make this change. Last events was boring as hell, and i m not talking about the trust of the players which is at...
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    Selling: ADJ 5b set

    SOLD thanks :-)
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    Buying: laser sight mk ii

    send me a pm with ur price, i need only the laser
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    Selling: Athenic ring Perfected

    BO 3500 only!
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    Selling: Skills on chip: Anatomy/Wounding/Kill strike/Rda/Mda/Shortblade

    Selling any size of chips, have small medium and high chips of every one of these Forum price: Anatomy 1050% !!! (10,50,100,250 tt chips available) Ranged damage assessement: 1100% Wounding 1050% !! Kill strike 1000%!! Melee damage assessment 1100% Shortblade 1300%
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    Selling: Perfected Hedoc Mayhem/ Augmented Mayhem BC-80 / Perfected BC 70/ LP-120 etc... mayhem trade items

    Hi, collected a nice bunch of mayhem token which allow me to offer for sale most of the mayhem trader items. Most interesting are A&P Series Mayhem BP-70 Perfected (90k tokens+2pm) 99.1 dps, 92,5% efficiency! BO 110K >> now 100K A&P Series Mayhem BC-80 Augmented (98ktokens+2pm) 103,7dps...
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    Selling: Summer ring 2018

    Selling this awesome beauty! left hand 25 % speed 75% regen 15% increased crit 1% focused blow 15% decrease crit auto loot! SB 18k BO 22K 24h after SB met