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  1. fnalig

    Game down?

    I crashed to Hades server. Says servers down still on my client.
  2. fnalig

    Selling: 35 ESIs in a bulk

    They are sold now :)
  3. fnalig

    Selling: 35 ESIs in a bulk

    Its just 596.7 % Not 600 :D Since theres a few ppls who actually needs a LOT of ESIs to chip out, and theres been a lot sold for over 600%, I think its fair. But anyones whos intrested feel free to come with a bid ;)
  4. fnalig

    Selling: 35 ESIs in a bulk

  5. fnalig

    Selling: 35 ESIs in a bulk

    Bump :silly2:
  6. fnalig


    Had 2 beacons in my storage when MA destroyed EU with the make me cry engine :(
  7. fnalig

    Selling: 35 ESIs in a bulk

    Selling 35 ESIs in a bulk, total TT value 753.84. Asking 4600 PEDs. Send me a PM if intrested. 348 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.40 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 349 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 10.97 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 350 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.82 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 351 Empty Skill...
  8. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Okies Someone gimme +650 for the amp then :)
  9. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    No takers :confused: Cant belive this 7 causes sold on auction for 700 + Peds and noone wants mine ?
  10. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    bump give me an offer
  11. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    NO one needs a Cause ? :confused:
  12. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Bump :D Still for sale.
  13. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Its still for sale ;)
  14. fnalig

    Ready Set Goooooo!

    Very nice initiative from you guys there. Wish i could have been there, but our internet was gone Thursday-Monday :( Must have been great fun for everyone involved. :wtg::yay:
  15. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Bump. No taker ?
  16. fnalig

    Selling: Selling Fi/Ra/Co Cause

    Give me TT + 650 Peds, and its yours. PM me if you are intrested.
  17. fnalig

    Vehicles Giveaway

    Thats what i was hoping for after reading Franks promise early in this thread to give handout vehicles later to day for other time zoones. But as far as i know NO Simon or Emma or anyone else from FPC has been out doing that since around 12.30 MA time :mad:
  18. fnalig

    Vehicles Giveaway

    Something weird happend to me more or less exactly 12.00 MA time. Emma the guide traded me a cool white beach buggy like car. But it didnt show up in my inventory :( So i relogged and relogged again and again, but the car was nowhere to be found. Support case sent. And Yes I DID compact my...
  19. fnalig

    ATH: welcomed heart attack!!

    Super UBER Grattz, Big achievment just to kill one of thoose with a P5 :eek: Did it take an hour to get him down ? :D
  20. fnalig

    Entropia Universe 11.0 Release Notes

    Get a goldcard and stop worry over that ;):D
  21. fnalig

    Balance my ass

    I think you should consider yourself LUCKY if you been breaking more or less even. Ive been playing for ove 4 years now am currently 200 K skills all natural. Ive had ONE Uber drop a 12 K argo in all thoose years. NEVER EVER looted anything special, nor armour or guns. Full TT Hermes shins isnt...
  22. fnalig

    The latest BUZZ!!

    To try to get an answer about ANYTHING from MA/FPC. From cashcard to planets etc etc. Feels like getting an answer from the old Russian gowerment pre glasnost :rolleyes:
  23. fnalig

    Currently getting Hack Attacked

    Same here Kaspersky :eek:
  24. fnalig

    Next Island open beta in 2-3weeks?

    Wont happen. Seems as the whole gang is former KGB officers. :rolleyes:
  25. fnalig

    Next Island Beta

    I bet they use the same PR/marketing department as MA :silly2::laugh: