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  1. Jennson

    Question: Q1 : Storytelling

    Videogames become a lot of fun by offering a good storytelling. Even in Entropia Universe we had some nice but shy steps into the direction (Hunt the Thing). Playing a good story well placed in the Universe. Scripted Cameras, More immersion than reading text boxes... could improve the gameplay...
  2. Jennson

    Info: Arkadia Underground Deed - ROI tracker

    Similiar to the CLD ROI tracker here i created an AUD tracker. I will update this thread each week with the daily figures that flew in the week and also the tracking spreadsheet. I will add comparisons and graphs later also. Click here to see the Spreadsheet Return on investment 04/2014 -...
  3. Jennson

    Help: AUD daily revenue

    Hi there, as we have a sheet for CLD revenue i am trying to compile a similar one for AUD returns. The problem is i miss some numbers. Jan 15th to Feb 24th are completely missing. Is someone able to provide these ? Beside this it seems i mixed up some more recent numbers from Feb 25th to today...
  4. Jennson

    Item crafting how i'd like to see it

    Hi everyone, once in a while i dream and have phantasies how i'd like to see something working in Entropia. Good thing is these dreams don'T need to consider feasability within the technical borders of the gameengine etc. One thing that should be better, more rewarding, and more customizable...
  5. Jennson

    Achievement: More than 5 years playing EU

    I almost forgot and missed it: I am more than five years in EU. I started my EU life end of March 2009, so actually i missed my anniversary. And much happened during that time in EU and in rl as well. As this is not an rl forum, but an EU forum i will keep it related to EU. The first months...
  6. Jennson

    Please remove Markup fetched from Entropiabay and PEAuction

    Hi there, as described in the headline. Entropiabay is not active anymore at all and there we only habe links leading to ads. Therefore it became impossible to check out the value it had once and makes 1.) The link to the site pointless 2. The value behind it pointless, because it can't be...
  7. Jennson

    Info: Jennson's Melee hunting log

    It has been a very long time since i wrote my last log and i became somewhat lazy in logging my results. So in order to keep me motivated to log more and also to analyze returns with my Melee setup i am going to create a hunting log again. There won't be many runs in the beginning, but i plan...
  8. Jennson

    Important Changes in EU by Year overview

    Lately it happens quite often that people come to me or or write in Newbie chat, that they stopped playing a while ago and recently came back, followed by the question ehat changed since then. So i though i compile a list which lists key features added since VU10. Disclaimer: The list of...
  9. Jennson

    Question: Reputation Power

    Hi everyone. Today i noticed, the reputation given and Reputation power infoboxes are back. I wondered how exactly reputation power is composed, i searched, but got no definite answer on this, just some collections of estimates. So factors that matter are usually longevity, post count own...
  10. Jennson

    Fifa world cup: Your impressions of the teams ?

    Hi there, after we saw now every team playing every team except Group H, what are your impressions of the teams ? A few comments on my personal ones: Brazil: Although the results are positive the performance was somewhat disappointing. That might have been due to high expectations, so let's see...
  11. Jennson

    Create low damage UL blp amps

    Hi there, there are several low level laser options that can be used with economic ul laser amps ( like A101, A102 ) while for BLP the UL Amps start at 15 damage and the Angst is not even very economical. However there are a lot of weapons that cannot utilize amps with such a high damage. I...
  12. Jennson

    Various UL SIB items

    Though i am not planning to sell my stuff i want to see how the general market climate is and what other people think about what it's worth at this point in time, so please give me your estimates and opinions. BR FAPs: Adjusted SK-20 SGA Tier 2 Hedoc Mayhem untiered Weapons: Hermann RAW-101...
  13. Jennson

    Buying: Project Zero-Three

    I'm offering 1 CLD + 2900 PED. Please PM me if you are selling BR
  14. Jennson

    Buying: SIR 10 or RAW 101

    Hi together, i'm interested in a Herman SIR or RAW. As i'm only looking for a tagger, a small one will do the job. SIR preferred. Offers via pm or in this thread please. Thanks in advance
  15. Jennson

    Info: Old HA vs New HA non SIB weapons

    It's been some months now, but especially from newcomers i often see questions popping up recently regarding the old HA and the new HA as they see a lot of guides and documentation explaining the old system. The formula was changed with VU 14 on 2013 Jan,22th. The old formula was simply hit...
  16. Jennson

    Buying: Ancient red scorpion

    Please pm me if you have one for sale, looking for one.
  17. Jennson

    My Avatar over the years

    As we have another avater makeover soon i thought it would be a good idea to take a few screenshots collect some old ones and put it together to show how the appearance developed over the years. Since i started in VU9 there are no really old avatar pics so we have to go from there i guess. I...
  18. Jennson

    Please raise the density of the Daikiba spawn between Icarus and Port Atlantis

    Hi there, i still remember the days back then in the old swamp camp ( the pre VU10 one ). It was so much fun to hunt there, mostly because of the great and dense Daiki spawn. Nowadays there are hardly any good Daiki spawns, because every spawn is so sparse. I tried to hunt there to finally...
  19. Jennson

    Why is it a bad thing ores wre ( almost ) taken away from certain mobs ?

    Why is it a bad thing ores were ( almost ) taken away from certain mobs ? Yes ( yet again ) i am writing about the recent changes on Drone and Argonaut loot and taken away the MU of those mobs. We have no official statment until now + a semi-official one via ingame pm from Kim towards a...
  20. Jennson

    Selling: Taking offer on various items / skills

    As the title says i'm taking offers on a few items and skills. Pure ped offers only please. Skills: Recent list of skills: Items: Weapons + Weapon Attachments ( UL only ): Breer P5a ( Tier 5 ) Bicak Kek ( Tier 1 ) Riker...
  21. Jennson

    FYI: Iron droprate on Argos seems broken / buggy / altered

    Just wanted to inform you that the iron droprate on Argos sees to have changed. I just returned less than 6 PED after a full Amp run on them. After killing many thousands of those buggers i can clearly say this is not normal. Has anyone else noticed a change ? Is this a bug, or a feature ...
  22. Jennson

    Info: Free Lift for newcomers - inteplanetary travellling for newcomers

    Hello folks, as we all know necomers like to explore our growing universe. Their problem is often that they get stuck in space or on planets with low population. So this thread has the purpose to collect people who are willing to give them a lift for free. Do you have a transportation service...
  23. Jennson

    Question: AMD FX-6100 or i5 2400

    Hello folks as i'm planning to buy a new PC since my found the way to hardware-heacen recently i was wondering if it is better to take an intel based ( around i5 2400 ) or amd ( fx 6100 ) based architecture. As my budget is limited i would prefer the amd based architecture. EU is pretty much the...
  24. Jennson

    Selling: Aurora Helmet (L) (M)

    Hello all, i'm selling a full TT(45 PEd ) Aurora Helmet (L). Well it's not a highend item, but a shame to throw into TT. SB / BO 104.4444% ( 47 PED to make it even ). Cheers
  25. Jennson

    Credit where credit is due ... again

    So some years passed since i joined EU. When i joined all was new and exciting, but the old timer were in a state of "long time nothing interesting happened state". Well i can't say this applies for me because some months after i joined the big shutdown came and we all waited eagerly for the...