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  1. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: skills below market value

    Serendipity,2915.46,General Handgun,5044.14,Combat Marksmanship,5799.57,Combat Ranged Damage Assessment,5562.08,Combat Rifle,823.78,Combat Weapons Handling,3083.90,Combat Anatomy,6348.44,Medical Diagnosis,739.81,Medical Animal Taming,159.60,Science Computer,562.22,Science...
  2. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: [Cbase Plastic Texture] [Paint Can (Silver)] [Paint Can (Burgundy)] [Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue)]

    I am selling [Cbase Plastic Texture] [Paint Can (Silver)] [Paint Can (Burgundy)] [Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue)]
  3. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Bullseye VIII (L) laser sight and Longreach IV (L) scope

    Hi, I am searching for Bullseye VIII (L) laser sight and Longreach IV (L) scope.
  4. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Omegaton Jungle Walkers (M)

    I am looking to buy a pair of Omegaton Jungle Walkers (M).
  5. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: [Cbase Robot Plastic]

    I am buying [Cbase Robot Plastic].
  6. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: BUYING Omegaton Jungle Walkers (M) / [Paint Can (Silver)]

    I want to buy Omegaton Jungle Walkers (M) / [Paint Can (Silver)].
  7. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Fluffy Bunny Ears (M) + Horns - Small Bull (M)

    BUYING Fluffy Bunny Ears (M) + Horns - Small Bull (M)
  8. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: [Ancient Daikiba Strong Pet] and & [Ancient Daikiba Pet]

    [Ancient Daikiba Strong Pet] & [Ancient Daikiba Pet] The information below is provided from entropiapets: 'Ancient' pets are creatures that could be tamed in the old taming system before August 2009. They still exist as pets but cannot be tamed in the wild anymore. They are considered as...
  9. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Level 13 Kitty

    Level 13 Kitty Starting bid, 60 PEDs Buyout bid, 120 PEDs Required level: 13, increased health: strenght 8 points buff can be applied.
  10. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Skills

    Courage,361.51,General Dexterity,582.54,General Aim,1050.20,Combat Handgun,287.37,Combat Marksmanship,5380.00,Combat Ranged Damage Assessment,5084.39,Combat Weapons Handling,4460.33,Combat Anatomy,0.00,Medical Mining,316.04,Mining BLP Weaponry Technology,5611.74,Construction Laser Weaponry...
  11. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: [Regeneration Chip VI]

    Buying [Regeneration Chip VI].
  12. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Urban Nomad Blue Briefs (M), Cbase Plastic Textures, Cbase Robot Plastic, Basic Plastic Extractor

    Buying Urban Nomad Blue Briefs (M), Cbase Plastic Textures, Cbase Robot Plastic, Basic Plastic Extractor :)
  13. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Mallic Boots (M,C)

    I am looking for Mallic Boots (M,C).
  14. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Improved EMT Kit Ek-2350; Gremlin, Polaris, Adjusted Pixie armor sets (M); Armor Plating Mark.5B x7

    Improved EMT Kit Ek-2350 +2860 PEDs Gremlin, Polaris (tt: 799.29), Adjusted Pixie armor sets (M) Armor Plating Mark.5B x7
  15. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Ranked FlameThrower tier 5.1

  16. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Ranked Combat Knife tier 5.7

    Offers including item trade will be considered.
  17. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Improved EMT kit Ek-2350

    I am willing to buy Improved EMT kit Ek-2350
  18. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Combat Mask Turkey (M)

    I want to buy Combat Mask Turkey (M)
  19. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: ESI (Empty Skill Implant) (L)

    Selling ESI (Empty Skill Implant) (L) tt:176.36
  20. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Adjusted Pixie (M) set>tier I, Armor Plating Mark.5B x7

    Selling: Adjusted Pixie (M) set: ====> tt+80 Tiers: harness 1.5 arm guards 1.5 shin guards 1.5 foot guards 1.3 helmet 1.3 thigh guards 1.2 glove 1.1 Armor Plating Mark.5B set ====> Sold
  21. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: I am selling out (This is not a rage quit)

    Nothing to see here, I have requested from MA to delete my account and my final withdraw from this game. Please stay on topic.
  22. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Manufacture Vehicle skill + Generic Fuse

    Buying Manufacture Vehicle skill (1400 skill points would be enough) + Generic Fuse
  23. Spin Rep Pitt

    Selling: Flower Boheme Pants (M,C)

    WTS Flower Boheme Pants (M,C). It has three segments and is coloured already with Brigadier+Cornsilk+Darksteel Blue. The item has no markup yet. I have seen only 1 more pair in a shop and it is tailored. Start bid: tt+260 Buyout bid: tt+390
  24. Spin Rep Pitt

    Buying: Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer Blueprints

    Buying Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer Blueprints.