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    How would you feel ?

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    BunkerThree Twitch Stream

    ok ok
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    BunkerThree Twitch Stream

    Sorry Sir but a 2 month subscriber can't even request a YouTube song without being VIP is BULLSHIT. Enjoy your stream life without me
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    FYI: LAG

    This morning was the worse lag I have ever seen. Shooting mobs and them freezing and unfreezing with half my life gone. Trying to ride in a land vehicle and stopping every 10 seconds due to some invisible force. I had one mob down to about 2 shots then there was a small lag spike and when it...
  5. Fortuona

    Live Auction Today- Final Item Catalogue

    Very nice event tonight. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for hosting it Alainax :)
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    Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

    Great video. Beautiful lady, Handsome guys and great content. Oh and for all the haters this is for you
  7. Fortuona

    The best of the best. One of my all time fav's

    Mind blown again
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    The best of the best. One of my all time fav's

    Thanks for the share. I have seen all of the Shin Lim's videos on America's got talent but this is the first time I saw this one. Simply amazing!
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    The best of the best. One of my all time fav's

  10. Fortuona

    How far will you succeed? It's all up to you

    play with volume turned up loud
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    Comment by 'Fortuona' in media 'March Ubers'

    very nice picture :)
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    Removal of Iron Challenges

    Awwe man come on bud. We got this so roll with it :) 10K puny, 10k daikiba yea been there done that. Once they add attributed all will balance out. I have viewed your post for a while, I know you love the game, just relax friend... change is change and we can all end up connecting on the same...
  13. Fortuona

    Face tattoos

    OK, Mind blown!!! BOOOM! I am trying to find a picture for one I might want you to make, I will PM you when I do.
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    Mindark, make us happy NOW!

    Fix certain waves like the Bull run to where if you kill all the mobs by yourself in all 5 waves, multiple people can't just pop up for the boss and split the boss profit after you solo the whole event. Happens every time I do it.
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    Achievement: Quickness unlocked

    Good job :)
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    Amazing girl your are :)

    Amazing girl your are :)
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    Interplanetary Boss waves round 5 - VU Edition!

    I did not even know adults were allowed so much fun. Thank you Bonnie, the Devs, and JBK you are awesome to as well as all of Titans of Space, I thank everybody who took part for so much fun in another great event!
  18. Fortuona

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Really love the song. The bass player is great! Here is my fav bass bass players Steve Harrison from the epic band Iron Maiden Just listen to it!!!
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Love this one
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    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    Sorry but I say no to rewarding people who expose cheaters.. Why you may ask? Cause player A gets his friend Player B who lives down the street to make an account and cheat, Player A reports him and get the "free" reward. If you love the game like I do then just report a cheater and be happy...
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    I'm not really to much of a country music fan but listen to the lyrics of this song, it's freaken awesome :)
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    You are invited

    I love this! I was hunting I think I hunted old fred with Meloveyou Longtime Fivedolla and had a lot of fun! Gratz and best of luck (in and out of game :) )
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    RIP Darkfall 2008 - 2012. My all time favorite full loot game!

    This was my all time MMO. Completely full loot. Game took over 2 years to max a very active player so it was no slouch in the grinding department. Also had some of the best PvP of all time! PvP video, remember it's full loot, if you die you lose all your stuff, weapons, armor, all items...