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    entropiawiki website

    YAY My eyes are back to normal now wiki is back working :)
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    entropiawiki website

    The whiteness is killing my eyes!! What happen to all the text? :cdevil:
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    Crafting is an abysmal trainwreck for the majority of the playerbase.

    Little timmy, a pre armature crafter thinking hes going to jump into making big boy toys with a 20 ped bank roll.... Did you pay for your high school and collage education to learn how to be a, say mechanical engineer with $2? No. Same thing in this game you will need to spend money for your...
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    How to play for free Video Guide (for new players) +100 PED Giveaway

    woohoo thanks for the trade :), looking forward to more videos :)
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    Globals on other planets off Claypso?

    Ah that makes sense then, thanks.
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    Globals on other planets off Claypso?

    Is globals not recorded for planets off Calypso? I have my app running and got 2 globals on cryene but is no where to be found on my website account. The app took a screen shot of the globals and the server console (coms) is running but im not seeing anything on the website. under my account...
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    Space Lootable or not Lootable?

    This lootable areas change was made how long ago but this text message still pops up for everyone and no one has complained? lol. Im sure some have but I have done much searching for an answer with not much luck. Like i said I have seen the map but its just worrisome still seeing that text...
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    Space Lootable or not Lootable?

    Ok I am very confused. When going to crystal palace or monria there is text that comes up mid screen that says LOOTABLE PVP but the icon on the compass is not lit up red (its still orange), pvp icon IS red. So my question is what is correct? Why is the game telling me its lootable when its not...
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    Ancient Greece Shares

    But we play for 2 weeks and depo $100 we deserve a 192,938 PED ATH swirly!!!
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    Help: EU only using about 33% GPU.

    Game is not very optimized and I highly doubt you will ever see 100% GPU or CPU on this ancient engine unless you run 10 year old hardware. I run a intel 9400F and 1660ti and use 33% on each @ max settings but I do cap at 60FPS.
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    Just a suggestion about posting

    Click Jump to new will take you to the bottom as well.
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    HoF: My First HoF!!

    Woo Rank 28! Started playing in 2016 but quit for 4 years and come back in May 2020 to check out all the new updates and after 2 months of casual hunting and mining I finally hit my first HoF!! That sound is AMAZING and made my heart just sink haha.
  13. Entropia 2020-07-24 23.29.38crop.jpg

    Entropia 2020-07-24 23.29.38crop.jpg

    My First HoF!!!
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    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    Night Mode!!! Nuff said!! :yay::yay::yay:
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Register: Dan FuRiouSOne Williams
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    Damage types Impact: 100 % Source:
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    Graphic issue whith Argo cave and some others caves

    TY this 90% fixed the lag issue. There is still some lag when facing mobs that are in rooms you cant see but not nearly as bad as with "locking ignores view" checked.