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    S> A204's

    have 2 A204 amps f/s still drenched in chomper sweat 11k a piece, no trades
  2. Z

    S> MOD Fap

    - offer via PM, dont bother with crap offers - NO trades, peds only. CURRENT BID : 300k ped
  3. Z

    S> Bulk skills

    PM with with what your looking for, bulk sales only Z.
  4. Z

    S> ML-45 , A204 Amps

    that is 1 ML-45, two A204's F/S PM me Z.
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    S> Full Shadow (f)

    taking offers atm, PM me Z.
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    S: Adj Cannon

    PM offer pls Z.
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    imp ep 21

    looking for imp ep 21, PMs pls:) Z.
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    The cost of unlocking Power Catalyst

    Saludos, I wanted to post some more detailed info as to the cost of unlocking Power Catalyst. Hopefully it will serve as a financial guide to those looking to unlock.. Skills at time of unlock : Pyche - 38.5 Biotropy - 1,982 Concentration - 980 Psychotropy - 1,266 First of all, I chose to...
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    BUYING: White Paint

    20 ped / can PMs pls :) zasha
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    BUYING: White paint

    Pls send PM with qty and asking price. ty zasha