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    Selling: Angel Helmet Improved (M)

    Looking to sell this helmet I looted yesterday from Eomon Stalker. I'm not sure of the current value and in game market data only shows +5k. Some items I'm interested in are EMT EK 2350 Modified, EMT EK 2600 Modified or a Level 70ish Laser Rifle. (I'm currently 79 Hit/74 Dam) Please feel...
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    Selling: E.L.M Weapons

    I have a few E.L.M. weapons I'm selling: 16 x [Emik S60 E.L.M Edition (L)] -- Total TT = 14.82 10 x [Chikara Oni-Roku E.L.M Edition (L)] -- Total TT = 9.63 20 x [Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-6 E.L.M Edition (L)] -- Total TT = 19.09 Krellor
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    Selling: RDI Amps

    Selling a few RDI Amps 12 x [RDI Energy Amplifier Alpha (L)] 2 x [RDI Binary Amplifier (L)] Krellor
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    Adjusted Evil Amp

    Hello all, I'm curious if any of these are available and what they might go for. Thanks, Krellor
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    Selling: Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator

    Want to sell this awesome mining tool. BO: 3.5k Only interested in PEDs
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    Buying: Isis LC-60 (L) or LC-55 (L)

    Looking to do a bulk buy of either of these guns. Up to 5k peds or so. PM me if you have some sitting in storage waiting to sell. Krellor
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    Selling: Full Adjusted Nemesis (M) Set

    Adjusted Nemesis (M) Full set T0.9-1.9 SB: 1700 PED BO: 2200 PED Auction will go 48 hours after SB received or until BO is achieved. Item will be sold to highest bidder at the end of 48 hours if BO is not met. Bid...
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    Selling: Full Liakon (M) Set

    Liakon (M) Full set T0.9 BO: SOLD Auction will go 48 hours after SB received or until BO is achieved. Item will be sold to highest bidder at the end of 48 hours if BO is not met. Bid increments of 50 PED please. Krellor
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    Selling: Esi - 328.55 tt

    Selling ESI - 328.55 ped TT Send offers please. Krellor
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    Selling: FFA Points

    Point Total: 17,314 Looking for around 8 pec/pt or 1385 ped. Krellor
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    Selling: WTS: Ranked Scorpion

    Looking to sell my Ranked Scorpion. It's currently at Tier 9.2. Last Tier: 73 SB: 12k CURRENT BID: 12k Auction will end 12/28/16 @ 20:57 GMT Bid increments of 100 ped only please. Krellor
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    Selling: Storage Clean Out

    Selling a few items. Send me a message if your are interested in anything: Item Quantity Price [Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-6 E.L.M Edition (L)] 19 500% [CalyTrek CR Soul MK.II E.L.M Edition (L)] 5 650% [RDI Energy Amplifier Alpha (L)] 74 17 ped each Feel free to make...
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    Selling: Level 32 Eudoracell - All buffs unlocked

    Looking to sell my speedster bunny. It's level 32 and has all 3 buffs unlocked: 20% Pet Focus increase 14% Acceleration 18% Acceleration BO: 3500 peds Motivated to make a trade deal for any of the following items: Mod Ares Ring Mod 2350 FAP Thanks, Krellor
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    Buying: Damage Enhancer I BP

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a Damage Enhancer I BP. QR doesn't matter. Send me a PM if you have an extra one you'd like to sell. Krellor
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    Selling: Eudoracell - Mythic Pet - Level 21 - 14% Speed Buff Unlocked

    Considering selling my bunny if I get the right offer. Mainly interested in Peds, but might consider Pistol/Rifle I can use. I'm at level 50 for both. Send me a PM if you are interested. Krellor
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    PC: Eudoracell - Mythic Pet - Level 21 - 14% speed buff unlocked

    Hi folks, Was just curious what this bunny is currently going for. I have one I may consider selling. Thanks for your input, Krellor
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    Selling: Genesis Dragon's Breath UL

    It's maxed at level 38 and awesome for SIB skilling Longblades. Currently Tier 6.0 SB: 10k BO: 12.5k Accepting PED/CLD/AUD or Item Trades. Items of interest: -- Imp Ares Ring -- Mod 2350 FAP -- Emik Enigma L2 + Dante -- Assassin R150 -- Calytrek Spirit Mk. I -- Kallous 7 Screenshot below...
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    Selling: Genesis Dragon's Breath UL - Tier 5.9

    Genesis Dragon's Breath UL - Updated to Tier 6.0 Selling this awesome sword. I enjoyed using it, but now it can be someone else's turn to gain some quick HP. SB: Offer BO: 14k Accepting PED/CLD/AUD and possibly even item trade. Items of interest: -- Shagadi Disintegration Sword -- Emik...
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    Selling: Philosopher Sword x 4

    I have 4 Philosopher Swords to sell. Looking for TT+110 each. The tiers are 1.5, 1.0, 0.9, and 1.2. Below are the tier rates for each one. PM me if interested.
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    Buying: Rutic Bett UL

    Looking for a Rutic Bett UL to continue skilling Longblades. I'm currently Level 27 and this sword seems to be at the range I need. Send me a PM if you have one to sell. Krellor
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    Buying: Liakon Thighs (M)

    Looking for a pair of Liakon Thighs (M). Let me know if you have a pair you're interested in selling. Krellor
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    Buying: UL Rutic Bett

    Looking for an Unlimited Rutic Bett Longblade. Please PM with offers. Thanks, Krellor
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    MAKO FAL-5 Smuggler

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if there are any of these available out there and what the current price might be for one. Thanks everyone! Krellor
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    Basic Electronic Fluid Memory

    Anyone know what mob drops this on a regular basis? I'm hunting on Calypso. Thanks, Krellor
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    Looking for a Mentor to complete my discipleship under the new system

    Hi folks, I think I read somewhere that if you completed your discipleship under the older system that it can be completed again under this new system. If that's the case I'd like to complete it and get my Adj. Pixie Set. I'm currently Level 39 Laser Pistoleer and Level 28 Prospecting. I...