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  1. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: Another way to sell vehicles...

    Yes, we have finally bought a store on planet X... it has cost a huge amount of peds, but we already own it... so now we buy some tables, some shelves of little value TT and we put our merchandise to sell. ... And now I want to put my krakas, my quad wing, my hoverpods... and I can't!!!! I need...
  2. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: Portable Stand

    We all want to sell... We all want to have a store... but not everyone has the economic power to have one, so... Why not a mobile store? Something like a stand that can be put on the ground like a vehicle and picked up... maybe it would be (L) with decay when putting it on the ground and/or...
  3. Dante Inferno

    Selling: Ascension Armor (M) Full Set + Gift

    SELL Full Set Ascension Armor... Is like have a 10% pill gain skill BLP/Laser/Blades/Brawler ALWAYS.... And 4 pieces are TIER 0.99, one is 0.75, one is 1.50 and another is 1.60. Ok... i gift the horns too... and the total price is..... TT+7500PEDS... Im now in Next Island, but i can go to...
  4. Dante Inferno

    FYI: Elique Display BUG

    When you try to put a second screen, even if you have points to spare, it indicates that you can't due to lack of points... or in my previous case, I was able to put 3 screens, but it seems that each one counts as more than one point, therefore Even if you have plenty of anchor points, it says...
  5. Dante Inferno

    Nobody talks about new Quad Wing?

    A few days ago, Quad-Wing Interceptor TEN-S was discovered by Avatar BRUNO BRUNEX MIGUEL and... nothing? nobody knows about stats? nodoby was surpresed by this discovery?... Well, if BRUNO or someone knows about it, can tell something about it?
  6. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: All Planet - Codex

    Is very simple: have MA any idea to put ALL PLANETS codex toguether? We can see what codex in what planet is more razonable for trip and do... Now, the planet Codex only is visible when we are in the planet...
  7. Dante Inferno

    the flight of the greats

    The constant flight of former members of the US community gives a lot to think about ... The last one is going to be Oleg, unless he thinks about it ... I did not know more than the last blows of the old EU, my first avatar was in 2015 I think I remember, and it accompanied me until 2018 or...
  8. Dante Inferno

    Question: Combat tokens?

    Would it be possible to have an updated list of the mobs, missions and waves that give combat tokens? Apart from the daikiba wave, are there more places?
  9. Dante Inferno

    New bug today?

    since the last VU this morning, my personal storage not maintain the object position in the loot partition... anyone has the same problem?
  10. Dante Inferno

    Achievement: my first apartment in the game

    It is not an uber, nor a hof nor a global nor anything, but I am so happy !!! It is the first apartment I buy in the game, and now I just hope I can furnish it to make it nice, so ... gifts and abandoned furniture are accepted ... any help is good ;)
  11. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: New: trust relationship

    It is something that has happened to me: my wife on one planet and I on another, and one needs money or things that the other person has in storage, but since they are not on that planet, they cannot give us. The solution is to sell something at the auction for the value of the money needed...
  12. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: Incomplete Codex

    Actualy the codex show info in the planet where you are... is possible show info from ALL planets where code ar implemented? So, i can see my codex progress in another planets and decide which planet and/or mission and/or mob is the best atm. TY
  13. Dante Inferno

    Achievement: LVL 15 Tailor - Fashion Design

    Thanks to the daily missions of Next Island, it is now easier to raise the skills of tailor and associates ... in a short time I managed to reach lvl 15 and unlock Fashion Design ... I feel like Galiano or Christian Dior, lol
  14. Dante Inferno

    My first discovery... in cyrene

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...... my first discovery.... a component for cyrene... Zorn compound A..... :yay: P.D. in homage to Avatar "Franki Fenix Amador"... in the past he never gain a discovery...
  15. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: Barbarella Z12 adjusted, improved and augmented

    Yes, as the title says ... Barbarella is a very popular weapon among novices and not so novices ... and could be the subject of a series of missions in the style of "Galactic Mission", in which the weapon will increase speed, damage, TT value or whatever. It could be by refining the weapon with...
  16. Dante Inferno

    Arkadia: Return of BLP ammo!!!

    I dont believe!!! 2 years later, i looted some "Rare Loot" :eyecrazy: YESSSSSSSS!!!! 2 peds BLP Ammo... is a "rare loot" :yup:, because from Loot 2.0, ammo was eliminated from loot...
  17. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: New weapons in the daily token trader...

    The daily token trader is an old trader... only pistol and rifles BLP and Laser, but... we need more new weapons!! MA, do you think something about new CDF Edition Attack Chips and new CDF Edition Blades? it would be a new ilusion for to do daily missions, so... think about it for a future VU...
  18. Dante Inferno

    Suggestion: New mission windows...

    Hey MA... maybe you´ll do it in the next VU...
  19. Dante Inferno

    How did you get to your current game level?

    I came to this game almost 4 years ago ... I fought, deposited, lost again and again, and finally, in an outburst of rage, I deleted my avatar after more than 3 years and a high level of play ... it was a avatar without luck ... Later I made another avatar, this one that I have now ... has a...
  20. Dante Inferno

    doubt with efficiency...

    I have a doubt: we already know that the efficiency of a weapon is obtained through a formula that relates the DPS and the DPP (I do not know what the formula is, I can not relate them correctly) ... And the fact of placing amplifiers / laser / etc? these additions also have efficiency...
  21. Dante Inferno

    How is Possible?

    Yesterday, Entropia Life says about an avatar called "Ginta Megija Niedra"... taked a rare Emik Enigma L4 UL Pistol... ok, well, Emik UL still exist!!! But "Ginta Megija Niedra" EL profile says no globals since 05-Jul-2015... wait, wait a minute!!! an avatar not plays since 3 years, come in and...