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  1. Mcshakerz

    Selling: Pennywise's first sell out break :)

    Well ladies and gentlemen, as the title says, it's time for me to part ways with EU for a little while. I have a lot of cool stuff for sale. and ofc, no item trades lol. If i know you in game, we might be able to work something out that helps both of us to make it cheaper for you. please feel...
  2. Mcshakerz

    Selling: Golem pristine (sold)

    Sold for 5k
  3. Mcshakerz

    Selling: T5 Improved Imperium (traded)

    Well, its time for me to part ways with my Imp imperium T5 set. Most pieces are ready to tier to 6. Everyone know how amazing this set is, so no reason to get into detail on it lol. BO 27k.
  4. Mcshakerz

    Selling: T5 Strong Claw plus Improved Trauma 6

    Well everyone, its time for me tAs you all know, I have been using the claws since August, and climbed the ladder starting with the weak claw. I have praised these claws from the start, and I still do. During easter Mayhem, I did gold because I knew I was going to be busy, and wouldn't have time...
  5. Mcshakerz

    Buying: WTB Christmas 2019 ring

    Title pretty much sums it up. If you do have one, and would be interested, please message me on PCF or in game. if you want pure ped, it would take me a little bit to sell my ring for it. hit me up so we can talk about it :D
  6. Mcshakerz

    Selling: (Sold)Selling Mod/Imp gorgon armor

    I'm still undecided on keeping or selling, so i'm mainly "looking for offers" atm. I have 4 Mod pieces ( 3 at T4.99 and 1 at 5.99), and the other 3 pieces are improved. I also have the 3 other pieces improved, so all you need to do is hunt down the mod fangs, and you will have a full set of mod...
  7. Mcshakerz

    Selling: Selling my T3.99 Weak Argo Claw combo

    Well folks, its time for me to upgrade to the strong claw. So im selling this amazing T3.99 Weak claw + Trauma 2 Fen combo. This combo balances out your hunts, while generating you tons of HP in the process. I absolutely fell in love with melee using this combo. Price is 30k for both pieces.
  8. Mcshakerz

    Selling: Selling my T10 M83 under current MU (Sold)

    I’m thinking about trading my M83. I have been getting pretty heavy into melee, and would like to see if anyone would like to trade their Strong claw for my T10 M83. Hit me up and maybe we can work something out 🤘🏻
  9. Mcshakerz

    Buying: Buying Weak argo claw + Trauma 2 fen

    I'm going on vacation August 7th for a week. When i get back, ill be ready to buy a weak argo claw and a trauma 2 fen. I really want to work on some melee, and i think this will be a great way to go about it. If you have one, or know anyone who might be selling, please feel free to pm me here or...
  10. Mcshakerz

    Selling: Trading my M83 Predator for a EWE LC-625 Gleamer

    I have a T9.9 M83 That I would like to trade for a T8+ Gleamer. Price of the guns are close in Value. If you have one for trade, maybe we can work something out.
  11. Mcshakerz

    Selling: Selling my 996.76 TT ESI (Sold)

    Looted a 996.76 ped ESI. Selling it for 20k
  12. Mcshakerz

    Buying: Gorgon fangs

    Im currently looking for Adj-mod fangs. Standard rate is 120 per adj, 250 per imp, and 450 per mod. i need 20 more adj, 12 more imp, and 6 more mod. Please feel free to message me in game anytime, and leave a PM if im off line. Thanks in advance
  13. Mcshakerz

    Buying: (Found one)Buying EMT Kit EK-2350 Mod

    Looking to buy a Mod 2350. Not really worried about the tier.
  14. Mcshakerz

    Buying: Buying a Halloween 2019 ring

    Hello. I'm looking to buy a Halloween 2019 ring. Please feel free to message me in game. my user name is Patrick Pennywise Mcshakerz. TIA <3