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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (F) Set

    hello, currently looking to Sell my EST armor. ( all parts are tier 1 or higher ) wiki TT value is 186,55 Ped. SB 2000% BO 2200% items of interest: ares augmented adjusted resto chip
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    Suggestion: private trades in entropia exchange

    hi, now that entropia exchange is getting slowly more deeds in them it seems that it could use an upgrade :). i understand MA wants a cut of the pie wenn stuff gets sold or bought. i'd like to see that you can make private trades to other players to semi trade directly to a person through the...
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    Achievement: finally a little less noob :)

    :yay::yay:;):cool: :dunce::dunce:
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    Selling: Protector Plating of the Sand King

    Selling : Protector Plating of the Sand King BO: 1500 ped item of interest : improved a105
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    Question: Romi's 1st question

    Are there been items in game for a long time that never have been lootet yet. ( and still able to loot ) i dont mean you added it last week.
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    favorite teleporters

    i was wondering today : why isnt there a favorites at the teleporters. there's a few locations i use frequently and it would be nice to have them on top of the teleporters list so dont need to scroll :ahh: . its nothing critical but would be nice to have :wise:
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    Selling: Herman SIR-30 Smuggler tier 7.6

    Hello i'm selling my Herman Sir-30 Smuggler tier 7.6. Really nice gun for ranged hunting and to use earth shock armor without getting hit. and with rings you really can kick some ass. Good mobs are Osseo prots caperon and such :) SB 12.5k BO 14.0K Accepting CLD AUD and Compet 1 with no...
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    Selling: some chips

    pm me if you find anything intersting :) Combustive Attack Nanochip V (L) 1 48,63 PED Corrosive Attack Nanochip I (L) 1 9 PED Corrosive Attack Nanochip I (L) 1 9 PED Corrosive Attack Nanochip I (L) 1 8,15 PED Corrosive Attack Nanochip V (L) 1 11,92 PED Corrosive Attack Nanochip V (L) 1 9,39...
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    Selling: trading CLDX for CLD + peds

    hello, i'm looking for trade up to 26 CLDX + ped for CLD. pm me if you're interested in a deal :)
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    Selling: Romi's summer sale

    going to clear out my storage abit. If you see something you like drop me a line :) Weapons: EWE LC-200 Scout (L) 1 182,7 PED EWE LC-200 Scout (L) 1 182,7 PED EWE LC-200 Scout (L) 1 166,82 PED EWE LC-200 Scout (L) 1 166,35 PED EWE LC-200 Scout (L) 1 154,27 PED EWE LC-200 Scout (L) 1 147,14...
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    Selling: Esi

    hi item has been sold End will be 7 days after SB is met. ( will be extented 24 hours if there's less then 24 left after the last bid ) pm me here or in game :) greetings Romi impi tinkels
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    Selling: D-class amps

    selling D-class amps @ 111.25% currently 13 on stock pm me here or in game Romi impi Tinkels
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    Selling: Cld

    hello, i'm selling 10 CLD , 1300 ped each. sold
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    borrow renting gun

    i'm looking to borrow or rent :) renting period minimum 1 week. looking for a ( SIB ) gun that is capable of 80 dps with enhancers and amp. :cool: SIB max lvl 55.
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    Selling: Isis HL 8 tier 5.2

    hello, I am selling my isis HL 8 tier 5.2 . TT is near minimum. SB / BO TT+7k ( CLD accepted as part of the deal ) ( other item trades are considered ) contact me here or in game Romi impi Tinkels
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    could you please give my weapon back

    hello unknown person, Yesterday 6 October, my nephew was playing in entropia on my account. he's only 6 years old. after i logged back in later that night i was shocked to see that one of my weapons was gone. apparently he dropped it on the ground and someone else had picked the gun up. Could...
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    lag while equiping weapon

    hi, not sure where to post this but my problem is this. Every time i equipe a weapon i get a lagspike same goes for when i try to get my vtol out. but when i equip one off my faps this lag doesnt happen... this is really irritating when hunting. and its since last patch i have this. Does...
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    Selling: Esi : 326.91 ped

    item has been sold
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    Romi's Hunting Service

    Romi's Hunting Service Currently i'm offering my skills as a hunter for people that need just abit more DPS ( or you want help getting iron / bronze mission done quicker ) or just dont have the time to hunt themselves. - I'm offering an honest Service - You can team with me even if i hunt...
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    Buying: Skills

    hi, I'm currently looking for some skills that i might be interested to buy: Manufacture Weapons : 8.70 ped TT Engineering : 11.50 ped TT pm me with offers
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    Selling: some L textrure BP's

    hi i've got some L texture BP's for sale. pm me if your interested in buying some or all :) Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0,32 PED Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0,51 PED Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0,54 PED Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0,92 PED...
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    Selling: Selling Dodge Skill

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a sale of my dodge skill. currently it has 3598 points . This should be around 45.36 ped TT value. I'm looking for serious offers pls currently no SB if i get a price that i think is fair i will say so. buyout will be 5500% ( just to keep people from asking...
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    Miners Be aware !!!

    The prices on Romi's Mining Mania have just been increased check it out !!
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    Romi Proudly presents mining mania !

    ROMI IMPI TINKELS proudly presents the first OLA 64 mining event :wtg::D What where when why ? What? In this event the person with the most globals and hofs will win te grand price, so polish your boots and equipment :) where? This event will be on OLA 64 For more information about...
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    Selling: Geotrek LP485 Apis (L) High Tier

    For sale Geotrek LP485 Apis (L) High Tier see below Full TT SB 135% - BO 145% auction is till sunday 25-4 19.00