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  1. Ace Flyster

    Price Check: Arkadia shop - Quarry

    Hi all, Was wondering what the current price is for one of these? Any thoughts? Rgds Ace
  2. Ace Flyster

    VR Experience

    Hey All Has anyone tried EU recently with a VR Headset. I potentially buying one and wanted to know peoples experience. When using VR in EU i will be happy still using the mouse and keyboard. Just wondered if there is any update to VR? Rgds Ace
  3. Ace Flyster

    Any way to see my own sales history

    This is probably a stupid question, but i am forever closing the sales notification, only wanting to go back to it to check something. Is there any way to see them after removing them from the notifications? Rgds Ace
  4. Ace Flyster

    Sticky notes in containers

    MA i wish i could put sticky notes in containers (a slimmed down version, so just a text box with very little border). I have boxes within boxes within boxes, and having some text next to a box/container would greatly help me navigate through the maze of boxes. Please, please, please Rgds Ace
  5. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Unlimited TerraMaster BPs

    As title says, looking for the following: TerraMaster 5 BP TerraMaster 6 BP TerraMaster 7 BP TerraMaster 8 BP Please PM me Rgds Ace
  6. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Unlimited Terra Amp Blueprints

    As the title says, buying the following unlimited BPs: Terra Amp Blueprint 5 Terra Amp Blueprint 6 Terra Amp Blueprint 8 Terra Amp Blueprint 9 Please PM me Rgds Ace
  7. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Propellant Booster Blueprint

    As the title says I am buying a Propellant Booster Blueprint, or the material propellant booster please PM me Rgds Ace
  8. Ace Flyster

    Market History Graph - older than a decade

    As title says, i would like the market history on items to have an option to display data from the beginning. I would find this very interesting. Rgds Ace
  9. Ace Flyster

    Suggestion: Change colours on tagged threads on PCF

    Hi 711 Any chance we/you can change colours. E.g.: Selling / Info and Buying tags on threads are similar colours, and i would love to be able to change 'Selling' tags as red as an example. They are all currently quite close and my eyesight ain't what it used to be. On the old forum they were...
  10. Ace Flyster

    L Bps not dropping?

    Hey all I haven't looted a single (L) bp since the update. Has anyone else? Rgds Ace
  11. Ace Flyster

    Shrapnel in near successes????

    From the VU notes, shrapnel is going to be included, in a future update, as part of near successes in crafting. I am wondering, why would they do this? If it is substantial, then residue will increase markedly, increaseing the cost and therfore price of crafted limited items, e.g. the...
  12. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Loughlin Masher One Unlimited

    As title says, please pm me Rgds Ace
  13. Ace Flyster

    Suggestion: use crafted components as ammo or probes

    Crafting is none existent. Apart from a few select items (amps, armatrix), there is mostly nothing worth while. What if some new (crafted) weapons used crafted components instead of ammo? Or some new (crafted) finders, use crafted components instead of probes? Obviously there would need to be...
  14. Ace Flyster

    Is the new camera system really like other games?

    So this is what MA have said, they changed everything to be like other games. So is it true? Do other games have cameras that snap back? Do other games have cameras that yoyo up and down when ever you interact with something? Do other games have auto fire that stops when you straf? Do other...
  15. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Dragon Face Guard BP and/or Dragon Gloves BP

    As the title says, please pm me. Rgd Ace
  16. Ace Flyster

    Selling: Resonation Amplifier BP (L) 1-4

    As the title says, i am selling limited resonation amplifier bps 1-4 Total tt: Resonation Amplifier 1 Blueprint (L) 10.06 PED Resonation Amplifier 2 Blueprint (L) 13.82 PED Resonation Amplifier 3 Blueprint (L) 6.81 PED Resonation Amplifier 4 Blueprint (L) 8.35 PED I will not be selling...
  17. Ace Flyster

    Why is MA and PP's allergic to advertising?

    Simple really. Why? Are they scared? The servers wont take the load? Put a big red mark on their backs with the gambling authorities? Why oh why MA don't you properly advertise the game? Rgds Ace
  18. Ace Flyster

    Estates/Farms does MA no longer care cause they have their money?

    Anyone know what is happening with the growing farms/estates. Are they used? Do end products have any use? Or has MA forgotten all about it, now they have all their money from selling them? Rgds Ace
  19. Ace Flyster

    Best Auction IDEA to stop mistakes

    Well, it might not be the best one. But i have an idea for a solution to the 'entire ped card' on open auctions, problem. Have an option - which can be anywhere, i would prefer option-controls - that is a tick box for 'Prevent bidding on open auctions' For someone like me i would love this...
  20. Ace Flyster

    Removal of Ammo from loot - discussion

    Hey all, Just wanted peoples thoughts on this. Removal of ammo (which is a large chuck of ped in loot) = huge increase in materials. Without a crafting overhaul, what's the point? Unless, the new stats on limited weapons, makes guns/gun amps worth craft again? Unless i am missing something...
  21. Ace Flyster

    The Idiocy of people

    People, No point in posting this in that other thread. As it will be locked when 711 wakes up, so here it is. I cannot believe anyone would play this game, if they truly believed MA were corrupt. Don't get me wrong, i think they can be stupid, and make silly decisions, ALOT, but corrupt...
  22. Ace Flyster

    ND - Jobs - Oh dear!

    'Office of the President of Virtual Reality Citizens of ROCKtropia are encouraged to work to save humanity by defending the economy from AI Bots. The President of Virtual Reality has set up a conscription program which will provide upward of 1 Billion Jobs paying a wage of $10 per month to...
  23. Ace Flyster

    Silver Canin lv 23

    All unlocks, including speed. Price for this? I am really struggling at what to sell mine at? Rgds Ace
  24. Ace Flyster

    Is it okay that people are paying for event prizes out of the loot pool?

    It is now well established that event prizes are paid out of the loot pool? (TT values) This is directly shown in the cld revenue drop the week after events. Is this okay? It feels like tax to me. If MA wanted to set a massive event prize (which we players have no control over) then we...
  25. Ace Flyster

    Selling: Silver Corinthian fully unlocked, (little help with price as well please)

    Hey all, I am selling my beloved pet as I don't utilise her (oooh eeeeer mrs) any more. She is lv 23, with everything unlocked, incluiding the acceleration boost. The problem is, i have no idea how much one is worth. Also i don't want this to drag on forever, please post or pm your offers...