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  1. hedaya

    I'm a hero :D

    have a look by yourself :yay:
  2. hedaya

    FYI: Fake AoW

    Fellow Entropians Just to let you know: there is a new soc around called "Art Of War" :rolleyes: Beware: it's not that AoW that won several LA during LG2009 :sniper: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  3. hedaya

    Jabberwocky & RX event?

    I just saw this message on public chat: Click to enlarge
  4. hedaya

    New intercept

    Click to enlarge Intercept: 4be52ab5b26be1 Intercept: b6d61da2c6f63e7b2ff62e0d3ac4e50c6c6f6ce5c3d0055ba58a6d05 Intercept: 4b3a4e5b6de1c4c88be81ac43c5a4fd5b5b40b2bf8d41b1bc7d805b4e67d3c4e6a4bfbf53fd42ce6e83ba8 Intercept...
  5. hedaya

    Scylla at Zychion

    here some a scan: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  6. hedaya

    Achievement: My first video & first hunt with Star

    I prouldy present my first EU video :cool: Using trial version of Fraps and other video stuff and not being a pro in making video I hope at least you like it. That video was made after I won Z-Games made by Star. It's great that you may choose between 550ped or a 400ped hunt with Star for...
  7. hedaya

    HoF: 12k OA101(L)

    Once again I got a nice HOF with my golden BP :laugh: Best thing is what my soc m8 wrote just right before I got it :D Click to enlarge For thouse who want to read my post about my 1 year experience of crafting OA101(L) have a look at...
  8. hedaya

    Achievement: Fashion Design

    After x thousands of crafted Mannell shoes I finally reached Fashion Design :yay: (now I'm at lvl15 tailor) Click to enlarge
  9. hedaya

    Achievement: 41k OA101(L) my 2nd ATH

    Back from vacation I started where I ended before.... bad runs on crafting. So I changed my location from Shinook to Sakura. Midnight was over and I felt tired because of the long homeward journey. Half an hour after I joined I was about to logoff when I suddenly I heard that strange sound...
  10. hedaya

    23k ATH OA-101(L)

    After I got last saturday I'm proud to announce you my very first ATH :woohoo: Well it's funny that the rank is my birth year :laugh: I'm still kinda shocked and speechless lol (#71 ATH, 23k ped)...
  11. hedaya

    8 HOF in a day

    It was last friday where I was crafting OA-101(L) without profit as usual. Then I saw in the global chat that Oki Teddy Doki got 11k HOF. Well I logged off because it was late already and I didn't want to lose more ped. Next morning I looked at the HOF list and saw that Oki Teddy Doki got 45min...
  12. hedaya

    I lost coords

    Just guess why I lost my coords on a soc hunt even I pressed P (P is my short cut for coords) Click to enlarge Please MA do something that it won't happen again (or at least no spam on chat) ;)
  13. hedaya

    Entropia Convention 01 Avatar

    I just saw an avatar called Entropia Convention 01 at Nate Valley. Does anyone have information about that avatar? Is it a tryout avatar for Entropia Convention visitors or is there an event ongoing? Click to enlarge
  14. hedaya

    Amicable People in EU

    Yesterday I paricipated in the Big Berry Event ( and I had a surprising experience. But first af all let me tell you the story from the beginning: I started hunting in that event and was more than...
  15. hedaya

    Merry Mayhem - Your Story

    This is the thread where you may tell your story and experience after taking part in Merry Mayhem Event. Here is mine: After MA announced that event I was quite excited and thought "how could I win that event?". Well I knew I had no chance cause I can't play 24/7 and I don't have friends to...
  16. hedaya

    New Log Screen - Do you like it?

    Just let me ask you if you like the log screen and what you think about it.