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  1. ramos

    Selling: Tuxedo (M)

    Selling Tuxedo (M) for tt+600
  2. ramos

    Selling: A101|A102|Fi/Ra/Co Beat

    Hello! Any position price of list below is negotiable. PM recommended. Item TT Markup (11.09.2020) Status Omegaton A101 0 270 SOLD Omegaton A102 0.07 100 SOLD Fi/Ra/Co Beast 3.67 130 SOLD
  3. ramos

    Selling: Male Armor/Plates/Amps/Weapons/FAP/Rings/Misc

    Hello! Decided to sell out some stuff. Any position price of list below is negotiable. PM recommended. Item TT Markup (06.09.2020) Status Omegaton A101 0 270 SOLD Omegaton A102 0.07 100 SOLD Fi/Ra/Co Beast 3.67 130 SOLD Aeglic Ring, Improved 10 60 SOLD...
  4. ramos

    Entropia Universe Improvements Ideas

    Hello MA! I'm CEO of an old societies Concord & Concord Academy founded in 2004. We are playing this game for kinda long time. I can remember the days, when Entropia Universe was a unique game with his gameplay and opportunities. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. We were counting (base...
  5. ramos

    Selling: Island Kong lvl 7

    Taking offers on island kong lvl 7
  6. ramos

    Buying: Land Areas on Calypso

    Hello. I am looking for land areas on Calypso. Interested in land areas up to 100k peds. If you are looking to sell one. Please PM me with information about LA. Frozen
  7. ramos

    MA blocking avatars without any real reason!

    Hello. Sometimes i think MindArk stucked in 20th century... My society mate was blocked without any reason few days ago. He was afk-hunting (just clicking TAB to make avatar run to another mobs) with autotool and didnt watched at hunt every second. Then he went afk, while auto tool was still...
  8. ramos

    Buying: Buying shop on caly

    Hello, looking for shop on caly. Not so expensive ones. If there are any offers on market? Please PM
  9. ramos

    Entropia Life missing globals

    I am playing on rocktropia. EL didnt add even one of my globals from last weeks. The website were always showing, that there are players currently online with tracker, but still they didnt add my last week globals. Seems they are having some troubles..
  10. ramos

    Selling: Selling big amount of pixie parts

    Hello. Got around 200 different pixie parts (M, F) Looking for a bulk sale to an trader, for half of markup PM me here or ingame
  11. ramos

    Help: Entropia doesnt run on Windows 10

    Hello! I have justed updated my windows 7 to windows 10. Now I cant log in. It is hovered on log in on Loading... screen. What could be the problem? Thanks!
  12. ramos

    Buying: Prototype 500 with high tiers

    Buying Prototype with high tiers. Paying from 400% to 500% - depends on tier rates.
  13. ramos

    Buying: 5K FFA stars

    Hello! Looking for 5k ffa stars. Paying 0.2 ped per point pm me here or ingame (General Frozen Death).
  14. ramos

    Buying: 10k ffa stars for 2000 ped (0.20 per point)

    Hello, buying 10k ffa stars. (0.20 per point)
  15. ramos

    Buying: DetPil V-Rex 2000 (L)

    Looking for a DetPil V-Rex 2000 (L). Pm me price.
  16. ramos

    Buying: Explosive weaponary skills

    Buying explosives weaponary skills. Pm me in game (General Frozen Death) or here
  17. ramos

    Failed to update EU

    Hello, The client loader is trying to update today's release, but getting the next error: Failed to update EU. An error occured. Please try again later. What could be the reason?
  18. ramos

    Concord is looking for active members.

    Hello! Our society, Concord is looking for new active members! It has been created very long time ago, in 2004. Unfortunately most of olschool players are inactive in these days, but still few of us are very active. Player's average level 40-60 (We see us as average entropia players). We like...
  19. ramos

    Connection lost to Entropia Universe.

    Hello, I'm having troubles with login. It have already been third day, since im getting Error "Connection Lost to Entropia Universe... etc" No troubles with internet. Somebody had this before?
  20. ramos

    Attention! Scammer!

    -- deleted thread -- got the peds back
  21. ramos

    Own society ranks

    This game is 13 years old, but still there is not an opportunity to create own society ranks. I dont think, it is very hard to do. If there would be such an opportunity, my ranks would be: 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Event Manager 4. Attraction Manager and many many other ranks...
  22. ramos

    Top oldest societies

    Hello, i would like to create the top oldest societies. Requirments: Creation date - Society must be created in 2010 or earlier. Activity - Society is considered active, if any member had global/hof in last month. Please write any members Entropia Life account, to check the activity of...
  23. ramos

    Buying: Dante

    looking for dante, pm me with prices
  24. ramos

    Please develop some new fashion clothes

    Hello Dear Developers and friends! Entropia needs some new clothes to be more interesting. I would like ver much to see things in ths style. Ofcourse some real mens clothes Some oxford soes too as well I'm wearing clothes in ths style myself, and i would like my avatar to be on same...
  25. ramos

    A favor to Planet Calypso forum developers

    Hello PCF developers, I would like to ask you, can you please replace value attribute with placeholder in login input? Its quite not cool, to delete "User Name" everytime. If i created the topic in wrong forum, please move it. Thanks