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    Selling: LP-70 FEN T8.29 + HC 204/ Arson FEN T3.99 / Eon F T 2.99 / Xmas+Hallow 2018 rings

    :cool::cool::cool: :p:p:p:cool::cool::cool:
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    Selling: LP-70 FEN T8.29 + HC 204/ Arson FEN T3.99 / Eon F T 2.99 / Xmas+Hallow 2018 rings

    I don't macro if I did I wouldn't be bored playing, infact the macro meta is part of the reason I wish to stop playing as I think it's bullshit but the fact remains I can cycle over 20k a day with my style so macro can do much more than me.
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    Selling: LP-70 FEN T8.29 + HC 204/ Arson FEN T3.99 / Eon F T 2.99 / Xmas+Hallow 2018 rings

    Have been kinda bored and burnt out from playing the game for the last month or so and so looking to lower the amount I have invested. Can't justify such gear when I barely get around to playing more than a few days a month. Maybe migration changes it who knows in the mean time the gear is...
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    FYI: Mayhem Events Update

    Obviously (I hope) future events aren't gonna be in taxed zones this was simply a quick test event as they stated that killed two birds with one stone (cp deed holders were promised CP event(s?). I think it was a good excuse to gamble up there for a weekend given their rare loot table is pretty...
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    Add Earth Shock Trooper armor to the vendor again

    Gotta know things ;););)
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    This event is literally just add two items to the lootpool of a mob and they couldn't even do that :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    Well I mean people were pointing out they promised CP events and never delivered and now they kinda did. I think it's probably not the best event structure for such a place and yeh KS and spawns gonna be rough (maybe they will make them shared loot :ROFLMAO: ) but I guess expecting them to...
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    FYI: Ares ring Perfected @ 3800p

    The thing with this game is when you 'invest' in something you should imagine a scenario where the second you buy it, it becomes TT food and consider if you would still buy it and at the price you're paying. The way you can have success with expensive gear is by using it (eg a setup that gets...
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    FYI: Ares ring Perfected @ 3800p

    Thing with ares perf specifically is people that understand the power of rings will invest more to min/max and cap key buffs so have no need for it and people who see the free dps/dpp as not free/ or overpriced not worth or w/e would rather buy either no ring or some very low cost ring so it...
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    News: Marcimex Unrest

    Well on the plus side I don't have to do the stupid mind reaver bridge when I want to hunt marcimex, so there's that.
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    Question: The Pros and Cons of turning ALL Unlimited items in game to (L)imited

    I think looking back UL was a mistake if all top 2.0 guns were instead L weapons that functioned the same as the daily trader guns in terms of ammo/decay but lasted much longer, perhaps 3-6 months of constant shooting (more with extender) that would be better for the economy and most players...
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    Eomon Migration 2022

    They should spawn in an instance called eomon depths, it should be flat with no targetable terrain and it should not reset or kick the user until the end of migration. For every hour an avatar spends in there they should recieve 100 mtokens, avatars that manage to stay 'actively' hunting (at...
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    Is 'botting' responsible for the rapid item price increase

    Items as in gear or loot? If you mean loot then yes, at least partially. It's also just a supply/demand issue there is much more loot being looted than before due to the macro mary's but even most of the legit grinders are 2.0 or at least UL setups (in non event times anyway, as 24/7 grinding...
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    This is how mindark is taking all yours money on mayhem hunts.

    is 93% not close to expectation on robots? Certainly within a couple of % id imagine. What is your robot looter?
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    Question: High multis

    Highest multi during mayhem was a single150x , 2nd highest 50x, no 4 digit hof since FFA mayhem, i'm not the biggest player and I don't afk hunt 22 hours a day but I can cycle 15-20k in a single day if i'm in the mood. TT returns pretty stable even during this period, less than 2% below expected...
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    Help: Should Rare Tokens be This Hard to Get?

    Well it's tough to answer, no rare tokens myself and know many people with much worse skill and gear + less ped cycled that have multiple but on the flip side as you know box opening at these prices is basically break even with rings and pills if you can get rid of them and it's trivial to cycle...
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    This is how hunting looks like currently in entropiauniverse for avg player.

    TT will always be at a loss the more you play the more you lose to TT it should never be your focus. Get your looter as high as you can and efficiency as high as you can and after that TT is nothing, because it's fixed by those two inputs and will over enough time trend towards them. This mayhem...
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    Info: Poll: How Many Rare Tokens Have You Looted?

    Sure i can do that I looted 0 from boxes, 0 from mobs and 0 from FFA prizes
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    Entropia Universe 17.14.0 Release Notes

    I still like ark and I do kind of sympathize in some ways, they came back with new goldrush instance after MA had caused problems with previous ones (took years to give prizes out lol) and once again MA screwed up the scoring and made a total mess of it, doesn't exactly encourage you to push...
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    Market manipulation with welding wire this week?

    Damn bro good job cracking that welding wire price manipulation ring.
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    Easter Mayhem 2022

    Bruh we all got rings already no one cares about that, i'm all about those warlock back spikes baby! But stage 20 defence is such a pain in the butt when youre a noob like me
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    Entropia Universe 17.14.0 Release Notes

    Well there has been a bug for ages where if you have a pet for with for example the autoloot buff active and enter an instance you keep the buff after you unsummon the pet, people been (ab)using it as long i can remember guess they finally fixed it.
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    Question: Lotus armor?

    Lmao obviously not intended, having faith in payout mechanic what does that even mean? You expect to loot two full set (-1) in a single instance just becuase you cycled a bunch in there last month when the parts weren't dropping? :ROFLMAO: err edit: I guess that's exactly what you mean after...
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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Oh baby what mob are you gonna spawn outside fort ithica this time?