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  1. Mimi Charles

    Hiring: Events Assistant

    i wish you luck Oleg :) (good luck)
  2. Mimi Charles


    "SV: UTT On OL65"? pfft. that's a losing name if ever i heard one. I would have been kinda sad to not be a "daki bum" hehe, but i'm not too fussed about not being able to be an "utt on ola65." :p
  3. Mimi Charles


    i hope we can get 2 SV teams going :)
  4. Daki.63ped.12.6.09


  5. Daki.182ped.12.5.09


  6. Mimi Charles

    10.4 Loading Failed

    thanks for this, wizzszz!
  7. Mimi Charles

    10.4 Loading Failed

  8. Mimi Charles

    10.4 Loading Failed

    i tried the verification data thingy that Wody suggested. i have 2 bad files. bin32\stlport.5.1.dll data\client\territories\calypsosystem\Terrain0.pak going to try...
  9. Mimi Charles

    10.4 Loading Failed

    thx, but no it doesn't. :( yes i already went there and did that but still had the same problem with the 10.4 update part at the end. and i am still getting the same error message as when i started. as the problem seems to be with just this latest update, i was hoping there is a better...
  10. Mimi Charles

    10.4 Loading Failed

    i don't want to keep reinstalling the whole game. can someone tell me how to uninstall/reinstall just the patch?
  11. Mimi Charles

    10.4 Loading Failed

    i uninstalled EU. i reinstalled EU. still getting the same damn error message when i try to log in. (then if i try a second time, it says my ava is already logged in. then back to the corrupted files error message.) help.
  12. Mimi Charles


    Yeah, maybe THIS will be the week that happens!
  13. Mimi Charles

    Info: VU10.0 Creature Chart

    Area #16 - Exarosaur Guardian // Bristlehog // Daikiba Prowler - Stalker (East) // Scaboreas // OLA65 is in area #16. As well as big Dakiba DNA, this land has Bery Stalkers. (Also, mobs that naturally occur on the land area are a scattering of trilomite, exo, hiryuu, and an occasional...
  14. Mimi Charles

    Bonesy Boo!

    Bonesy Boo!
  15. Mimi Charles

    Supersize me @ ola 65

    not that low, but I'll kick off the new week... 81 ped is the mark to... beat? miss? whatever. be lower than!
  16. Bery81ped


  17. Mimi Charles

    Supersize me @ ola 65

    can't beat GradenFoss for lowest global this week. He already got a 50 pedder, so I won't post my global. Dakiba loot was good today, I'll be back tommorow. Just wish stupid tps worked! GK, what day is when you end each week for the "lowest global" prize? Just midnight Saturday MA time?
  18. Mimi Charles

    Floating Teleporters and Outposts

    as of today, I have 66 tps that work and 2 that don't. Miwak is still in the air, and Oyster Isle still gives me a red message saying "area not available" when I try to tp in. However, it will let me tp out from Oyster.
  19. Mimi Charles

    The First Annual Skillin’ Villains Haunted Castle

    meow meow mimi-yow:vampire:
  20. Mimi Charles

    Patcher Crash

    same problem. the suggestion to ""Open ur Entropia folder , and run Update_10.1.0.32302- file." was also helpful to me, but not perfect.
  21. Mimi Charles

    Your last Screenshots before VU10

    Hades C, Blue bridge, 30 secs...
  22. Last Minute

    Last Minute

  23. Mimi Charles

    SV only: Walk against Want

    i guess we are "not friendly" because we told you the event was just for soc members. sorry, but... the event is just for soc members :D