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  1. wildenberg

    Selling: EON Helmet UL (F)

    Looted this fine piece of armor from a Drone Coordinator earlier this year. PM me if you're interested.
  2. wildenberg

    Selling: RX Optac x1 Harness (M)

    SB for this excellent piece of armor is PED 10k. PM me for serious bids. Specs: Bidding period ends 04.25.2013 at 17.00 MA time
  3. wildenberg

    Help: VU 10.0 install problem

    Configuration: Processor Intel Q6600 / GC Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB / Memory 2GB OZC Reaper PC6400 / HD 500 GB (in healthy state). Dualboot Windows XP / Windows 7 1. Installation under Windows 7: Downloaded the 6 installation files from MA's website. Run setup (as administrator). Installation...