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  1. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: Incision Plates Modified x7 Full Set - Sold For Buy-Out

    SOLD FOR Buy-Out
  2. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: Trade for BP-110, Improved or BP-130

    I am looking to trade my T10 Mod Merc SGA and Hyper A204 towards and BP-110, Improved or a BP-130. Depending on the tier we can discuss ped from by side! Thanks!
  3. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: Looking to Downgrade Your High End Armor to Free Up Ped? (See inside!)

    Hey Everyone! I am looking to move up a bit in armor protection. I want to trade my Full Set of M Sand Stormer T3.99 + Ped for a full male set of higher protection armor. (The Ped value I offer on top of the Sand Stormer will vary base on set and tier) I am interested in Supremacy, Angel...
  4. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: WTB Apocalypse (F) parts from NI event Prizes

    I am going to attempt to put together the Female Apocalypse set that was issued piece by piece as prizes for the NI supply cache event. Since the parts never drop on planet, I figured this will be the only way for someone to get the set together and actually get use out of it… I am not going to...
  5. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: WTS - T10 Mod Merc, SGA (125k) & T3.99 Sand Stormer (M) - 2.0 Trade Offer Inside!

    Hello Everyone, The T10 Mod Merc, SGA is back for sale. I am still looking to adjust my build. T10 Mod Merc, SGA - TT + 125k Full Set Sand Stormer (M) T3.99 - TT + 65k Also willing to package the T6 Marber BGH with the mod merc and sand stormer for a high tier 2.0 weapon. (Lp-100 mod, BP-110...
  6. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: No Longer For Sale

    Close Please.
  7. n1ghtmare1

    Moloch Meds! Get Your Pills on Next Island Here! @ Troy TP Ancient Greece first shop on the Left!

    Hello Everyone, Due to the sales to this point, I have switched this shop over to a Pills shop for Next Island & Ancient Greece. Head over to the Troy TP in Ancient Greece where the Moloch Depths are located and I have the first shop on the Left! Find Hyper, Deva, Accu, Nutri, Medi, and...
  8. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: WTS - Finders - Ziplex P85 (L) & Ziplex P160 (L) ALL SOLD

    Good Morning Everyone, As the title says, I am looking to sell some Full TT value Ziplex finders. These are the finders that use more probes/universal ammo to make mining claims much larger. Ziplex P85 (L) - SOLD Ziplex P160 (L) - Sold PM here for the fastest response. Thanks :)
  9. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: 6x Full TT - Breer H31a (L)

    As the title says I need 6 of the above mentioned guns. PM me here or in game! Thanks!
  10. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: Unique Improved MANTA Tier 6.99 (SOLD)

    As the post says I am looking to sell my Improved MANTA and go for something with a bit more DPS at my skill level. This is the only Improved MANTA in the game. Perfect for skilling up to Messi's blade he will surly sell once he gets the Nano Longblade :) Sold! Willing to hear offers of ped...
  11. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: Buying Melee Trauma Amplifier 6, Improved

    Looking to buy a Melee Trauma Amplifier 6, Improved. Please PM me here or in game. Thanks, N1ghtmare1
  12. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: All Items have sold Please Close Thread

    I have decided to sell most of my stuff to pursue some real-world real estate opportunities in the near future. Since I will not be in-game much in the future, other than to craft a bit, I am looking for PED ONLY offers. I have the right to cancel any sale at any time. 72-hour auction timer will...
  13. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: SOLD Genesis Sulfury (Tier 8.69)

    Looking to offload my Tier 8.69 Genesis Sulfury. This is it's Level Requirement and Damage with 8 Damage Enhancers. The Sword can use any melee amp all the way up to a Melee Trauma Amp 10, Fen Edition. Couple that with a Mayhem Amp for life steal, and you almost never have to heal with the...
  14. n1ghtmare1

    Modified Imperium Missions are not coming back ?? No more sets will be made...

    “Due to a configuration issue, it was possible to complete the Imperium Armor upgrade missions much more easily than intended, which resulted in vastly more sets of upgraded armor sets being acquired than warranted. Unfortunately, this situation requires that these missions be disabled until...
  15. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: Modified Imperium Armor Set (M) 20% Evade & 20% Crit Damage Buffs

    No longer for sale!!! The Stats are as follows: This includes 5B armor Plating Yes, that is 20% increased evade and 20% Increased Critical Damage! (Right now it is 20% dodge but that will be corrected to 20% evade on Tuesdays VU) No Longer For Sale!!! Thanks :)
  16. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: WTS T10 CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 2 TEN Edition One of CAT 4 Mayhem's Top Gun

    I am looking to sell this CAT 4 Mayhem Beast of a gun! I will be upgrading again to the next CAT and would like to sell it quickly. SOLD I can also include the Dante with it for TT+850 if needed. It is the AMP that fits this gun the best. Message me here or in-game John N1ghtmare1 Ridinger...
  17. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: WTB - Ozpyn HK S1X1 T 4-9

    Message me here or PM me ingame price!!
  18. n1ghtmare1

    Buying: Ranked HK1750

    Looking for a Ranked HK1750!! PM me if you are looking to sell!
  19. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: Isis Project Zero-Three Tier 5.7

    Selling Isis Project Zero-Three Tier 5.7 TT+5.7k!! PM me if interested!
  20. n1ghtmare1

    Selling: Isis Project Zero-Three Tier 5.7

    Selling Isis Project Zero-Three Tier 5.7 PRICE REDUCED!!! TT+5.5k PM me if your interested! Or message me in game! John n1ghtmare1 Ridinger