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  1. horus1121

    Selling: SOLD UL arcticus armor parts

    Defensive stats are identical to L variants. Arcticus Harness (M) (dur:2800, TIR: 82/200, fresh discovery): SOLD Arcticus shin guards (F) (dur:2800 , TIR: 112/200 ): SOLD
  2. horus1121

    Selling: WTS my LR-40 FEN tier 7.99

    Back for sale! BO: +79000 Items of interest: auto loot ring/ seasonal ring combo, BP-20 FEN, Weak argo claw, Imp FAP, mod FAP, 0x0, lvl5 UL amp, LP-40 perf. Or Open for offers!
  3. horus1121

    Selling: SOLD ISIS lr32 - Modified t9

    Selling my tier 9 Isis lr 32 modified, which has outstanding dps (29 wiki), 60,2% base efficiency, and maxed as low as lvl 20. The gun can use most UL laser amps, i use it with a106, as thats one of the most cost effective for dmg boost. Some stats to show off its amazing potential: Please...
  4. horus1121

    Selling: SOLD - Shop on Next Island - Serpentine Village

    SOLD Has 150 item points indoor, + 24 in display and additional ares making it a total of 174 IP. The Estate area if pretty large, so there are places for all kinds of decorations, signs and furniture inside and outside aswell. Once a starting bid is received, ill open bids for 3 days...
  5. horus1121

    Selling: F-106 Finder T2 - SOLD

    Selling my F-106 Finder. Price: SB: +2200 BO: +2500 (BO gets my leftover depth enhancers: 10x depth 1 and 8x depth 2) Tier 2.99, 164/200 TIR With depth 1 and 2 enhancers you can get to avg 668,7 search depth with the tool! Once a starting bid is received, ill open bids for 3 days before...
  6. horus1121

    Selling: SOLD Tier 2.99 [Argonaut Claws, Weak, FEN Edition]+[Melee Trauma Amplifier 2, FEN Edition]

    Selling my weak argo claw combo after 6 months of skilling, as im ready to upgrade to a higher dps claw. Price: SB:+23500 BO:+25000 Current best offer:+23500 Auction ends: 07/26 15:00 Ma time SOLD for BO! Thanks for the bid and grats to the owner! :) Tier 2.99, 128/200 TIR 80.2%...
  7. horus1121

    Buying: *bought one close thread * Argo claw weak FEN with matching amp +24k

    Hello, looking for Argo Claws, Weak, FEN Edition + Melee Trauma Amplifier 2, FEN Edition. Offer is +24k peds, but willing to negotiate. Pm here or ingame! ?
  8. horus1121

    Selling: WTS EK-2350 Modified

    WTS EK-2350 Modified Item sold
  9. horus1121

    Buying: WTB Aeglic ring perfected

    * Bought already, close thread please *
  10. horus1121

    Selling: Earth Shock trooper complete set (F)

    Hello guys, selling my 129.99 TT female EST set. Not selling pieces, only all together. Edit: Sold!
  11. horus1121

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (F) set, Ancient Red Scorpion

    Taking offers on my 129.90 TT female EST, And on Ancient Red Scorpion t2. i consider aud/cld as part of payment. Have a nice day. :)