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  1. Blackblood

    Looking for an active and larger society

    Hello there, I usually play during the day and am in Europe. I hunt smaller mobs and have recently returned to playing EU after 8 years absense. Even though I like my mentor and the people in my current society, i am looking for more people to talk with during the times i play. I still have...
  2. Blackblood

    Including weapon markup in entropedia

    Hello, I have been searching for the answer but can't seem to find it anywhere. I would love to incorporate weapon MU into my dmg/pec calculations on entropedia. Now I am assuming I will have to put the weapon MU as a modifier on the weapon decay? Am I correct?
  3. Blackblood

    Best place to trade?

    Hello people, I returned to the game after quite a few years and made my first babysteps again hunting. Now I actively remember a whole off-auction house trading going on near the PA TP. It used to always stall my computer. PA doesnt seem to be the place anymore where a lot of trading is done...
  4. Blackblood

    Help: Back after 8 years

    Hello fellow Entropians, I used to be a player back in the old days, around 2004/2005. I once loved this game, but quit due to time constraints. I recently remembered and decided to activate my old account. And now I am really overwhelmed and don't really know where to start. I know the...
  5. Blackblood

    Selling Skill implants

    Hi, Due to time constraints I unfortunately have to put my entropian career on hold. so i decided to chip out. Currently i have on sale 5x Full chip Laser weapon technology 7x Full chip Anatomy 2x Full chip Marksmanship 6x Full chip Rifle If you are interested in one of these chips, please...
  6. Blackblood

    You want to call it a universe, then give us a universe!

    Open letter to MindArk/PE Ok first of all i wanna state i love Entropia Universe, yet i'm very concerned about its future. In my humble opinion its going to hell in a handbasket and it is doing that fast. Please don't respond to me by saying i should search another game and quit my whining. I...
  7. Blackblood

    Dutch Elite Squad (DES) recruiting

    Hello to everyone and in particular the Dutch players, We are a small relaxed society, who are looking to expand a bit. Currently our skill level ranges from seasoned vet to just new. Accepting is not done based on skill level at all. We even offer experienced mentors when it is needed. What...
  8. Blackblood

    126 PED Cornundacauda Stalker

    First time hunt on the new high maturity corns on TI went very well. Got a GSI first and then this Click to enlarge Items are mostly tt crap: - Goblin shins - Kobold gloves - A103 - Corn tentacle It was a fun hunt with a good profit, i can recommend to anyone who has an mk2 and fap 50, or an...
  9. Blackblood

    Caudatergus Dominant 75 PED

    I seem to be collecting small globals this VU Third one already Click to enlarge
  10. Blackblood

    77 PED Atrox Young

    New VU keeps getting better and better Click to enlarge
  11. Blackblood

    Dang that took some time....serendipity

    After a gruelling week of no loot skilling, my luck has finally changed. 2 globals and finally....serendipity Click to enlarge
  12. Blackblood

    85 PED longu young

    New Vu starts off decent enough, i got an 48 PED mini seconds after Click to enlarge
  13. Blackblood

    Mining 61PED Oil (Abundant)

    Click to enlarge Pic says it all.
  14. Blackblood

    61 PED Atrax Dominant

    Click to enlarge They are good to me today
  15. Blackblood

    132 PED Atrax Alpha

    Click to enlarge standard stuff really
  16. Blackblood

    Small PE grievances + fixes

    Ok since im recuperating from a herniated disk i have too much time on my hand. So i decided some stuff that bugs me in our beloved game. I'd like to know what you all think, before i open a suppot case: Trade Terminal 1. I can never buy the amount of ammo i really want. For example, i want...
  17. Blackblood

    Ares powder

    very simple question: Is there a use for it yet?
  18. Blackblood

    Preferred Biodomes setup

    Ok i found the mobs in ClubNeverdie a bit dissapointing. Therefor i have an alternate setup. I know that Neverdie wants to atract a lot of new players therefor the division is a little skewed towards easier mobs. This is what i have come up with: Biodome 1: snables and exarosaus young-old...
  19. Blackblood

    The thrill is gone?

    Ok first of all i want to make two things very clear: 1. I'm not whining about monetary loss. 2. I know MA has to make money and such and i in fact hope that PE is profitable to them, since without that there would be no game/virtual experience. 3. I dont think i will ever pay out, so my game...
  20. Blackblood

    25 PED beacon..what to expect?

    I tried the search cause i definitely thought i would find this information. Granted i just woke up, and i might be looking with my eyes closed: Therefor my question: What mobs inhabit the 25 ped beacon quest? Hopefully someone knows this. Thanks in advance.
  21. Blackblood

    Auctioning Chronicle Thighs (m)

    After investigating prices i have decided to place my chronicle thigh guards (m) on the auction. The auction will run till monday morning giving everyone enough time to bid. Starting price is 3.1k peds What will this get you? The chronicle armor is extremely rare and as far as i know hasnt...
  22. Blackblood

    Updating down?

    My clientloader is trying to update PE, but i get the message that the FTP server is currently down. Are more people having this problem or should i start trying to fix my computer?
  23. Blackblood

    New spaceships?

    This is one of the items of the VU7.7 content list: Robot space ship updates More kinds of robot ships have been spotted. Has anyone found any new kinds? And, if yes, what was in them?
  24. Blackblood

    1836 PED Argonaut young

    Click to enlarge So far im really liking this VU. Third argonaut was the jackpot.
  25. Blackblood

    Selling Chronicle Armor thigh guards (m)

    Since this armor is over my head i decided to sell it. Please pm me with serious bids. This piece of armor has not been on auction since 15/12/2004. here are the stats Click to enlarge Click to enlarge