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  1. Pred

    Selling: Christmas ring 2018 trade for summer ring 2020

    Hi I'm looking to trade my Xmas 18 ring + 2k ped for a summer 20 ring or will sell for 26k ped. Thanks
  2. Pred

    Price Check Omegaton A204 Hypercharged

    What's a reasonable price one would pay for this amp? Thanks in advance 👍
  3. Pred

    Selling: Sophie pet level 43

    Hi I'm looking to sell my auto loot pet Sophie currently at level 43. 2.2k ped Thanks
  4. Pred

    Help: High level body sculptor

    Hi I'm looking for a high level body sculptor who has all or most options unlocked, thanks
  5. Pred

    Buying: Halloween ring 2018 or 2019

    Hi I'm looking for one of these rings Thanks
  6. Pred

    Buying: Ecotron v.15e Prototype

    Hi I'm looking for an Ecotron v.15e Prototype, pm here or in game. Thanks
  7. Pred

    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk. 5, Mentor Edition

    hi I'm on the look out for this gun please pm me here or in game. thanks
  8. Pred

    Price Check LR-40, FEN Edition & A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected

    hi what's a realistic price one would pay for either of these guns, im seeing prices seem to vary a fair bit. thanks in advance.
  9. Pred

    Selling: Armor Plating Mk. 5B, Adjusted x7 Set

    hi i have a set of armor plating Mk. 5B, adjusted looking for +4900 , thanks
  10. Pred

    Buying: Ares Ring, Augmented

    hi I'm looking for an Ares Ring, Augmented, thanks
  11. Pred

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2021

    Hi I'm selling my Christmas ring 2021 10k ped or best offer or swap for EK-2600 mod Thanks
  12. Pred

    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    Hi I'm not one to moan but it's really annoying trying to hunt especially with melee and you have somebody in the same area afk just auto shooting. This shit should not be be allowed by MA outside of a solo instance like Moloch's or mayhem etc (I'm fine with that). [Moderated: Removed names]
  13. Pred

    Selling: Black matrix style outfit with rare pleat coat

    Hi I was looking to sell my black outfit I've collected to raise some funds. The coat is very rare there is only 15 in game originally and Ive only seen one other available since Ive had mine. I know I know, clothes don't do anything but I've always been one of those people in game who like to...
  14. Pred

    Selling: (SOLD) Tier 6.96 Weak Argonaut Claws, FEN Edition + Melee Trauma Amplifier 2, FEN Edition

    Hi I'm selling this little 2.0 gem, it's my second weak claw I've owned (sold my original and regretted it at the time😂) but I feel now I'm pretty much ready to move up to the next weapon in the class. The claws currently at tier 6.96 one of highest in game I believe, but I use it daily so its...
  15. Pred

    Buying: Adjusted, 5B plate set

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of adjusted 5bs, thanks
  16. Pred

    Price Check Christmas 19 ring

    Hi does anyone know what's a realistic price I would be paying for an Xmas 19 ring, thanks
  17. Pred

    Question: To camp a mob or not

    Hi, What's people's thoughts/experience/results on strictly camping the same mob for weeks maybe even months, as I'm sure some people do this, or is continually changing mobs say every hour or so better? Like whilst doing dailys etc.
  18. Pred

    Selling: A204 Overcharged!

    Hi, im selling my Omegaton A204 Overcharged laser amp. +14k
  19. Pred

    Buying: Divine Intervention chip

    hi, im looking for one of these chips, thanks
  20. Pred

    Buying: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Adjusted

    Hi I'm looking for an Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Adjusted. Thanks.
  21. Pred

    Marcorps kallous -7

    Hi This gun has finally reached tier 10 with a hof at the end. For the level it puts out some nice DPS and I've found its fairly cheap to run even with enhancers, it's great for grinding mayhem. Im curious does anyone how many of these unl versions of this gun are in the game as I haven't...
  22. Pred

    Buying: A204 amp

    Hi I'm looking for an A204 energy amp, thanks
  23. Pred

    Price Check A204 Imp & over

    Hi If it were possible to find one of these, any idea what a realistic price would be for one? A204 Overcharged A204 Improved Thanks in advance
  24. Pred

    Buying: EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified

    Hi I'm looking for EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified. I have CLDs to trade for fap. Thanks
  25. Pred

    Buying: Dante blp amp

    Hi I'm looking to buy a Dante amp. Thanks