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  1. moondog

    Buying: WTB Warmonger (M) Parts

    Hi All, as the title says, I am looking for the following Warmonger (Male) pieces : Warmonger Helmet Warmonger Thigh Guards Warmonger Shin Guards - Now Purchased If you have these pieces for sale, please PM me. Regards Moondog
  2. moondog

    Buying: WTB Pet with 32m Autoloot Buff Open

    ****. THREAD CAN NOW BE CLOSED - PET NOW PURCHASED ******* Would Like to Buy Pet with 32m Autoloot Buff Open Either Leprechaun Gold Pet or s0ph13 Pet other Pets with 32m or higher Autoloot buff open also considered I have peds waiting for the trade
  3. moondog

    Buying: Buying Genesis ArcSpark

    Would Like to buy Genesis Arcspark. I am looking for one of these knives, would prefer a mid tier one but willing to look at other options that are available
  4. moondog

    Buying: WTB Leperchaun Gold Pet - with Autoloot Buff Open

    Would Like to Buy Leprechaun Gold Pet with 32m Autoloot Buff Open. or S0ph13 Pet with 32m Autoloot Buff Open. Would consider other Pets with 32m Autoloot Buff Open I have peds waiting for the purchase
  5. moondog

    Selling: For Sale Emik Enigma L4 - Tier 8

    NOW SOLD - For sale Tier 8 - Emik Enigma L4 Current Tier is 8.14 Items of Interest : Genesis Arc Spark Leprechaun Gold Pet Asking Price TT + 25K ped PM me here or in game
  6. moondog

    Buying: CLOSED WTB Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a Songkra Corrosive Dagger. I would prefer low to mid tiers. Please contact me here or in game if you have one for sale DEAL NOW MADE FOR THIS BLADE thank you for looking
  7. moondog

    It's my Birthday

    Back when I started, I never imagined I would be making this post, but today my avatar is 10 years old. I have been very lucky during my time in game. I started out in the Gloryhound Irregulars which was run by RL friends of mine. Unfortunately over the years, they got married, had kids and went...
  8. moondog

    CODEX - Gotta Catch 'em All

    Hi, Sorry for the crap Pokemon reference, used mainly to draw attention to the thread. So I promised myself that after this years migration, I would visit the other planets that now have codex implemented and collect as many of the mobs as possible. I did not collect everyone from every planet...
  9. moondog

    WTF is this

    I just received the following message in my inbox : moondog, hey) Emilly, 25, female. Rate my naked photos on sex dating site, click link: [link removed] Obviously I have not clicked on the link and I have seen similar posts to this but never had a a private message. Perhaps this is something...
  10. moondog

    Over Amping Mayhem Amps

    I was reading a thread about the manufacture of the ML-35 adjusted and there was a comment that you could add a Mayhem B Amplifier Alpha to it. As far as I understand this amp is too big for the gun. I have heard other players talking about over amping, which I would not normally do, but I am...
  11. moondog

    Can you currently depo in game and or purchase items from the web shop

    Poll to see who can depo under what circumstances :
  12. moondog

    Buying: AP-24 and AP-30 Impact Plate Blueprints

    Hi, I am looking to purchase AP-24 and AP-30 IMPACT blueprints, willing to pay current MU for these. Please message me here or in game
  13. moondog

    New Debit Card Not Accepted

    Hi, I have recently received a new debit card. I logged onto the main site and removed my old (cancelled) card. I then tried to register a deposit with the new card (which is activated with the bank) but when it gets to the final transaction screen, I just get a blue broken line circle going...
  14. moondog

    UL SIB Weapon similar DPS to Armatrix BC-45

    Although I have much UL higher level weapons at my disposal, I seem to craft and use a lot of the Armatrix BC-45. I would be really interested in a similar UL SIB weapon with similar stats, range and ammo type. Does anyone have any suggestions to fill this criteria or even better something for sale.
  15. moondog

    Garcen Grease / Lubricant

    There seems to be a current issue with the supply and price of Garcen Grease / Lubricant. This is used in crafting many smaller items that go into larger items, not least of which is the Daily 1 manufacturing Challenge for Level 1 Finder Amplifier Lights. I had this earlier in the week and...
  16. moondog

    Optimal Loot

    I have recently started to craft and a a result my hunting style has changed so that it is now driven by hunting mobs containing loot I need for crafting. I have also been skilling up short blades and I am on sib with the Amatrix SB-45. This is maxed on damage but not quite maxed on hit ...
  17. moondog

    Question: Search Facility in Post It Notes

    Would it be possible to add a search function to the Post It Notes in game. I have 53 pages of notes containing mob locations and other useful information. To find a particular note you have to scan through every page to find the note you want. My notes are managed in that locations for a...
  18. moondog

    Selling: Selling Eron Soul Crusher

    NOW SOLD For Sale Eron Soul Crusher entropiawiki: Weapon: Eron SoulCrusher Tier 4.77 - Tier Increase Rate 149 / 200 Looking for TT + 1800 Ped Regards Moondog
  19. moondog

    Buying: Emik Enigma L4 and Dante Amp

    Thread Can Be Closed - Both Now Purchased I am looking to buy : and I have pure peds for the purchase
  20. moondog

    Chip Gate

    So, I was following with great interest the thread "Prototype Regeneration Field Chip" in which some very valid points were raised. In fact it has become a hot topic of conversation amongst our soc. So the final post in the thread is from MA stating that they will release a statement shortly and...
  21. moondog

    Calling Normandie Radio

    Does anyone know how to contact the owner of Normandie Radio. I would like to start doing radio shows again in game but have been unable to find anyone to speak to about this. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
  22. moondog

    Unable to Log In

    I just got booted whilst playing on my desktop, now i get Could not connect to servor error on my desktop and my laptop, all other internet is working fine, i am located in the uk, is anyoneone else having this problem
  23. moondog

    Very Green

    Everything looks like you are seeing it through a night scope when it is dark. In the day time there is a white haze and you have to turn down the gamma. I thought it was my pc but it is the same on my laptop, i have also noticed this on streams. do i have my graphics set wrong or is this an...
  24. moondog

    Selling: For Sale Adjusted Vigilante (M) Set

    NOW SOLD - Please delete thread Hi, I am looking to sell my Adjusted Vigilante Male Set. The set is currently tier 0 with harness at tier 0.9. All remaining tiers on pieces are good. Looking for TT + 1300 or near offer. Great Bot Armour...
  25. moondog

    Bristlehog HOF

    This has restored my faith in humanity and EU :) and GZ to Chong All-The-Way Pha obviously broken link :(