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  1. studley

    I'm Back.

    Hello folks, been a long four years away, some of you may remember me, some may not, but it would appear that i have returned to Project Entropia, or Entropia Universe as you now call it. Hopefully some of my old buddies still play this, and hopefully i still have my old char, Murphy 'studley'...
  2. studley

    Im back

    a few of you may know, that the prodigal son has returned to EU, after about 6 months away, i decided to return, hope to see all you crazy lot on calypso, or CND, or CP very very soon, :) studley out
  3. studley

    MA took my attributes

    well, i dont know where else to put this, but MA seemed to have taken some of my attributes, they took 3 hp, and 3 agility also, i know its not much, but they meant alot to me, what should i do?
  4. studley

    selling mining gear

    ello boys and girls, take a look what i found lying around-, Ore Finder OF-211(L) Ore Amp OA-104 (L) Ore Miner OM-104(L) all have full tt, well, maybe 46 pec taken from finder and miner, i will only sell this as a mining set, so for all 3, i reckon 400 ped buy out is fair, starting bid for it...
  5. studley

    I Found Aragorn

    not very good i know, but being half asleep and a lil hungover, i thought it was uncanny Click to enlarge
  6. studley

    Going Away

    this will prob be locked, but hey, nevermind, just thought i'd let my fellow entropians that im going away for a few days, i need some me time to think about stuff, so i will see u all soon studley
  7. studley

    My Fellow Entropians

    ello to all entropians, the time has come for the studley sell out, i wont go into details as to why, but it is pretty serious, so i am gonna post all the items and skills i have and hopefully u all bid on them, there will be no buy outs set, just str8 bidding wars, :), happy bidding, all tt+...
  8. studley

    I like Cheese

    i like cheese, and beer, and curry, and cigarettes, and sex, and games, and cars, and girls, and practical jokes, what about u guys?
  9. studley

    Armour Durability

    after recently readin a sales thread, that got severely hijacked by alot of testosterone fueled blokes arguing about the durability of a certain armour, i thought i'd make a thread about it here. my views on armour durabilty are that tt doesnt effect how much it decays, but how much it can last...
  10. studley

    Happy Birthday Rafzon

    happy birth day m8, u have finally reached 30, hope u have a good day, :)
  11. studley

    studley gets in on the act

    got this as i went to myrene island to look for some boar parts, funny looking mermoth eh Click to enlarge items are ep-32, and a full tt fap 5, :)
  12. studley

    Happy birthday Arokh

    Happy birthday arokh, have a good one, :)
  13. studley

    How do i make a sig

    ello boys and girls, how do i make a sig, i heard from a friend that its very confusin, and bein the comp noob that i am, i decide not to listen after he said something about c drives or something, so i was wondering if some one very nice would tell me how to make a sig, or make one for me, :)
  14. studley

    Punkbuster in EU?

    i've been thinkin about this for a while, well, ever since people started talking about auto-clickers, basically, i think it would be good to integrate Punkbuster into EU to stop people auto-clicking, using hunting bots etc etc, what do u guys think?
  15. studley

    The cutest mob

    well, the title says it all, what do u guys think is the cutest mob, for me i think it is atrax, they just look cuddly
  16. studley

    PC:6c(L) plates

    as the title says, how much would a set of these plates set me back?, studley
  17. studley

    Buying full male Gremlin

    as the title says, buying full male grem at 720 ped for the full set, im able to pay thursday 13th july, pm me or post if u have a full male set to sell, :), and dont mine waitin a few days for the trade, :) studley
  18. studley

    rep and fame

    ello to all my fellow entropians, hope ur all havin a good day, basically, i would like someone to tell me how rep and fame works, i have noticed my rep is mediocre and fame is 0, how do i make these better, also, how do i make my lil green thing under my name grow, just been buggin me for about...
  19. studley

    how to put a pic as avatar

    ello to all my friendly folk from EU, i am having trouble puttin a pic as my avatar, it says it is too big and i dont know how to resize it, so if any one could help me, be much appreciated, :) studley
  20. studley

    I have a new armour design

    hello to all, i have been workin on a new armour design, call me sad if u like, but i bet some people have thought bout things to add on EU, lol, but any way, i've been thinkin bout it and workin on it for quite some time, have all the stats and design worked out, and what materials are needed...
  21. studley

    buyin beacon

    howdoo, i am lookin to buy a robot beacon, either one with a value if 35 ped, or 42 ped, i will not be able to pay for it right away, but if someone wants to sell me one within a monht, pm me or msg me here, thanx guys, :)
  22. studley

    Do MA reply to emails?

    hell all, i was wonderin if MA answered emails, for u see, i have emailed numerous times to marco, and he, or any one else hasnt gotten back to me, and it has got me thinkin if i hane done something wrong to deserve this, like depositing too much money, lol, any way, if any one knows, or the man...
  23. studley

    BUYING female knight harness and gloves

    ello all, i am lookin every whrer for female knight harness and gloves, and gettin no where, so i was wonderin if u guys could help, if u can ping me and give details, thanx ps, also looking for salamander feamle parts too, ;)