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  1. BaronMartin

    Selling: SOLD

  2. BaronMartin

    Buying: [Omegaton ASG-2 Swine Deluxe] Low Tier Preferably

    Please PM me here or in-game (Baron-Martin) with price and tier :) thank you!
  3. BaronMartin

    Blue Vampiric Cloak Photo

    Just thought I'd share a photo of the new cloak on my avatar :)
  4. BaronMartin

    Buying: WTB Dr. Almon Duchev Logs

    As per title, I'm looking to buy a complete set of these logs. I've seen there have been a few complete collections sold through PCF in the last few years and would like to see if anyone would be interested to part with theirs. I'm currently trying to build a public museum, and this would be a...
  5. BaronMartin

    Selling: SOLD [Maddox 4] Tier 8.12

    Taking offers, either here or in-game: Baron-Martin
  6. BaronMartin

    Buying: Mayhem Diplomas

    Hello! I am looking to buy all Mayhem Diplomas of any kind in the efforts to build a full collection - I'm happy to offer very reasonable prices. If I have already bought a particular diploma, I will list them below. Anything not on the list - I am still looking for. [Merry Mayhem 2010...
  7. BaronMartin

    Buying: "Pimp your Hoverpod" event Awards

    I am looking to buy the awards that were handed out as part of a "pimp your hoverpod" event held on Arkadia. Please reach out to me if you have one you may be interested in parting with, and I'm open on price. Joe Baron-Martin Martin. Thanks!
  8. BaronMartin

    Selling: SOLD