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    New planets, suggestions for Entropedia

    Between places that cost money to get to imo;)
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    Selling: The Most Eco UL Gun ingame*

    subscribed thanks
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    Travel should be free, eliminate hangars.

    Ok that is IT! MA opens up a couple of hangars on Rocktropia and I will buy one and do 24/7 runs....problem solved!
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    Question: About dead Land Areas - Where those Taxes go ?

    nice thread subscribed
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    Info: Ola#64

    awesome Skorp good luck out there buddy, you seem to be headed in the right direction.
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    Travel should be free, eliminate hangars.

    Good point on the hangars Oleg you are the first to actually give a reason why they may have been discontinued in the first place.(to me) You are also right, I would have to think, with the idea to simply introduce more...MA gets paid, we get more transport options and the game is a bit more...
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    Rocktropia = Eviltropia?

    lol yea the revives suck on this planet:( LMAO Statik
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    Travel should be free, eliminate hangars.

    What about the other unmentioned option? I think hangar owners should have exclusive rights to transport people off planet period, to asteroids, planets, and space stations or anything else. I don't think it was fair for MA to step in and add TP usage to the possiblities in the first place. MA...
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    VU11 New mobs...big boobs and all

    thanks for the screens!
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    Here are scans of two of the new VU11 mobs

    thanks for the screens
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    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    voted I voted!
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    Perspective of a month old noob

    Great post I loved it and agree, we are in almost identical situations save I moved some other entertainment funds into EU(deposited). However you seemed to let the community get you off track in the subsequent thread. LOL I have to agree fishing would be a great thing to add along with the...
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    Omerta's Freaky Friday

    I will put it on my calendar!
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    Next Island Beta

    I want to play the beta How do you guys find out all this stuff and can I still get in the beta?
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    How Armor Works

    Sorry Mods Sorry to revive and old thread but is this stuff still valid and if not can we get it closed?
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    Free service by Foudil El salsero

    subscribed Bombay GotGuns Toms / Irken Invaders
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    New job for beginner (Smoerble's personal army)

    Subscribed I will be in contact as instructed :)
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    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    Voter! Voted etc etc
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    apparantly it was your birthday yesterday? HappY Birthday!!!

    apparantly it was your birthday yesterday? HappY Birthday!!!
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    I disagree with the OP and agree with the above. Their are other things they could do to improve the auction than to make it so you don't have to be in game to access it. Such as improving the search function so you can pull up all the offers with a particular item;) We don't need people on the...
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    The March on Troy - A new beginning

    register Bombay GotGuns Toms I'll be there! thank you!
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    Question: OLA#64 which Mob will you prefer?

    I am really to new in the game to vote so I put (nothing) and here by put you on notice to ignore one of those votes. Just wanted to subscribe to your thread here, I almost gave you some competition on this LA but I am to new as I said, so I let it pass. Gratz and all the best of luck I hope to...
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    Suggestion: Property Agreements

    In general I am opposed to the OP. However Lore makes a great point here and TheGreatest sort of backs it up below here. Investing in EU would be a much more attractive situation if we had some sort of recourse or arbitration available after investing in "unreal property"(I made a funny:laugh:)...
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    Things you regret you sold or are happy you sold

    subscribed way to new to have regrets I need more time and some big wins to mix in there I think first :D