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  1. ColonelBuckshot

    Herman XP-1 Scanthi T6 Rental (Now Available @ 1.1k/week)

    Hey Tier 6 BLP pistol with 50m range and over 70% eff amped and enhanced with up to around 200dps and 3.34dpp. **Available now!** For rental by the week (suitable collateral: deeds, ped, stackables, gear) -(Available @ 'major event' rate for next week) Non-events price schedule: 750/week...
  2. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: 8 TB HDD

    Looted a while back and forgot to sell it. SB - 1K BO - Offer
  3. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Easter Strongboxes (x800 left)

    Hey got some available. Minimum order 100x please 1.3each or 1.275 each if you take all 800x in one go. Cheers, Buck
  4. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: 1x 6A Adjusted plate *complete*

    Hey. Looking to buy just one plate for around 600ped (this is the current price/value for an adjusted 5B plate, base 6A plates cost 4x less markup wise compared with a base 5B plate) Made an improved 6A plate myself so no longer required. Cheers, Buck
  5. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Omegaton M2870 Improved T8.29 - LF upgrade ....**SOLD**

    Hey all. Looking to upgrade to something similar to following: T6 - 9 modified Mercenary T5 - 8 Gleamer (Tiers chosen based on budget, expanded) **Weapon has now changed hands and I have acquired a new gun at the same time! Thanks everyone :)** I'm valuing this weapon at ..... which is very...
  6. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Perfected Ares and Improved Ares Rings (SOLD)

    Hey. For the perfected im Asking 5300ped which is under markup and cheaper than auction. For the improved I'm asking 680ped. **these are both sold** Cheers, Buck
  7. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Lv21 Eudoracell w/runspeed unlocked - *sold*

    Hey guys. Selling this as I'm already overbuffed with rings. Sold for 260ped Cheers, Buckshot
  8. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Green vampiric Cloak (M) *complete*

    Hey. Looking for a green cloak (M) *Bought one* Cheers, Buck
  9. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted T5.94 **Sold**

    Hey guys. Selling this terrific healing device. It's arguably one of the best devices you can buy at this price. It's fast with 35 heals per Min with good size heals especially fully enhanced. With a very very low enhancer break rate. With its incredibly low skill requirement of 18 - 22 it's a...
  10. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: NeoPsion Kinetic Mindforce amplifier 6 **SOLD**

    Hey guys. Selling this fantastic UL mindforce amplifier with 27 damage, fits a great variety of chips! Unfortunately I don't own any chips otherwise I'd probably keep it... **Item has now been traded to its new owner!** Cheers, Buckshot
  11. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Sold

    Hey As titled selling this 107ped TT ESI Sold for 1050% First come first serve. Cheers, Buckshot.
  12. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2021 - **Sold**

    Hey guys. Selling this Christmas ring 2021 **Has now been traded to its new owner.** Cheers, Buck
  13. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Lion Shin Guards (M) **sold**

    Hey guys. As titled! Freshly looted lion shins. TT + 1050ped **sold** First come first serve. Cheers, Buckshot
  14. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Any BOT protecting UL (M) **complete**

    Hey guys As titled! Looking for some UL (M) Foot guards. Don't mind what type or what tier. Just as long as its decent bot protection. Have now got T4 dune riders. Cheers Cheers!
  15. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: EP-41 adjusted T5 - T9 *fulfilled*

    Hey guys. Looking for one of these guns between T5 and T9. I've done research, as usual, and concluded a series of price benchmarks per tier based on tier costs. T5 - +4500 T6 - +4800 T7 - +5300 T8 - +5900 T9 - +6500 *Fulfilled* :) Let me know what you have available. Cheers, Buck
  16. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Cryogenic 7 nanochip T4.8x **SOLD**

    Hey. Selling this chip that pairs nicely with the MF gamma amp for tremendous DPP and extremely long run time without repairing. *This chip is a perfect fit for the brand new UL mayhem mindforce amp 1!* **SOLD** Cheers
  17. ColonelBuckshot

    Instance/Vault and player content for New Treasure Island

    Hey. I've spoke to a few people and many of us think that having an instance/vault developed for Ti, the place is called treasure Island! Ripe for some excellent lore and backstory for the player's to discover and grind. Perhaps with a brand new armor set to discover or a new upgradeable plate...
  18. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: WTB Rad Conveyors @ 20ped each

    Hey guys Buying rad conveyors. Just need a few more, 20ped each Cheers!
  19. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: *Bought*M2870 improved T5+

    Hey guys. Have now bought an M2870 improved Discord: Buckshot#6190 Cheers Buckshot
  20. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Marber bravo adj + LC-100 Frontier+ Ghost (F) + 5B plate set (package deal offered)

    Hey. Selling this lovely SIB tagging/PVP weapon. Marber Bravo plasma annihilation, Adjusted T1.xx Lv52 - 55 157m range Fits mayhem Beta amp perfectly. BO is TT + 1650 (Less than it costs to make one!) Also available: - EWE LC-100 Frontier T2.99 TT + 4100 - full set of Female Ghost armor TT +...
  21. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 8 T2 - 6

    Hey! Just looking for one of these chips. Any tier between 2 and 6 will be fine. Can pay pure ped, or if you want me T4 cryo 7 that can be in the deal too. Cheers! Buckshot
  22. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: 2x Eon (M) parts **SOLD**

    Hey guys Got 2 pcs of eon Available. Both T1. Helmet and shins. **Both sold** Cheers!
  23. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: MacMahon Vengeance T7.50 TIR 152 *Sold*

    Hey guys, Putting this amazing 91.6DPS pistol up a bit earlier than expected but here it is. Great TIR rate of 152/200 with a tier of 7.50. *Deal done on Gun + Amp combo, SOLD* I'd be interested to hear some high end weapon trades where I'd add some ped. - wouldn't mind trading for a FEN...
  24. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Shadow (M) armor Full set T4.99 **SOLD**

    Hey guys This awesome armor set is available and is full T4.99, I'm sure we are all well aware just how much mark-up it costs to get this set to T4! A great set for just about any mob including robots due to its very high burn protection. Excellent durability rating of 5000 to keep those repair...
  25. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Viking Armor Set - Male **SOLD**

    Hey. Selling this set of UL Viking. Great 3 Digit TIR numbers across the set. **Sold** I'm interested in the following -Thunderbird set (UL,M) -6A adjusted plates + ped A cheap Electric or Corrosive chip 8 or 9 Low tier preferred. + ped Cheers