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  1. Entropia Dao

    The Sky is Falling!

    @San I do not believe that many political leaders are fully aware of the economic warfare that is being held and this is the most scary part. We will wake up to a very cold winter and although I don't know its impact on Entropia; I can imagine a lot of players rearranging their priorities. I...
  2. Entropia Dao

    The Sky is Falling!

    It depends on when the conversion of Euro to Dollar happens. If I'm not mistaken the amount of dollars to local currency is calculated the day the redraw is send to the bank. This is very important since I think that the EURO/DOLLAR will fall to 0.94 by the end of the year, and will only rise...
  3. Entropia Dao

    Wu Wei

    The shadow of a soul ___ Be aware. Whenever I am aware of how I feel before and after I log into EU, I notice how my mood afterwards is more depressed. It is not the loot, but the feeling that something is missing, something deeper I pondered about this for years, and found That whatever I...
  4. Entropia Dao

    Ei Lita Senorita

    In the Ramtop village where they dance the real Morris dance, for example, they believe that no one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away—until the clock he wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is...
  5. Entropia Dao

    The End of IE and the EU Launcher

    Well, a couple of american governemnt websites, honeywell security doors systems, at least two types of firewalls I've encountered. There is a lot of old stuff that only works with IE.
  6. Entropia Dao

    Youtube Adblocker for Edge

    Why use Edge? You might seriously want to ask yourself that question.
  7. Entropia Dao

    Eomon Migration 2022

    There is enough space on Amathera to put extra Eomon there. And maybe there will be less hunters this year, without tokens and boxes it is actually not that opportune for people that don't look to fill their codex.
  8. Entropia Dao

    News: The Mul’s Arise

    Anyone know how long this event will last? I mean the mobs being around. Is it until after summer migration? (I'm a slow hunter)
  9. Entropia Dao

    Suggestion: Generic (M/F,L) looted armor instead of (M,L)

    Why not make all armor unisex and change appearance upon who wears it? 💡
  10. Entropia Dao

    Suggestion: Refine anything into nanocubes, remove them from TT

    That is where the auction comes in? :scratch: You're reasoning is like a hunter wants to hunt but doesn't have a big enough gun, so he goes mining for the materials to craft one, then needs to craft the materials to make the gun before he can hunt.
  11. Entropia Dao

    Project Entropia

    Why does this feel like a dagger through my soul? You are right, I started playing first in my early twenties and I just came back because of some midlife crisis thing I am still trying to work out. Ahh, PE, it was the best game back then because we forgot all the bad stuff. Also it was such a...
  12. Entropia Dao

    actual buildings with interiors.

    It would be nice, but I never understood why MA puts everything in the open world instead of creating instances when you enter a building/appartment. It takes less resources for the user and in case of apartments, you can have unlimited real estate. (compare to apartments in SWTOR for example)...
  13. Entropia Dao

    Enigma stage 3

    You have to go to the right beam, explode the mine, then walk down the bean a bit, get a run and aim for the pool. don't try jump from the main platform, you will die that way (they fixed that on).
  14. Entropia Dao

    Enigma stage 3

    They way I did this a month ago was get speed boost (xmas wine + ring), jumped into the pool after I detonated the first bomb. then shoot the cloak while you're in the pool. If you land next to the pool you lose about 40-50HP, if you jump far enough you lose none. You have to aim slightly to the...
  15. Entropia Dao

    Weird choices - Fort Walls can not be repaired

    There are probably reasons why they did this that have to do with some kind of exploit. Don't ask me what, but feels like an exploit fix to me.
  16. Entropia Dao

    Suggestion: Refine anything into nanocubes, remove them from TT

    Problem is that MA pays that 0.1% in "MU" that way, and they will take it from somewhere else for sure. While if nanocubes are 101%, then some crafters might explore other options which in turn give a bit more MU to miners. The sad problem now is that the professions are too segregated. Thing...
  17. Entropia Dao

    Selling: Rarish Armor: Aegis (L,M) Full Set [price reduced]

    Great armor, can you post pics on entropiawiki? (or here) L armor doesn't decay when you equip/unequip :wise:
  18. Entropia Dao

    I miss Wiki

    It is possible but since the wiki was highly customized it would take a lot of work. At least that is what I read from the previous owner before post above happened. It would be nice if MA would maintain a wiki, but if they do the same job as their new website I'dd pass on that one. Problem is...
  19. Entropia Dao

    Suggestion: Refine anything into nanocubes, remove them from TT

    It could work if there is an option to remove nanocubes from tt and have a new terminal where you basically can throw in any loot and it converts it into nanocubes (ores, enmatter, hides, oils, leathers, animal parts,...) We could call it the atomizer terminal. This way the lowest possible tt...
  20. Entropia Dao

    Population of the Entropia Universe

    I actually am in the same boat. When people ask me what games I play, I never mention EU. It is just to weird and hard to explain.
  21. Entropia Dao

    News: The Mul’s Arise

    Funny looking poster/post. seems totally over the top badass looking mulmum to me. did they reskin them?
  22. Entropia Dao

    Entropia Universe 17.15.0 Release Notes

    Nice, winter finally ended at crystal peak. now I can visit NI for summer holiday :yay: Also, why can't bertha just gather all the news and place it in one place? I don't wanna click on several links, I want it made easy. I'm lazy.
  23. Entropia Dao

    Mayhem Moving Forward

    I wonder too what is the reason behind no summer mayhem. There must be an economic motivation, since I found MA being only driven by economic motivation the last decade. There is something we don't see, that is missing. Maybe they don't want to dump too much tokens in the market in a short time...
  24. Entropia Dao

    Question: High level players sweating

    I was scanning mobs a bit because I'm an idiot that likes to waste time and I decided to go to boreas to finish my VSE. When I scanned the sweaters over there, I saw people with agility of 50+,80+, 100+ and only one new player. My main question is why this is? Are they sweating to fuel their...
  25. Entropia Dao

    Add Earth Shock Trooper armor to the vendor again

    Something like Calypso Shock Trooper; an attempt to duplicate Earth shock trooper weapons with Calypso ores resulted in a similar but slightly less effective armor. And it could be a different color, I opt for green, purple or orange.