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    Wolseley Helmet

    non-standard wish, please create a detailed Wolseley Helmet in Entropia.
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    Selling: Daisies Texture Blueprint

    Daisies Texture Blueprint 150p
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    Question: imdb Entropia Universe Movie

    Does anyone know what this genre is?:cowboy:
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    Question: Lost and found.

    Found an amplifier([Omegaton B101 (L)] 0.036 TT) under a tree today. The item was not visible, but the cursor caught the inscription on the screen, I clicked and the amplifier flew into the inventory. I didn’t use it, it’s in my inventory, I don’t need someone else's. ... if it was A101...:LOL...
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    Selling: Turrelion Settler Goggles (F) for Turrelion Settler Goggles (M)

    Turrelion Settler Goggles (F) for Turrelion Settler Goggles (M) Only exchange.
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    This is what a person( works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) who has studied the psychology of MMORPG for many years writes: MMO players' motivation and willingness to continue playing is encouraged by game design aspects such as challenge, fantasy, curiosity , narrative...
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    Selling: Ice Sculptures 3rd Annual Holiday Magic Event

    I sell three Ice Sculptures 3rd Annual Holiday Magic Event on Planet Cyrene - 65p. [Imperium Officer Ice Sculpture]FullTT 1P - 20p [Imperium Pilot Ice Sculpture] FullTT 1P -25p [Imperium Grunt Ice Sculpture] FullTT 1P -20p
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    Selling: I sell 3 blueprints, chef's set.

    I sell 3 blueprints, chef's set. 15ped [Chef's Hat (C) Blueprint (L)] TT 0.05(5 clicks) [Chef's Apron (C) Blueprint (L)] TT 0.05(5 clicks) [Chef's Pan Blueprint (L)] TT 0.05(5 clicks)
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    Question: combat tokens

    Hello. Is the Mindark team planning to continue missions on the islands(Weastern Island & Eastern Island) for combat tokens? Thanks.
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    Bowler hat- ugly seam in the center!

    Technology allows teleportation, throwing fireballs, but not capable of creating a seamless bowler hat. Charlie Chaplin would say the devil is in the details. Butch Cassidy would just make the designer dance to the music of revolver shots.
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    Question: Mission : Deliver the mining info

    In the Research Camp the scientist Mark Patterson gives a mission Deliver the mining info. This mission gives a marker in Camouflaged Camp to Sergeant Conrad Christmas. But when I turn to the Sergeant Christmas-Mission aborted. In completed missions I do not have it. Please tell me where to look...