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  1. Nick Seventia

    Selling: EMT Kit Ek-2350, Adjusted (SOLD)

    SOLD for TT+1640 Selling my Adjusted 2350 as I have decided to not finish making the Modified version. With current prices of Small Chadriak Mushrooms it would cost around 1875 PED just for the Mushrooms to make the adjusted version. SB: TT+1700 BO: TT+1750 Also accepting offers containing...
  2. Nick Seventia

    Selling: Nemesis, Adjusted (F) Set

    SOLD for TT+1780 As title states, selling my full set of Adjusted Nemesis. SB: TT+1.7k BO: TT+1.8k Send me a PM here or In-game
  3. Nick Seventia

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modifed T2

    As title suggests I am looking to sell my BC-30 as I am looking to upgrade. SB: 30k BO: 31k Please feel free to PM offers containing other items, it might be of interest. (I can also add peds on top if you have an item worth more)
  4. Nick Seventia

    Selling: (SOLD) ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition

    SOLD Taking offers for this neat little pistol. Not looking to sell this one anytime soon so BO is set as such, feel free to make any offers. Trades including BC-30 and Weak Argo claw + amp combo are of high interest. BO: TT+27k
  5. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Paneleon Spec Imperium (F)

    Buying this female set. Send me PM with price.
  6. Nick Seventia

    Arkadia Developer Discussions #1

    Tonight Planet Arkadia had their first Developer Discussion. It was a very interesting listen and lots of information regarding the future of Arkadia was forwarded. This will be a recurring arrangement and is planned to happen each month with smaller talks happening aswell. I decided to...
  7. Nick Seventia

    Selling: Divine Intervention Chip

    Selling my [Divine Intervention Chip] TT+1800 Send me a PM here or in-game
  8. Nick Seventia

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified

    Looking to buy a BC-30, low tier prefered. Send me a PM with price and tier. :cool: (y)
  9. Nick Seventia

    Selling: (sold)Summer Boxes (2542)

    SOLD Selling 2542 Summer boxes for 2.9 PED each. Send me a PM here or ingame.
  10. Nick Seventia

    Selling: (SOLD) Ascension Tier 3 (F)

    SOLD Hello, I'm selling my Ascension armor set, which is currently tier 3 on all parts, The armor has skill boost buff for the following: Laser -> 10% BLP -> 10% Blades -> 10% Brawler -> 10% Send me a PM here on forum or in-game.
  11. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Combustive 6, Cryogenic 8 or Kinetic Attack Nanochip 9

    Chip has been obtained, thread closed. As title states, looking to buy a Combustive 6 chip Cryogenic Attack Chip 8 OR Kinetic Attack chip 9 Low tier prefered. Send me a PM if you have one for sale. :cool:
  12. Nick Seventia

    Selling: Omegaton Igni L1000 T6.99

    Moved to Auction As title suggests, looking to sell my Igni L1000. It is currently Tier 6.99 and has TIR 125/200. Wiki Link: BO: TT+2700 As I am currently still using it for a bit longer I am taking offers. Send me a PM here on the...
  13. Nick Seventia

    Buying: EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted

    Purchased Tier 2 for TT+2800 PED. As title suggests. Looking to buy the 'EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted'. Low tier is prefered. Send me a PM here on the forums or hit me up in-game with what you have and what price you are looking for. //Sev
  14. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Arkadia Apartment

    Looking to buy an Arkadian apartment, let me know what you got and how much you are looking for it. :cool: :cool:
  15. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Bio IDs

    Buying Bio ID's for 120%. Currently need: 200 Send me a pm in-game or here if you have some. Any amount welcome. Will be paid in peddies. :cool:
  16. Nick Seventia

    Selling: ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition, Tier 3

    SOLD for TT+7k Selling this little sexy number. Gets you 73% Efficiency with the Trauma 1 amp and is a really solid little weapon for grinding. BO: TT+8000 SB: TT+7500
  17. Nick Seventia

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LR-20, Adjusted

    As title states, Looking to buy this rifle. Low tier prefered. Please PM me your price.
  18. Nick Seventia

    Guide: The Ghostly Screechers of Next Island

    After having done the entire Mission on stream earlier in the day and a lot of people needing guidance due to a lack of information from the Mission itself I decided to put together a video guide that you can follow if you wish to do it aswell. (This is a newly added Instance on Next Island...
  19. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 2

    As title says. Looking for a Melee Trauma Amplifier 2. Hit me up in PM or in-game (Sev Severina Lothander)
  20. Nick Seventia

    Selling: Archon's Sword Tier 1 (SOLD)

    SOLD As title says Selling my Archon's Sword Tier 1.99 Tier Increase: 114/200 SB:+2700 BO: +3000 Can also be sold paired with a Melee Trauma Amp 4 if you would like. This brings the Efficiency of the blade to 68.4% Pm me here or...
  21. Nick Seventia

    SEVNERD's Twitch Stream!

    Welcome to the 'Re-Launch' of my stream! The content will be slightly different at the start as you may notice during my first stream and it will be slowly going back to the same old stream that you all enjoy and love over time. Hopefully you will all enjoy it! First stream date: Monday...
  22. Nick Seventia

    Buying: SB-10 FEN

    PURCHASED As title says, looking to buy the SB-10 FEN Edition. Low tier HIGHLY prefered. Send me a PM with tier and pricing. :cool:
  23. Nick Seventia

    Selling: Bioregenesis Skill implants (Lowered price)

    Both remaining put on auction, locking thread. Selling 3 different sized Bioregenesis Skill implants. 15.17 TT SOLD 15.04 TT 12.60 TT 2800% MU for each. PM Here or in-game!
  24. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    No longer need.
  25. Nick Seventia

    Buying: Modified 2350 (BOUGHT)

    Thread can be closed. Looking to buy a Mod 2350. Low tier is prefered. Please PM in-game (Sev Seventia Lothander) or here on forum what tier you have and what price you are looking for.